Lord, Don't Move that Mountain
By the Yoders: Forgiven

1. Lord, here I am again, down on my knees in prayer,
Lord, you promised me that you would always meet me there;
Now there is a mountain up ahead that I cannot seem to climb,
But I am praying for the strength to try it one more time.


Lord, don't move that mountain, just give strength to climb,
For if you should move each mountain, I might grow weaker every time;
And just as your Son, Jesus, took the cross up Calvary's hill,
Lord, don't move that mountain so I may better do your will.

2. Now if there were no mountains, Lord, I might forget to pray,
And if there were no trials, Lord, I might even stray;
But I know the higher the mountain, the sweeter the victory,
Lord, ever remind me that you would walk beside of me.