What a small world we live in. I was looking up for just several people, and I stumbled across this video. It is a documentary of an Amish man and his brother facing persecution for their faith in Christ. His name is Ephriam Stoltzfus, and his brother is Jesse.

They were excummunicated from the amish church because they were involved with Bible Studies and going to prayer meetings. So they were shunned because of that. So I encourage each and everyone of you to watch all of the clips from this documentary. And watch the boldness of this brother shine out and the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ is flowing through him like fountain of living water.

And I want to say the reason that I was surprised is that Ephraim Stoltzfus attends to my Church, "Charity Christian Fellowship." He is one of my first friends that I made here, and certainly is one of my best friends in the Church. He is currently in Ireland for 3 months, Lord willing, on a mission's call. He is scheduled to be back in April.

Clips from Trouble in Amish Paradise:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Prayer Requests:

1. Please pray for Ephraim and his family when they are overseas to Ireland. Pray for their safety, but more importantly, pray that the Spirit of God shines through them and will be noticable of every soul they will come in contact with.
2. Please pray for their little girl who has Leukemia. She is doing well far as I know, but please keep her in your prayers.