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ALL ABOUT PERMABABBIES: Details & Growing+CutieMark Reqs!

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Your Little Phony
Vice Captain

PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2011 4:04 am
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♥ Unless specified, all Phonies are created with basically the same faculties unless deliberately manufactured otherwise
- even your 'born' Newbabben is a techno-organic construct ultimately powered by nanites!
♥ Therefore, like all Phonies, Babbies have no unforeseen manufacturing variations (eg. characteristics such as blindness,
deafness, synesthesia, deformed wings, etc. that have been asked about as "manufacturing defects" )
unless they are passed down from previous generations which were deliberately manufactured as such
- Please keep this in mind when conceptualizing and RPing your Permababby!
♥ Of course, Phonies may do untoward things to themselves (like "spoil their eyes" or "play with toxic chemicals" )
and live with the consequences rather than opt for Phonyland's restorative nanite repair, but do note that
non-genetic conditions will not pass on to future offspring

Unicorns in Hasbro's My Little Pony have a history of unicorn magic. In the G4 canon, all unicorns are shown to be able to
manipulate objects through sparkly telekinesis and Phonies are no different in this regard. Each unicorn is also entitled to a
personal minor-power 'special talent', ideally related to their cutie-mark (and thus purpose in life), that is usually asinine and trivial.
You are not required to assign a 'special talent' to your unicorn, and admin is quite happy for you never to - because as soon as you
decide on a 'special talent' that your unicorn should officially have, you will have to vet it with Phonyland to ensure it is ICly possible.

For Phonyland Phonies differ from Hasbro ponies greatly in this regard: NOTHING in Phonyland runs on magic,
everything in Phonyland runs on pseudoscience. Furthermore, Phonyland QC is highly dedicated to making sure its products
can be controlled at all times if necessary. Thus, all unicorn 'special talents' must be explicable through psuedo-science
as the ability is instilled through Phonyland's pseudo-scientific manufacturing process, and 'special talents' that are too
powerful in effect would never have been allowed through the QC process.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

These are based on the animation and web-game's methods of earning cutie marks, so we're blaming all eccentricites on Hasbro...

NOTE: There is a Perma-growth cap of 2 growths per person per personal 12 month period.
(Each person's 12 month period begins with the drop-off of the growth, with the 2nd allowed growth submittable at any point of time
within the 12 months. Once the 12 months are up, you may submit a new growth request to trigger the countdown again.
If you'd like to grow more than two Permababbies within 12 months, the Perma-growth RLC package is an option (subject to our schedule)
that does not count towards the Perma-growth cap. Elaboration here.)

5 RPs that can be as long or as short as you'd like involving any other (1 or more) Phony in the Directory
(not owned by yourself, and in the fully optional best-case scenario, a different Phony for each RP) where your PermaBabby performs an act of...

...and Loyalty...

... respectively, which would in some mysterious way defined by Hasbro mean that they have mastered the Elements of Harmony and proven themselves a true Friend. Huh.
Finally, conclude your RP journey with one final RP, solo or otherwise and as long or short as you'd like, where your PermaBabby...

...finds its purpose in life!...

With these six RPs completed, your PermaBabby will miraculously grow into its Unique Lineart Adult Stage!
In about a week-to-3 months' time, depending on Jun's schedule. XD;;


♥ We used to have a much more humorous notice here about special Growth requests, but we had to trade it in
for this unfortunately lengthy and unhumorous one because there's been an increasing trend in Growth submissions
for very specific requests that are going above and beyond the intentions and limitations of the system and making
Perma-growths increasingly difficult to execute. ): Jun is so horribly sorry that this has to be here, but JUST IN CASE:
♥ We understand that you have plans for your Babby and may be anxious as to how they grow up, and so,
while ideally our vision of their growth should be determined at our discretion by their genetics/personality, we are
happy for you to let us have a general idea of what you have in mind, and often accommodate suggestions.
However, please be aware that Perma-growths are NOT meant to be a custom/semi-custom service!
♥ Specific requests for hair/pose/build can be very difficult to reconcile with your Phony's fake-B/C genetics,
family gene distribution, and in cases even the very equinity of a Phony, making it increasingly hard to fit
Perma-growths into our schedule. (e.g. skinny kid from squishy parents, all owners in clutch requesting hair
inherited from one parent thus killing off the other parent's hair genes, hairstyles/poses that just don't
work with Phony heads/bodies/physiology - Jun is sorry, he's just not that good! QAQ)
♥ OK: "My Phony had short hair as a Babby but he grew his hair out." "My Phony keeps her hair short."
"I sorta see pigtails but you don't have to do that if you don't want to." "I kinda like the thought of this (insert pics)
but it's just a suggestion." "I know his parents are squishy but his dad's eating habits have kinda scared him out
of that so he's average, and he keeps his hair short and he's usually smiling, and maybe he could stand like this
- BUT IT'S REALLY UP TO YOU." You can see from these examples that you can pretty much get away with telling us
exactly what you want as long as they are suggestions that you don't expect to be followed.
♥ NOT OK: "Long to this specific point." "Short in this specific style." "I want him to stand in this specific pose."
"His cutie mark is a supernova rainbow snowflake surrounded by opal hailstones over a Large Hadron Collider."
"These specific requests are totally justified because ALL HIS LIFE HE HAS BEEN PREPARED FOR THIS MOMENT."
♥ Finally, please note: "throwbacks are a very rare occurrence at artist's discretion, so STRICTLY no requests!"
The problem with specific requests is that they may not work well for a variety of reasons, and we may not have the
ability to go back and forth with you as to the reasons why they may not work. If they are suggestions, we can take
them onboard or discard them as necessary for the Growth process! We love growing your Babbies, so do let us
streamline this so we can grow MORE! FASTER! YOURS! Thank you for your cooperation, Phonyland LOVES YOU!

Note: a couple of these examples might have uh, inspired by real requests...but only the ones that are perfectly fine! 8D
You know who you are...

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So you think you're a flake who'll crumble under the stress of six RPs?
Or you're simply too busy to ever sit down for more than three minutes of intensive typing?
Or your Permababby is just too cute and teeny for you to ever want to grow it up AMG?

But you still want your Permababby to be different from allll the other Permas?

Then this is the option for you! One single RP and your Permababby can have its very own one-of-a-kind CUTIE MARK!

All you have to do is execute 1 RP involving any other (1 or more) Phony in the Directory (not owned by yourself)
with a mininum total of 500 words on your part where your Permababby

...finds its purpose in life!...

With this single RP completed, all of a sudden (read: when Maxx gets the time to do it)...


...and you'll never lose it at the next PTA meeting ever again!

Just remember...
♥ Yes! You can still RP your Permababby up to unique Adult lines via the formula in the previous section,
minus the Purpose in Life RP! It will retain the Cutie Mark it has earned as a Babby.
♥ Your Permababby's purpose in life should hopefully be related to its name in some way, though it is not strictly necessary.
BUT the Cutie Mark must be related to its purpose in life.
♥ You can specify your Permababby's Cutie Mark, references and all, if desired, or you can leave it up to our interpretation.
HOWEVER, please remember a Babby's rump does not have much space on it, so the Cutie Mark should be simple enough
to fit comfortably on that teeny real estate, otherwise we will simplify provided Cutie Marks as necessary.
Even so, please make sure that it isn't too general! (e.g. 1 lightning bolt - too general. Lightning bolt + stuff - okay.
2 lightning bolts - okay. Funny-looking lightning bolt - okay.)

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 5:38 am
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When your Permababby is ready to grow, check if you have reached your Perma-growth cap and if the growth slots for this month are open:

September Growth Slot 1: CLOSED
September Growth Slot 2: CLOSED

If you have not yet reached your cap and there is an open slot, PM this form to Your Little Phony!

[b]Title of PM:[/b] MY BABBY IS READY: [name of your Phony] <-- PLEASE use this title! This is how we search-sweep our inbox!

[b]Babby:[/b] [url=linktoYOURSTABLE]name of babby[/url]
[b]Parents:[/b] [url=linktoCLUTCHPOSTINPHONYPROPAGATIONRECORDS(http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=23921415 - POST link is the tiny dog-eared page icon on the top-right of the post next to the 'posted' timestamp)]name of parent 1 . name of parent 2[/url] (delete field if N/A)
[b]Brief Bio:[/b] (A very summarised description of your growing Perma's character)

[b]Special Requests:[/b] (Your Phony's build, hairstyle, and pose will be based by our discretion on their genetics (where applicable) and personality. If you have a strong vision (or fear) for their build and/or hairstyle, you may make a SUGGESTION that is reasonable to its current look/genetics and/or have a reasonable RP explanation for it (ideally backed up by actual RP). A request may only be made if you have a VERY STRONG CASE for it. Poses MAY be suggested, NOT requested, and please do not expect suggestions to be followed. All accessories requested - and accessories include all elements that are external to the components of the Phony INCLUDING makeup - MUST be bribed for or paid for with Phony points, unless at the very unlikely discretion of the artist/colourist. Check this post for bribing info: [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=22481661]http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=22481661[/url] With the exception of bribed/paid for/legitimately requested elements, we will not confirm/deny if your suggestion will be taken aboard, and, barring exceptional circumstances, the Old Enough product will not be changed. tl;dr: Take it easy, these aren't supposed to be customs/semi-customs, we're doing our best, thank you!)

[b]Summary of Purpose in Life:[/b]
[b]Cutie Mark:[/b] (You can specify the Cutie Mark, references and all, or you can give us a general idea and leave it up to our interpretation. Remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Rump space is precious and limited! If your specified cutie mark is too elaborate by our standards, it will be simplified without notice.)
[b]Links to RPs:[/b] (Kindness, Generousity, Honesty, Laughter, Loyalty + Purpose in Life)

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. Currently Active Perma-growth Caps .
2 Perma-growths allowed within personal 12-month period (RLC/Bribe growths excluded from cap).
Drop-off of first Perma-growth triggers the start of the 12-month period, within which a second Perma-growth form may be submitted at any time.
You may NOT submit a third Perma-growth form until the 12-month period is up, after which the drop-off of the first subsequent Perma-growth triggers a new 12-month period.

Astraea Pandora: 1st October 2016 - 1st October 2017
Blade Waltz - 1st October 2016
Labyrinth - 28th November 2016

cursedandwandering: 10th November 2016 - 10th November 2017
Foundry - 10th November 2016
Synthesis - 7th August 2017

Chrystali: 28th November 2016 - 28th November 2017
Buttermint - 28th November 2016
[ Second Allowed Not Yet Submitted ]

Fea Line: 11th January 2017 - 11th January 2018
Regality - 11th January 2017
[ Second Allowed Not Yet Submitted ]

Huni Pi: 11th January 2017 - 11th January 2018
Swamp Net - 11th January 2017
[ Second Allowed Not Yet Submitted ]

LizzyMoo: 22nd February 2017 - 22nd February 2018
Out of Orbit - 22nd February 2017
[ Second Allowed Not Yet Submitted ]

anemosagkelos: 22nd February 2017 - 22nd February 2018
Spick N Span - 22nd February 2017
[ Second Allowed Not Yet Submitted ]

FrostyPeaches: 22nd February 2017 - 22nd February 2018
Nutter Butter - 22nd February 2017
[ Second Allowed Not Yet Submitted ]

Syrcaid: 25th March 2017 - 25th March 2018
Nightvine - 25th March 2017
[ Second Allowed Not Yet Submitted ]

zippedsiren: 25th March 2017 - 25th March 2018
Just Desserts - 25th March 2017
Lotus Eater - 7th August 2017

Ruriska: 6th June 2017 - 6th June 2018
Wildflour - 6th June 2017
[ Second Allowed Not Yet Submitted ]

ex o ex Snoof: 6th June 2017 - 6th June 2018
Dark Water - 6th June 2017
[ Second Allowed Not Yet Submitted ]

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Your Little Phony
Vice Captain

Your Little Phony
Vice Captain

PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 1:00 pm
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If you were lucky enough to get a babby batch, please have one person PM Your Little Phony with your babby plans
and all the filled-in babby forms [as follows] for both parents' parents and/or giftees, if any.

Contest winners who have babby names and personalities included in their entries do not need to fill in this babby form.

[b]Title of PM:[/b] [ Batch Name ] Babby Forms!

[b]Batch:[/b] [ given batch name here ]
[b]Personality:[/b] [ optional! but if you fill it in, it will influence their expression and eye shape.]

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My Little Phony

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