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A RP guild based around the joy of impending motherhood. 

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Viper 9000

PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:53 pm
RP between me and Stardust on Deviantart, reposted here for saving and sharing. Feel free to read along but please, nobody post here other than me and/or Stardust.

And yes, we RPed their relationship from scratch so Scarlett doesn't get pregnant till about page 10. =P  
PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:55 pm

Silverarcane Academy, the mentioning of this famous school of summoners brings to mind several powerful figures over the ages. Three out of every four students who attended grew to become very powerful summoners. To a Summoner, the chose Summoned Creature, was the power behind the person. The stronger the bond, the more powerful they both became. On rare occasions the Summoner and SC sometimes fell in love. Those bonds were even more powerful, yet rare because so many students usually looked upon their SC's as tools. However, every once in a while there was one student who thought and saw SC's differently. This tale recorded in the Lost Tome of Yore, tells of such things.

Cresstus Iceryn ran down the halls of the academy. He was late, for the eight time this week. Wearing the traditional freshman robe, a black summoner robe outlined with grey trim, it was a symbol of someone who just started to understand the ropes of Summoning. Cress's deep grey blue eyes and short silver hair seemed to clash with the robe a bit. His red tennis shoes echoed about the halls as Cress headed for class. Today was the day of the 'Big SC Tournament'.

It was a test for new summoners to summon their newly SC's and battle them. It was also a test of how much they studied and knew the basics of combat and magic. Summoners had three basic spells, a Healing spell, the Summoning spell, and a Barrier spell. They were the back up for the SC's. Yet even though they could heal, that didn't mean an SC still couldn't get hurt. Tripping over his robe, Cress fell to the ground with a crash, spilling his books all over the hallways.

Other students laughed at 'Clumsy Cress' as he was often known for. Yet dispite his clumsy nature, the young seventeen year old had a kind heart. His dream was to become the world's best Summoner, and never once did he back away or give up. Gathering his belongings one teen stepped up to him and smirked. "Well if it isn't Clumsy Cress! How do the floors taste today?" laughed Steven Frebran. A freshman too, his handsome features seemed to drive all the girls wild. He was a bit boorish and haughty. Steven loved picking on the poor boy because Cress was an easy target.

"Leave me alone Steve..." Cress grumbled dusting himself off. He didn't have time to deal with this fool.

"Or what? Your going to cry?" Steven mocked placing a finger on Cress's forehead. It didn't help that he was a bit taller than the silver haired teen either. "Today's the Big SC Tournament! I can't wait to see what kind of silly creature you create in that tiny brain of yours! Mine obviously will be more powerful, since I am destined to become great. It's in my genes, unlike a pitiful low blow fool like you. I can't wait to own you at the Tournament, I'm looking foreward to it actually." laughed Steven as he motioned for his 'gang'.

Watching the small group leave, Cress clenched his fists. Go ahead and laugh, I'll show you who the REAL low blow fool is! he thought as rage filled him. Yet now wasn't the time to be angry, remembering that he was late, Cress continued his pace towards his class. Scolded by the teacher when he entered, everyone seemed to look at him with a sneer. Many saw Cress as just a nuisance. Cress didn't know many other students, yet there were a few that talked to him. As his class rolled on, Cress waited with anticipation for the Tourney. He couldn't wait to prove everyone wrong. Today was a day Cress had dreamed of the moment he stepped into the great halls of this academy.

That time finally came. Cress watched as other students summoned Harpies, Dragons, Golems, Demons, and Cute creatures. His heart was racing, watching the other students climb the big charts. Soon his name was called and he froze a little when he spotted his opponent. Steven gave him a confident smirk. The boy had already summoned his SC. It was a large and powerful Steel Clawed Dragon. One of the rare SC's to summon. Everyone was in awe of it as well, except for Cress that is. Steel Clawed Dragons were rare. It's body was graceful and it's scales were white as well polished steel. It's horns sharp and pointy like two swords, jutted from it's head curling a bit.

Steven had won a lot of the rounds that day and now he was glareing down at Cress, like a preadator ready to gobble up it's next meal. Cress swallowed, this was the moment of truth! Stepping into the arena and onto a "Summoner's Stand" He pulled out a twisted staff made of charred oak and steel, and began to focus.

Surrounded by glowing light, the stand roared to life. The runes began to glow and Cress focused harder. All was silent as the other students were curious on what Clumsy Cress's SC was going to be.  

Viper 9000

Viper 9000

PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:40 pm

As a glowing ring of magical runes formed on the arena floor before Cress's summoner platform, the runes began to twist like living creatures as they aided the other worldly creature across the bridge that connected the two dimensions.

A blinding blast of light followed by a belch of smoke from the rune circle signaled the creature's summoning complete. It wasted no time making its presence known as it loosed a bellowing roar and bolted the length of the arena to engage the Steel Clawed Dragon.

Overwhelmed by the sudden burst of movement the smoke cloud quickly dissipated to reveal a crimson colored lizard-like creature hammering blows into Steven's SC. While smaller than the dragon it faced the creature was clearly bigger than a human, maybe seven or eight feet tall? As the smoke continued to clear, more details of Cress's SC were brought to light. Judging by the creature's size and body type it was almost certainly female.

Using the small wings that sprouted from her back she continued to press her advantage as the larger creature reeled in surprise. Her surprise attack was well rewarded as she dashed about the larger dragon's legs and feet, her claws carving into vulnerable joints.  
PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:34 am

Cress couldn't belive it. Watching the humanoid dragoness fight again the Steel Clawed Dragon took him by surprise. She...she was his SC! A sudden weight of responsibilty seemed to rush into him, Cress had never felt this way before about anything. Watching her fight, he was amazed at how fast she was, then his eyes shifted over towards Steven.

He was smiling, and not the kind that was friendly..it was almost sinister.

The student crowd was silent as they were both shocked and amazed that Cress could pull of something like that. Humanoid Monsters were just as rare as Steven's SC, they were powerful but their drawback was their stubborness to obey their masters. It took a really skilled Summoner to control a Humanoid SC.

Steven's SC was staggering a bit, roaring loudly as it tried to attack but kept missing from her swiftness. Yet as the battle rages on, a loud clapping noise could be heard. Steven was...clapping at Cress..the look still unfading from his face.

"Well done...Crestus. Yet can you control your...beast?" he said laughing. Cress's eyes widened. He was right, yet maybe she was different.

He wanted to shout a command to her, but Cress was scared. "K-Keep going!" He shouted to her, trying to show some encouragement.

Yet Steven kept on smiling. Looking towards his SC, he laughed. "Steel Clawed Dragon! I command you to use your Silver Wave Cannon!" He shouted a command firmly.

"A-A Silver Wave C-Cannon? But is your SC level enough to use that attack?" Cress asked gripping his staff tightly.

"Oh my silly little Crestus...SC's are more than just levels..bonding unlocks more power than you relize...but you were late and missed that lecture...tsk tsk tsk..." he taunted shaking a finger.

Meanwhile Steven's SC roared back, and began to spread it's wings drawing in power. Silver Wave Cannon was a move that targeted the opponents SC and was extremely hard to dodge. Letting lose a large beam of energy from it's mouth and wings, the dragon began to also swirl up a cloud of dust trying to blind Cress's SC.

It had been toying with her. Steven smirked as dust and explosions seemed to cover the arena. Only then would the true test be revealed. Was Cress's SC just as powerful? Or was she just all for show..the truth would be seen with the removal of the smoke.

Hang in there...I'm counting on you...please don't die... Cress thought his heart racing.  

Viper 9000

Viper 9000

PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:56 am

She wasn't entirely sure who the two humans were but it seemed they were making a sport of herself and the larger dragon.

Although big and powerful, the silver colored dragon was slow to react and stood no chance of matching her speed. As it began to channel some sort of energy she cartwheeled through its legs and with a quick pump of her wings, was atop the creature's spiny back thus putting herself out of range.

While shielded from most the assaulting dirt by her position on the larger dragon's back, it was a simple matter to close one layer of her eyelids to protect them fully. The bigger they are the harder they fall! She thought, stabbing all ten of her claws deep into the dragon's back muscle.  
PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:00 pm

Steven's SC growled and roared, but not in pain though. It's scales were tough as steel so her claws didn't seem to make it flinch. Instead it began to shake violently trying to thrust her off of itself.

Steven growled, "You SC is cunning..still you'll lose! My family comes from a long line of well bred Master Summoners! I won't let you beat me!!" He shouted. It seemed that Cress's SC was starting to get to him. Casting a magic spell, Steven healed his SC and then pointed to the dragoness warrior woman. "I don't care anymore Kill her!" he shouted in anger.

Cress just stared at him. "H-Hey stop! There's more to the SC's than that! I won't allow you to kill her!" He shouted a reply. Looking up towards her, he began to shout. "Fight back don't give up! Hey you Dragoness! Are you listening?"

The crowd didn't know what to do, yet the large metalic dragon began to shake even faster, flapping it's wings if it had to. Using it's tail it aimed to swat her off of it's back. Steel Clawed Dragons were slow, but they were hearty and could take a lot of damage.

Cress didn't know what to do, he was panicking. He didn't want her to die, but somehow she didn't noticed him at all. His heart almost lept from his chest.

"You're a fool Cress! You should have never, ever...EVER become a Summoner! Garbage like you doesn't deserve to control powerful beasts!" Steven shouted his fists clenched tightly to the rails of the stand he was on.  

Viper 9000

Viper 9000

PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:51 pm

Her claws still clinging to scales, she hung on as the steel clawed dragon began its rampage. Dodging its lashing tail from time to time she casually hung from the larger dragon's backside, watching as its efforts to remove her became even more wild and reckless. Seeing her opening, she planted her feet atop its back and leaped clear as the bigger beast tossed itself into a barrel roll. Pumping her wings a few times she effortlessly landed atop the summoner platform... behind Steven.

Using her size and his shock to her advantage, she quickly wrenching his staff arm behind his back and put him in a headlock. "Garbage like you should know when to shut up..." she hissed, leaning her head down close to his so only he heard the threat. Still unsatisfied, she crab walked him to the edge of the platform. "OY! SHINY! Over here..."  
PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:56 pm

Steven gasped. "W-What are you!?" He said with fear. Trying to struggle free from her grasp his eyes grew wide with fear when he saw his SC...it was charging up for another Silve Wave Cannon.

"N-No..S-Stiop you fool!" Steven shouted towards his SC, but the dragon was so cross with Cress's SC that it completely ignored orders. When it finally fired the beam, every thing suddenly went in slow motion.

Cress stood there, his eyes widened with fear, as tears began to stream down his cheeks. "W-Wait! S-Stop This!!" he called out of his SC, but through the whole battle she had completely ignored him. As Steven, and her, were engulfed in the light Cress didn't know what to think.

The students were silent as well, many of them growing afraid of not only Cress's SC, but the boy himself. Steven's SC let out a roar and faded with a magical poof. Steven lay there...he wasn't moving. The battle was over..but this isn't what Cress wanted. Everyone stared, their mouths agape.

This wasn't just a simple monster battling game...Cress fell to the ground sobbing. He didn't want Steven to get hurt, he just wanted to best his SC. Shaking he couldn't stop his tears...maybe...maybe Steven was right after all. He summoned an SC that ws hard to handle..and now Steven could have been...dead.. Crestus's future wasn't looking too bright.  

Viper 9000

Viper 9000

PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:15 pm

The platform Steven had been standing on moments ago was now in ruins, much like the two that had been on it. Near the rear of the platform, Steven and Cress's SC lay in crumpled heap. Although having used Steven as a living meatshield, she was better off then him.

Coming to her senses, the dragonness unsteadily got to her feet and began limping towards the arena. Wincing in pain as she tried to take flight, she jumped down into the arena. Upon landing her right leg crumpling under the impact and she fell face first into the floor.  
PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:31 pm

Watching his SC fall to the ground he stared at her with disbelief. Rescue crews carted Steven's body away. Another crew gathered Cress's unconcious SC. He was left there, still in shock of what just happened. Everyone had left and soon he was alone.

Several hours of deduction pinpointed that Steven was alive. The clever boy had used a barrier spell right before everything had come tumbling down upon him and Cress's SC. Though he had a broken leg and it would take him a while to recover.

Cress sat alone, staring down at his injured SC. They were in a quiet room the academy had for SC's that got injured during a fight. Only their master's were allowed to enter. Yet due to odd events Cress was confined in there. He did a lot of thinking for the next couple hours he spent there. Cress was confined for the rest of the week, he, and his SC, would be brought meals, but for no one one wanted to have anything to do with him. They all were afraid of him and his SC after all.

Stareing at her unconcious body Cress frowned a little. Why? Why did you do that? Are you nothing but just a monster? he thought with a sigh. She had a human like face, and features as well. It was strange to see, still he wasn't too thrilled with her at the moment. Crestus was stuck with her though, stuck with an uncontrollable SC. Suddenly the door opened and the prinicpal walked in.

He was a bald man with a thick black and grey moustache that seemed to cover most of his face. He was plump, and wore a decorative, and authorative, golden robe. Looking down with sterdy, wise, eyes he let out a sigh.

"Crestus Icewyn. What are we going to do with you..." he began running a hand through his moustache. "In all of twenty years this academy has never experienced something like this. Luckally Steven managed to survive...though I'm afraid I'm going to have to issue some sort of punishment."

Cress stayed silent, he was prepared for anything. He felt like everything was his fault, maybe he wasn't cut out for being a Summoner. Feeling a hand gently rest upon the top of his head, he looked up into the kind eyes of the prinicpal.

"You seem like you know the answer. Still I can't expell you. YOu weren't the first student to summon a strong SC that was uncontrollable....Once in a while something like this happens." He said calmly looking at his SC.

"She's a rare breed. I'm actually impressed that you managed to summon a ten star SC like that. You will be confined here for a month, well with the exception of your classes and lunch of course. I'm only doing this because you need to bond with your SC more. Cresstus, until you overpower her strength, she's not going to listen or obey you. Heck she might try to attack you when she awakes. Still and SC tends to reconize the one that summoned them. Despite rebellious natures, many SC eventually mellow out some and end up obeying their masters..to an extent."

Cress looked over at her as well still unsure of what to do. The principal ran a hand through his moustache as he drew closer. He took one good look at her and shook his head. Not only is she strong...she's also one of the rare SC's that can breed. It's not uncommon for an SC and their master to fall in love. I"m curious in what will happen to these two...very curious indeed...

As the principal turned to leave, he gave the boy a nod. "An extra bed and some of your belongings will be brought into this room. I'll leave you to your fate Crestus. Hopefully she won't kill you before you two can form a bond..."

Closing, and locking the door behind him Crestus gulped. Looking back towards her, he krept up to his OC and stared into her preatty face. Lost in thought of what to do next, he was totally alone with her...and he was terrified of what to think of when she finally awoke.  

Viper 9000

Viper 9000

PostPosted: Sat Mar 17, 2012 12:26 am

As the unfamiliar scent of her summoner filled her nostrils the dragonness awoke with a start, her horns nearly clobbering Cress as she sat up. Coming face to face with him for the first time, she was of course unimpressed with her summoner, he was little more than a boy. Then again, the one she'd just had blasted apart hadn't been much either... Must be the robes, she though, her eyes lingering as she took in every visible detail of Cress.

Surprisingly enough, she didn't do anything violent... yet. Wincing as pain flared throughout her body, she allowed herself to sink back into the bed. Considering the amount of medication the doctors had pumped into her system, it was amazing to see awake this soon, little lone moving.

"Wheres my armor little man?" she asked.  
PostPosted: Sat Mar 17, 2012 10:06 am

Crestis managed to dodge her horns when she suddenly awoke. Her armor was in the room, yet off in a corner. Cress wasn't going to get it though, he just stared at her. Crossing his arms he frowned.

"In the corner of the room, but I'm not going to fetch them." he said with slight annoyance in his voice. He couldn't bring himself to yell at her though for her performance. She was in pain and Cress couldn't help but feel some compassion for her. Walking over he gently began to massage her wing, casting a little healing magic into it, to help ease any pain.

"You need to rest. I don't care how strong you think you are, only and idiot would march off to battle wounded." he stated not looking at her. Cress may have been a coward at times, but she was his SC, and his responsability.

"By the way it's not 'Little Man'. My name is Crestus Icewyn, call me Cress if you want. A-Are you hungry? I could go fetch something for you?" he said as his voice slipped back into one of compassion. His face filled with concern, Cress moved to her leg and gently massaged and cast healing magic into it.

This was the proper procidure that Summoners had to do to heal their SC's totally. Medicine helped, but the magic of the Summoner was more powerful and his touch should have felt like a comfortable pillow to her. If there was one thing Cress was good at, it was his magic. Finishing he looked into her eyes, standing there staring. She had preatty eyes that seemed to be firm and somehow deadly. It was strange, Cress wanted to hate her..but he couldn't. He was prepared to face anything she would throw at him, even if he got hurt. Crestus wasn't going to back away or back down no matter how tall and intimidating she looked.  

Viper 9000

Viper 9000

PostPosted: Sat Mar 17, 2012 11:36 am

Spotting her armor piled in a corner of the room, she visibly relaxed a bit. Like all medical institutions she was inducted wearing the standard robes with the back open, a necessity when dealing with dragons due to their wings and tail. "I feel naked without my armor..." she muttered before adding. "No, I'm not hungry."  
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