Name: Gearheart
Gender: Female
Type: Unicorn
Body Gold! With cream socks, and a white stripe down her nose, if that's not too detailed.
Eyes: A medium, rich shade of blue- perhaps more towards a royal blue?
Hair: Flowing and slightly disheveled, in the same cream as the socks. The tail is also cream, and should be one big braid, with little frizzy bits sticking out.
Cutie Mark 8D: A little bronze gear, inside of a red heart.
Brief Character Description: Gearheart is obsessed with her tinkering and her machines. She's not a very good inventory, but boy does she try! She also loves exploring, and quite absurdly, has a taste for tea.
+ Ref pics where possible: Gears are pretty
My coloring reference is obvious

Fireflight: That hair is most definitely complicated. lol And her head and neck would probably have to be drawn down, since it looks like a hairstyle that'd collapse on itself when her head is upwards, especially since Phonies are small and simple. Currently with body markings and simplified goggle accessory, she'd be conditional approval, but with this hairstyle it'd go straight to the higher level of conditional [laddered Gaia gold auctions and more expensive RLC]. I think it'll be best if you considered a different hairstyle also because Jun is trypophobic. 8D;;

One gear is too general for a cutie-mark, it'd be great if you added something to it. Alternatively, if you wanted it to be one gear of specific design, I should let you know that it'd be quite big, covering most of her flank, because it'd be very difficult to see its differentiation otherwise. smile

Just edit the title for QC again when you've decided on the changes, thanks!

Thank you! I took out the goggles completely and went for a more normal/less complicated hairstyle. biggrin I also changed the cutie mark to a gear without a heart.

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Fireflight: Those changes work great! The current design is approved conditionally, which is to say only for special customs [auction/RLC or where stated], due to her body markings. [That's not too complex though, don't worry about it.] Could I check how long her hair is, a little above hoof or normal pony length? That's all, thanks!

Normal pony length!