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PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:10 am
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> 10 July 2012 : Going back for a fresh start. All questies removed (since Acid Hatter is already a character in another shop), and added a new one.
> 4 October 2011 : Ready for crits! All questies have been removed, and added a new one!
> 19 August 2011 : Ready for crits. Rock image has been changed (finally got an inspiration). But, for Lemon Pops, will be changed soon.
> 8 August 2011 : Deleted some quests, and deciding for a new hairdo (currently under construction!).
> 1 August 2011 : Thread created, 4 quests added.
PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:24 am
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Name : Slushie Sled (she prefers to be called 'Slush')
Gender : Female
Type : Unicorn
Body : White.
Eyes : Black (not solid black though, see reference), expression? Smiling with eyes wide open (see reference)
Hair : Sort of gray (see reference), for the style, see reference
Cutie Mark 8D : A slushie, coca cola slushie to be precise.
Brief Character Description : Upon your first meeting with Slush, you will quickly figure out that he loves sledding. Yes, sledding! Maybe unusual to ponies, but it's usual and a life to her. Other than that, she loves cold drinks and ice creams. Tea? Definitely not her choice. She hates em' and think it's for old ponies. She's tomboyish and energetic. When first meeting you, she will show off everything the best she have / can do. But when she's a good friend of yours, she will goof off all day with you. Aside from all of that, she's a bit clumsy, and usually 'act without thinking' (doing something first, then think about the consequences later then). She's also impatient, she wants to get everything done quickly. She hates waiting for others, and also hates making others wait.

+ Ref pics where possible : A lineart drawn by srsishere
Color references :
- Hair : ████████ gray94
- Eyes : ████████ gray8 (it's not solid black)
- Body : ████████ white
- Beanie / hat : mainly ████████ red, but decorated with ████████ white stripes (for form / stripes place, see tektek reference)
- Snowboard : mainly ████████ red, but decorated with ████████ white stripes (for form / stripes place, see tektek reference)
- Jacket : ████████ red
- Cutie mark : the cup and the straw is ████████ red, but the inside (slushie) is ████████ coffee.
- Front 'socks' : well those are not 'exactly' socks, but those are somewhat 'leg support'. The little part (which is up) is ████████ dark red, and the 'long' part, is ████████ solid black.

For the colors, maybe the tektek below might give out a better picture, since it's based from the tektek itself. But, i'm working on coloring it.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Fireflight: The Phony design itself is OK, conditional due to the accessories of a beanie, sleeves, jacket and a snowboard, but there are 2 issues overall:
1. She carries a snowboard, not a sled. If it's not actually sledding that she identifies with but snowboarding, her name is misleading and needs to be changed.
2. Her cutie-mark is too general, and would be better with something else: eg. if she actually does sledding, then I suggest a sled to go along with the slushie. If it's snowboarding, then I suggest a snowboard at the back.

Essentially, If you'd still like to have this quest, you have to decide whether she's a sledder or a snowboarder and change what doesn't match up.

- h a b i b a t i -

Codebreaking Nerd

6,500 Points
  • Partygoer 500
  • Autobiographer 200
  • Risky Lifestyle 100
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