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Please Note: This Lover's Rock is for Seathis, Mers & Usdias only.

Welcome to the Lover's rock, a rock within a cave in the foothills of the mountains. Scribbled over the rock and even on the walls in a variety of clay and pigment colors are names and information of those searching out a fling or something more longterm for their Mer, Seathi or Usdia of either gender. That's right. Mers, Seathis & Usdias only for this portion of the rock.

When a mate is found for your lucky Soquili, the information can be erased by rubbing it with a rock or washed away with water. (Delete your post when you find a mate.)

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No Current Announcements

3/27/11 - Heads up everyone! 3 Month limits are fast approaching. Any posts made in December/January will be deleted April 1st. Please make sure you have saved your forms since we will not be sending owners their forms before they are deleted.
1/14/11 - Important Notice - I've been noticing quite a few people posting Soquili that are still too young to post here in the Lover's Rock. From now on, anyone posting before their Soquili is a month old from their adult growing/tagging post in the Arrivals Mule will be banned from posting that Soquili in the Lover's Rock for 2 weeks starting from when the Soq would officially have been old enough to post.
This will be enforced starting from the date of this announcement. Any questions please direct to me.

1. Only post a personal if you've had your soquili is on the adult template.
2. If a Soquili is posted that is not yet an adult (Aka a Foal or basket), the post will be deleted and the Soq will be banned from posting on the Lover's Rock for 2 weeks after it officially becomes an adult.
3. Do not post in this thread unless submitting a personal.
4. Only one soquili per post. Each soquili has to have a separate post.
5. If you find a mate, delete your post by clicking the 'x'.
6. Do not 'shop' around for a mate. Once you decide on someone, you must delete the post. You may not leave it up and simply cross it out.
7. If someone does not accept your offer, just let it be. Don't harrass them as to why they don't want to mate their pet with yours.
8. Fling means you just want to find another soquili for non-serious romance (just a hook up). Lifemate means you actually want to build a relationship for your soq and then mate them. You must choose one or the other. Do not leave this blank.
9. If you repost a soquili, please delete the first post you made for them. If multiple entries for the same Soquili are found, both entries will be deleted.
10. Posts that have expired after their time limit is up will be deleted and must be reposted by owner if necessary.

The following is the schedule by which I will be deleting posts. This is so owners can plan ahead and it won't come as a surprise that their post is suddenly deleted.

Month Posted -> Month Deleted
January -> April
February -> May
March -> June
April -> July
May -> August
June -> September
July -> October
August -> November
September -> December
October -> January
November -> February
December -> March

If this personals thread causes trouble it will be deleted without notice. More rules will come up if needed.

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Please fill out the form below and post it in the thread.

[b]Soquili's Name:[/b]
[b]Image of Soquili:[/b]
[b]Describe your soq's personality/interests:[/b]
[b]What is your soq looking for in a partner?[/b]
[b]Any specific limitations/requirements?:[/b] (Meaning only Kalonas wanted/no evil soqs, etc.)
[b]Fling or Lifemate?:[/b]
[b]Looking for a plot? What kinds? (Rped or Background?)[/b]
[b]How do you want others to contact you?:[/b]
[b]How long should this entry be left up/stay valid for?:[/b] (Cannot be longer than 3 months from posting)

Please add one of the following codes at the top of your form to specify if you're looking for a plot/non-plot partner.

[color=orange][size=16][b]This Soquili is looking for some sort of plot.[/b][/size][/color]

[color=blue][size=16][b]This Soquili is uninterested in plots.[/b][/size][/color]

[color=green][size=16][b]This Soquili could go with or without plots.[/b][/size][/color]

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