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Broken Souls: List of Annulled Lifemates

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iZune U

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2011 11:03 pm

There have been some big issues with some people with lifemated couples in iZunes.
Kat and icy have made a big decision that they are not taking lightly and expect everyone else to do the same.

Under EXTREME conditions you may PM Kat or icy to ask for a lifemate annulment.
You will have to explain the situation and then we will talk and decide if it is something worth splitting the couple up over.
We will PM the other party and ask them about it as well, giving them a time limit to reply before we make the decision.
If the situation calls for it, Kat or icy may automatically break up a couple and just send a notification PM to the other party.
We will merely be acting as mediators in these situations and will not tolerate bullying or harassment over break-ups.
If we decide that it is a situation that NEEDS the lifemates to be broken up then we will give the okay for them to be broken up.

Situations that are allowable for terminating a lifemating are:
• Dramatic/hurtful fights that end in breaking of friendships
• An owner being gone for over a year
• An owner being Blacklisted

We may allow others but that is up to us to decide

Situations that are NOT allowable for terminating a lifemating are:
• Spats between owners that aren't major
• Drama between pets/lifemates/families of the pets
• Deciding you do not like the pairing anymore

We may add more to the list when we think of things

Penalties for breaking a lifemating are and not limited to:
• Both pets will not be allowed to find a 'Mate' for 3 months after they have been broken from their lifemate
• They will not be allowed to have breedings for either pet for 6 months after they have been broken from their lifemate

More may come

There will be a list made in the breeding part of the guild to keep track of any broken couples

• Understand that if a lifemated pair is broken up it is permanent/irreversible
• If they find another mate they CAN NOT be broken up period
• If they find another mate they will have the lowest number of breedings available
EI: iZune 1 has had 2 breedings ; iZune 2 has had 0 breedings ; they can only have 1 breeding

They are only considered lifemates if they have had at least one breeding
PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2011 11:06 pm
List of the Broken

If Kat and icy have approved a lifemated couple to be split up they will be listed here along with the dates that they will need to know

Names of the Brokenhearted:
Pie x Hannah: Broken 06.10.11 ; Allowed to find a Mate after: 09.10.11 ; Allowed to Breed after 12.10.11
Maricela x Edward Elric: Broken 02.2.13 ; Allowed to find a mate after 5.2.13 ; allowed to breed 8.2.13


iZune U

Dapper Explorer


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