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phoenix kiss

Magical Girl

PostPosted: Sun Apr 24, 2011 4:58 pm
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Lately, the kiokote have begun to appear in greater numbers in the Swamp.
With them they have brought their great hunting cats, the cheetahs.
While not ordinarily used to the muddy waters and close quarters of the swamp,
both kiokote and cheetah have learned to adapt.

The kiokote Windjammer approached the buck Motes-in-Moonlight,
the only known kimeti to make friends with a cheetah, and came with a peace offering:
two cheetah cubs to give to worthy kimeti or kiokote in the Swamp.
However, cats are notoriously picky...

This is an RP contest for cheetahs 1 and 3 (cheetah 2 is spoken for!)
It begins now, Sunday April 24, and ends Thursday April 29 at midnight(ish).

To participate, you must write a short RP of your kimeti or kiokote approaching the cheetah of their choice
and attempting to make friends with it, impress it, or bribe it into its service and friendship.
Post your kimeti or kiokote's name in bold; 250-600 words is ideal.
At the end of the contest, each cheetah will choose its owner.
PostPosted: Sun Apr 24, 2011 10:45 pm
Travels in Circles was well and truly lost (which was really no different from any other day) except that as he turned to and fro, he became aware of one rather intense gaze. He turned his head slowly until he (finally--after deciding the gaze was not his own reflection) found himself staring at an exotic beast. The tan coat of the beast was spotted, two darker lines drew down from its eyes, while the tail was striped--and the feet seemed muddied (1). Definitely not a kimeti or an eaglehound (he did know what those looked like, his mother had one after all).

"Pretty--" he paused, not entirely sure what it was. It had the tail of an owlcat, the head of a--something that wasn't an owlcat. His thoughts, ever in motion, tumbled drunkenly about his mind until falling through a trapdoor and leading him down another passage completely. "Do you know of a, a," he started while his eyes squinted shut. What had his mother told him to look for? A tree? No. A bush. A bush of--not flowers--berries perhaps. He gave his head a shake, that wasn't right.

He raised his head, looking for the faintness of the sun through the barren but blossoming tree branches. Oh he had plenty of time to figure out where. And where was never as important as when, and no one gave him a when. (When's happened only when he arrived--whenever that may be.) He smiled, a faint pull of black lips altering his red pelt tickled with twisting pink-white lines. His ears wiggled as he took a steady, though slow, step forward bowing his head so that he was eye level with the cheetah. His time might be better spent attempting to befriend this creature. He could use a friend.

"Would you, perhaps, be looking for a friend?" he started with a nod of his head. "I am rather lonely--if I bother to consider it--" his brows knitted together as he pondered it briefly before returning his attention back to the cat, "and it would be nice to have a traveling companion. I won't promise to be the fastest in journeys and often go the wrong way many times but I get there, eventually, and I know the swamp. I can show it to you." He did not smile but his eyes showed he was sincere and content with the words he had given the cat, the olive branch of friendship. He let his head come up and backed off, allowing the creature to have space to consider his words--either not caring or not realizing that it could not speak the same words that he did. It would be all right in the end, everything usually was, no matter what the cat decided to do.

He turned his head, never quite seeing that there were others about, and focused on the air before his eyes (not that he could see it) thinking there might be something there if he stared long enough. All the while his tail swayed side to side as if to measure time.  



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PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:09 pm
Snailshell and her two lynxes were returning from a hunting trip, a very good one considering they each carried a foxbun. She was anticipating this meal, foxbun was her favorite, when Toadstool and Cracked Pebble dropped their kills and darted off. Snailshell looked after them for a moment, confused as to why they would abandon dinner.

Then the wind brought her the reason. A scent, not unlike a lynx but also very different. What ever it was it smelled catlike and must therefore be a predator. Snailshell, hoping she would not have to break up a fight, hurries after her two companions. She catches up with them in a small clearing, and the sight that greets her nearly makes Snailshell drop her own meal.

In the middle of the clearing is a tall, slender form. Snailshell can't tell if it is a cat, though the features do suggest it. Toadstool and Cracked Pebble are circling the creature, keeping it pinned to one area. This is a common behavior for them, waiting for her to reach them before going in for the kill. It is clear to her, however, that the animal could easily leave. It is large enough to leap over either lynx. Perhaps it is just as curious as they are.

However, this time neither lynx attacks. They simply observe, as though curious of this new animal. Snailshell takes a few minutes to look the creature over, feeling a jolt of shock when the feeling of familiarity that's been nagging at her turns into a memory.

Ancient Song had told her of a cat, describing it in great detail, that she had seen at the swamp's edge. This cat looks exactly like her friend had described. Except the color was off. Instead of the sandy color Hymn had given, this one looked like a moss covered river bank. ((3))

Shaking the questions from her head Snailshell steps forward, moving carefully to avoid spooking the cat. When she's a few feet away Snailshell lowers her head, setting her own foxbun in front of the cat. That done she steps back a pace. "They taste good and you must be hungry." She says in a soothing voice.

Sitting on her haunches Snailshell watches the cat, ever careful not to invite a challenge by looking it in the eye for too long. Looking past it Snailshell sees that Toadstool and Cracked Pebble have followed her lead. The lynxes had backed off, giving the cat plenty of room. She smiles at them, glad their training is intact, despite the unknown.

"Do you belong to anyone? Or are you looking for a friend?" She asks the cat, keeping her voice even and low. Snailshell tilts her head, taking in the scents and sounds, eyes darting to Toadstool. If there was another Kimeti around, or one of those others she'd heard about, they were going out of their way to be unnoticed. Snailshell assumes this means the cat is unattached. "Will you join us? There is plenty of hunting, and always enough to go around." She talks to that cat as if it actually understands. "You would be happy with us, I think. Toad and Cracked are really sweet and I've always liked cats." Snailshell watches him, hoping he'll accept the bribe and stay with them.

((edited to include choice because I am blind and overlooked that part.))  
PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:29 am
There was a creature in the tree branches above his head. It had been following him throughout the Hunter and Prey game he’d taken part in as an Obstacle, and now it was hunched in the cypress, surrounded by moss and leaves.

Of course Grassland Flower saw it; he wasn’t an idiot. The creature was clearly young and unused to traveling via trees, because it had made so much noise that even the deafest of Kimeti could have heard it coming ten gallops away.

He sighed and turned toward the feline creature. It was something he’d never seen before, almost a larger owlcat, but it’s head was more lynx-like than bird. He’d heard that there were cats on the plains, called cheetahs. Perhaps the Kiokote had brought them?

“Hey, you in the tree,” he called up to it. “You should come down now. Your stalking skills need some serious help.” The cheetah blinked, then made a sound. He frowned, thinking that the creature sounded distressed. “What’s wrong? Come on down.”

The cheetah made the same sound again, and Grass frowned deeper. That was most assuredly a distressed sound. His brows beetled, then he called up again. “Are you stuck in the tree?” It was a ridiculous notion, of course, because cats are born tree climbers, but this one had its claws sunken deeply into the bark of the limb it was perched on.

“Okay, I would have to come across the one cat that can climb up but not down. Hold still, kitten, we’ll get you down somehow.” The cheetah cat merely blinked and mewled again.

He thought for a while, then remembered a game he’d seen an owlcat mother play with her kittens to teach them how to climb down from the nest. The mother had leaped from branch to branch, showing her kits how to catch and hold the bark, then waited for them to follow her.

It was a good idea, but it had one problem: he wasn’t in the tree and couldn’t get into it. So how to get the cheetah cub down?

“Hey, buddy, we’re gonna play a game, okay? Follow what I do.” Grass situated himself directly below the cheetah, then looked for a viable branch the cat could land on. He looked, then figured out the spot just underneath it, and jumped for it, landing perfectly. The cheetah cocked its head, loosening its claws from the bark, but not moving.

“Come on, little guy. Like this.” Grass demonstrated again, leaping from the first spot to the second, and the cat followed his actions, jumping from its perch to the branch over Grass’s head. They repeated the process until the cat was as close to the ground as it could get. Grass stepped up onto an exposed root, then leaped down and away from the tree, encouraging the cheetah to so the same.

Finally the cub was on the ground, shaking and trying to stay upright. Grass comforted the kitten, sweeping his tail over the soft fur along the spine. The little kitten matched his own blond coat (1).

“Are you hungry, kitten? Let’s get you something to eat, yeah?” He’d heard from his father that the Kiokote and their pets ate meat, so Grass stepped away to go fishing. He was pleasantly surprised when the small cub trotted after him, unwilling to let its savior out of sight. Or maybe he was going to be prey, who knew? That notion was abolished when the cat chased after a foxbun for dinner.

After supplying the tired kitten with fresh water, Grass led the way to his home, where the two played at running about on the flat meadow for a few minutes before they curled up and went to sleep.  

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 12:11 pm

It was a beautiful day and most kimeti were surely enjoying it to their heart's content, but not this kimeti. This kimeti did not have the time for such luxury. This kimeti knew that time was not something to use so idly, that everything must be a calculative move to win the game with a single move from the very start. Just one move would set up everything to come for victory. There were no surprises, nothing unknown. To start the game, Desire was carefully grazing over the pond, awaiting to snare a buck for her own agenda. Her curly golden locks seemed to sparkle in the very sun that struggled to get to her, piercing through the canopy of the swamp above. It seemed even the sun was part of her plan, her very specific and very detailed oriented plan. There was no room for mistakes and the sun understood it's job.

The doe had picked a very popular watering hole for her plan and right on time there was a rustle in the bushes. To her surprise, it was not a buck that leapt through the bushes, bounding towards her: it was a cheetah cub. A flawless, beige cheetah cub. Without any green on its body, it stood out like a sore hoof, as it made its way through the swamp.

The Queen never had a desire for a pet before, finding them boring and without purpose in her plan but this beast was different. It wasn't the same as all those common animals. This beast was new, interesting, and most important: it was dangerous. It was brilliant and it would play the perfect role in her plan. There was no question if she could or not: she would. The doe did not wonder where it came from or how it got here. She knew such a beast was not born from the bosom of the swamp, that it was a foreigner and she knew it would give her an edge. How it got here was not important because it was now here. That's what was important.

The cheetah cub was looking at her curiously now, looking at the doe who had a colour coat similiar to its own. It had brown legs, and a striped tail. Surely the cheetah wasn't considering the doe to be its mother. It was not rare for the doe to become the focus. She controlled her composure, didn't even flinch -- she didn't even move. Her eyes did the talking, her eyes did the moving. Her brilliant green eyes commanded the animal as she might a buck.

"Come," the doe said with a soft tone as she began to walk away, her tail swaying back and forth behind her. The stripes on her tail tempting the cub to follow her.
PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:07 am
It was hard enough to travel to the sea, even harder to catch these fish there, hardest of all to run back in half the time with them - and now that I'm almost home, I'm to be eaten right here?! Who will tell my brother - and what a shame about the fish! This panicked thought took only the moment between glimpsing the golden eye of a crocodile in the undergrowth and scattering her three carried fish in fright, speaking volumes about the mind's speed when it believes it is about to expire. But it would live: a sudden movement and she saw, perfectly lit by the moon's glow, that the eye did not belong to a crocodile - no, it was one of the sleek creatures she had sometimes noticed with the few kiokote encountered on her travels towards the north. What were they called? Cee…chea…cheetahs? Cheetahs; sometimes she had heard them called cats. She had never seen one so far south before; a kiokote must have brought it to the swamp - but why was it out here alone?

Ah. That would explain it: only two fishes remained. "Bad cat," she chided, certain that the culprit was still around - she could hear a faint rustling from a bush somewhere, "I needed that." Critically, she eyed her remaining acquisitions - they were hardly in the best of shape from her journey, she really didn't need them doused in mud. "These are presents for my brother," she continued, "they weren't easy to get. You could have at least asked." And she would probably have given, she had to admit - it was a beautiful beast from what she recalled of that moonlit moment, a discreet dappled green over dusky puce (3). The rustling had ceased; she gathered up the fishes and left.

She barely took twenty paces to realise she still had company - soundless now, but from the corner of her eye she saw its shadow speed almost alongside; when she stopped it disappeared. "Oh no, you don't," she called, manoeuvring words past teeth tightly clenched around twin tails, "I'm not making the same mistake twice. Just you try it, cat!" And as soon as she picked up speed again, it did - had it understood her? - a flash darting for a dangling fish: "Hah!" she reared above its snapping jaws, dealing a firm tap between dazzling eyes. A sharp yowl, a spin, and it was a crouching heap on the ground. "Oh no," then she did drop her bounty, leaping over, "Did I hurt you? I didn't mean to -" Blast! Left hanging over an empty patch, another fish gone.

"Well-played, cat," she choked down her indignation, "but you won't be getting this last one." Closing her mouth grimly over the body of her remaining treasure, she headed for home. She could tell it was still with her, it no longer bothered to hide its pawsteps, rattling a path through the foliage, but she paid it no heed. She had been distracted previously - if she only kept her eyes on the prize, there was nothing it could do. Minute after minute passed like this, finally it fell silent; there were no more shadows - it had given up, then. The last fish would survive. Good, she thought, a little savagely - but then the thought turned wistful. It hadn't been that bad, really…it'd made the journey a lot less lonely, and she was so often lonely. And it was such a beautiful cheetah…she was going to miss it - it - it was sitting right there on the path in front of her Holy Swampmother when did it get there and what was it doing?! Her hooves stopped just in time. A raspy yowl. A chirp. A chirrup. Its golden eyes turned liquid, staring up. Another chirrup. What in the world? Was it - was it asking? "Honestly," she moaned, muffled around the fishy flesh, "Just because I said you could doesn't mean you should!" But - yes - she dropped it anyway.

"Really," Dark is a Way sighed as she watched the feline felon tuck smugly into its feast right in front of her, "I've left home for days just to catch ocean fish for my brother - and now I am to meet him tomorrow, fishless, thanks to you. What am I to do, cat? What are you going to do about it?"

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Jun D

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phoenix kiss

Magical Girl

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:20 pm
OKAY! The results are in; Corn and I had fun judgin' the entries, but in the end, there could only be two winners.


Jun D

Okay -- fact is that you know what the color "puce" is, and you used it in your entry. Also, the phrase "feline felon" sums up exactly what I think cheetahs are like: they don't care, they're self-sufficient, but they're loyal. They'll hunt for you, sure, but ... they hope you don't mind when they take a fish as payment.

Congrats on cheetah 3! Just PM phoenix kiss with the name and I'll shove 'em in the posting thead.


Corn and I both agree that Travels in Circles' careful and good-natured approach won over the equally-lost cheetah. We hope he enjoys his new friend. :3

Congrats on cheetah 1! Just PM phoenix kiss with the name and I'll shove 'em in the posting thread.  

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