Gaianame: Psycobluepeep
Character Name: Lyon Rygar.
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Race: Human
Occupation: Drifter/Freelance mercenary
Class: Swordman
Weapon(s): Kodachi- (fighting from draw) (primary) Bow(special use/skills)
Demon Fang, Azure edge, Hell Pyre, Rising falcon, Tempest
Blade Gale- Fury of short range slashes.
Rift- Mid ranged sword swipes that appear seconds after the blade is returned.
Arrow rain- Volley of arrows shot sky ward
Arrow shot- Single arrow no special effects.
Description:User Image
Personality: Social, quirky and kind but equally as serious when anything escalates. In battle he is cold hearted and methodical. Works off a moral compass
Bio: Born in to a family of mercenaries Lyon was more accustomed to moving around. He grew up a social child with a lot of strange mannerisms from all the traveling. His introduction to the mercenary life was seamless and he worked alongside his parents, though a conflict between him and his parents caused him to separate from them and work on his own. The details he won’t exactly say but, he hints at a conflict of ideals at times.

Victory – We’re done here (Normal) What a waste of time (Weak) That proved to be interesting (Strong)
Low health – Hmph… You’re better than I thought.
Repeat battle (same enemy) – Same ones, take ‘em out quick
Dying - Heh,heh… Don’t worry about me.
Revival- I owe you one.
Strong enemy – Now I’m motivated!!
Weak enemy – Alright, let’s just wrap this up.
Killing an enemy – It’s done
Fleeing – Time to make tracks.

Fave Food Type: Chicken based dishes.
Other Notes: Obsession with coffee. Very well educated on cultures of major areas and some smaller areas.

Story Progression
New tomorrow: Lyon arrives in Sybak looking for work and is completely broke... Hopefully something comes up...
Sadly the job board had nothing of use to Lyon. He and a wingfolk female are investigating a theft, maybe a nice job can come from this it be a nice change of pace.