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DJ SnowKat

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:18 pm
Japan earthquake relief Donation fundraiser

how it works:

we ask you to donate to any charity that is raising money for the relief efforts in japan, When you've done so, take a screen-shot showing us how much your donating, and if possible, take a screen-shot of any confirmation message that they give you. however you do it, we just need proof that you've actually donated and how much you gave (hell you could buy one of gaia's donation items, as long as you donate in some way)

those who donate will need to PM DJ SnowKat with the proof of donation, once its been confirmed, you'll need to post a form that DJ will give you once tour donation has been confirmed, post that in this thread, once you have posted, your pet will be added to a Que and one of the staff will get to your pet as soon as possible. you can get up to 2 pets this way.

The pets made through this method will be put on a special cert


User Image

please note that the background on this cannot be changed.

Recommended donation sites (you can use any you like however, if you find a site that accepts donations under $10, please let DJ SnowKat know






DJ's Offers:

$10- color custom

$15- minor edits

$20- major edits (not cosplay)

$30- cosplay

Icy's offers:
(for icys, to get the pets, you must order the gaia items and provide proof)


User Image

$1 - halo & pin premade

Halo & pin female

$5 - coat premade

Coat premade male

NOTE: The minis will be treated as grams and will not be breedable

Sunnys offers:
From the demon you can get dino customs. There are 4 to choose from ^^
These are the dinos:
Stegosaurus , Parasaurolophus , Euoplocephalus , Triceratops

$10 for recolors of pre-made dino lines
PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:21 pm
Work Que:

- Däzs for Depawsit

-Lady Aria Starstone
-Ms Ameile Gray

-Fea Line

DJ SnowKat

Anxious Shapeshifter

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 4:12 pm
pet colorist: DJ SNOWKAT
Donation type: COLOR CUSTOM

Zune's Name: Däzs - Dazs is fine, if the special character isn't available in the supported font.
Owner: Depawsit
Gender: Male
Stages: Angelic is allowed, if not Normal.
Eye Color: Hot Pink
Base: Dark Brown
Inner Ear/Inner ear fur Colors: Inner Ear Fur: Hot Pink Inner Ear - Light Pink
Marking Description: Dazs has a hot pink zigzag design the crosses over both of his eyes, sort of like a mask. He has random cream colored swirls placed in random disarray you can come up with. He has two specific swirls on his front left, and back right leg, that are detailed in his refs. [ Best shown on TLN link. He has 'stocking' patterned spots on his front right, and hind left leg. They are alternating in colors. His references are a perfect guideline for this. His ears both have different markings on them, his right one is designed in Hot pink stripes/swirls, while the other is polka dots. He also has a skunk pattern that starts midway down his neck and follows down the length of his tail. It is cream colored and highlighted in hot pink.
Wing Color: Pale pink with think brown swirls
Reference Images: Shakita Inu, Carousel, SW, Shakaiyo, TLN
Background Image: This, if it will work as a cert if not default is fine.
Song and Artist: "Ice Cream Truck" by Pere Ubu
Additional Notes: Color Palette & Thank you ^^

PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2011 3:59 pm
pet colorist: DJ SNOWKAT
Donation type: COLOR CUSTOM

Zune's Name: Hope
Owner: Lady Evelon
Gender: Female
Stages: Angelic
Eye Color: yellow
Reference Images: crane
Background Image: background if possible
Song and Artist: Stay Strong by Newsboys
Additional Notes: past the eye color everything is like the image color wise

edit: Please pm her to me when shes done since I am quitting izune. or just cancel her all togather your pick


Lady Evelon

Dangerous Lunatic

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Aria Starstone

Sexy Goat

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:28 pm
pet colorist: DJ SNOWKAT
Donation type: COSPLAY

Zune's Name: Jareth
Owner: Lady Aria Starstone
Gender: Male
Stages: Adult angelic if allowed?
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Base: See Ref
Inner Ear/Inner ear fur Colors: Appropriate to ref?
Marking Description: Other then the edit patterns, 'brows' and 'glittery' eyeshadow/cheekstoof to match Jareth's face, and also, the 'glittery' pale blue streaks int he hair?
Wing Color: Deep Blue like the coat
Reference Images: Hair, Jabot, Upper Coat, Neck Pin Ref
Coat, Belt, Jabot Ref
Close up on face
Side View of Hair
Additional Notes: Good luck with the sexymans! Also, song for when he's done is As the World Falls Down by David Bowie  
PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2011 3:32 pm
Colorist: ICY Serenade (switched from DJ to icy)
Donation type: COLOR CUSTOM

Zune's Name: Kiku Ai
Owner: Natsuko-neko
Gender: Male
Stages: Adult Angelic
Eye Color: Ice blue
Base: White
Inner Ear/Inner ear fur Colors: Dark blue
Marking Description: Crimson kanji for love in multiple places
Wing Color: Crimson
Reference Images: How to
Additional Notes: Thanks =3 (If I can't get him in Angelic that's fine he works in Normal too =3)



Unstoppable OTP

Fea Line

Spoopy Kitten

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:54 am
Colorist wanted: SUNFIREDEMON
Donation type: DINO COLOR CUSTOM

Zune's Name: Tripod
Owner: Fea Line
Stages: Adult
Species: Triceratops
Eye Color: Lime green
Base: Base is black, but I would like around her eyes, nose/mouth, belly and bottom part of her tail to fade into silver. If her horns could be white, tipped in lime green, and her toes white.
Inner Ear/Inner ear fur Colors: Silver
Marking Description: same markings the triceratops has now (the stripes) but in neon blinding rainbow 8]

~confirmed and completed~ SFD  
PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:06 pm
Colorist wanted: DJ SNOWKAT switched to icy serenade
Donation type: COLOR CUSTOM

Zune's Name: Rose Ameile
Owner: Ms Ameile Gray
Gender: Female
Stages: Angelic - Teen?
Eye Color: grey
Base: blue-gray
Inner Ear/Inner ear fur Colors: light gray
Marking Description: two stripes of gray on each cheek, and around the ankle of each convention.
Wing Color: Silver Blue
Reference Images: Lake Princess
Background Image: blue rose
Song and Artist: Fly me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra
Additional Notes: Nope!


Teh Mippi

Gracious Lover

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Eloquent Shapeshifter

PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2011 3:09 pm
Colorist wanted: DJ SNOWKAT
Donation type: COLOR CUSTOM

Zune's Name: Solaire
Owner: KanamiTenjo
Gender: Male
Stages: Angelic
Eye Color: Red
Base: Orange
Inner Ear/Inner ear fur Colors: Black
Marking Description: Dripping red on the tips of his wings like blood,
black scales running up his feet and tail, and a dragon tattoo on his side.
Anything else is CC~
Wing Color: Gold
Reference Images: Tattoo, Scales, and Color Inspiration
Background Image: [X]
Song and Artist: Angels by Within Temptation
Additional Notes: Thank you so much! ^^
PostPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:32 am
Colorist wanted: DJ SNOWKAT
Donation type: MINOR EDIT
Zune's Name: (Will name after seeing it)
Owner: darknightcavalier
Gender: CC
Stages: Adult
Eye Color: CC
Base: Demonic or Nomal
Inner Ear/Inner ear fur Colors: CC
Marking Description:
Wing Color: CC
Reference Images:


Well... choose one route, or mix and match both. = w=

Mix and match any number of these classic intros from various shows I watched in my kidhood. Make a zune based on them. = w=



Franket pet from dragons

http://whatevercards.net/Magic/Planeswalker art/NicolBolas.jpg


Obsessed Dreamer

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