Name: DoctorLove
Gender: M
Type: Earth
Body Pale Blue (think scrubs)
Eyes: Up to the colorist
Hair: White
Cutie Mark 8D: [x]
Brief Character Description: DoctorLove or just Doc is going to be a very sweet pony. He will love healing his pony friends and neighbors. However if someone is giving him a hard time with taking his doctor advice, he will give them a stare very similar to Fluttershy's stare with animals.
+ Ref pics where possible:Doctor Love
I didnt know what to do with his hair, id like a hair edit but its all up to the colorist.

Name: Rainbow Shade
Gender: F
Type: Earth
Body White, like a blank canvas
Eyes: Rainbow!
Hair: Long and Curly and pastel colors
Cutie Mark 8D: [x]
Brief Character Description: Rainbow Shade will be a relatively shy pony, always hiding behind her canvas. However her heart is pure gold and will cerish the friends that she has, often making paintings for them. Extremly akward around male ponies, and it will make her life slightly difficult.
+ Ref pics where possible:[Rainbow Shade]