1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
Please be nice and respectful to everyone. Yes, even if they're a n00b, even if they totally disagree with everything you say, even if they're the political opposite of you, even if they're a different race, creed, color, sexuality, etc. We are a VERY TOLERANT guild here.

2. Don't spam!
Please keep Out of Character talk in the RP's to a minimum. We have the chatterbox and OoC thread for a reason.

3. Comply with Crew Requests
Please comply with any requests made by the crew.

4. No fighting!
There's a difference between heatedly discussing something and just being insulting. If a debate escalates into an argument, you run the risk of getting a warning or strike, whether you started it or not. (If you're calmly trying to dissuade an argument, though, this won't be counted against you.)

5. No harassment.
Sometimes people don't get along in this guild, and that's okay. What's NOT okay is when one party continues to bother the other, or both bother each other. If someone tells you to leave them alone, DO IT. If you continue anyway, you will be punished. THIS INCLUDES PM'S.

6. Breaking the Gaia Rules & Guidelines or Terms of Service.
This should be a no-brainer, but we added in any way just in case. Don't break any of the rules listed on either of these lists.


1. Be aware of the what others are writing.
Don't ignore other people's posts! If someone does something noticeable, you should notice it! The only exception to this is if you are trying to catch up in the RP and can't read back through it all. In this case, you must read back ten pages before you can post.

2. Avoid Godmodding
Please read here about Godmodding, and avoid it. (Obviously, if GMing has to occur for the plot to advance and if it is previously approved by a leader of the designated roleplay, then it is okay.)

3. Avoid Mary Sueism.
Mary Sueism may seem hard to classify or understand for some, but it becomes pretty obvious after awhile. A Mary Sue is loosely described as a character who has too many positive characteristics, and too few genuine flaws to be believable or interesting. Inversely, someone may be considered a Mary Sue if they have too many genuine flaws and too few positive characteristics.

For example, a once-unknown peasant girl is not only the most beautiful maiden in the land, but turns out to be the chosen one of the story. Her flaws are that she's deathly allergic to peanuts and is simply too trusting; otherwise, she's a saint.

When making a character, the best way to help yourself not create a Mary Sue is to remember one thing: nobody is perfect! Everyone has their vices that they're not proud of. If you're STILL not sure how to stray away from Mary Sueism, then do this: when making your character, for every strength or good quality, the person must have an equally-weighted weakness or bad quality.

To familiarize yourself with the many types of Mary Sue, here are some links:

Mary Sue - The Wiki Definition
Mary Sue - The TVTrope Definition
TVTropes list of 'Types of Mary Sue'


I: Disrespecting other members or the Crew
II. Ignoring requests by Crew
III. Purposely starting/instigating/continuing arguments
IV. Harassment
V. Spamming
VI. Breaking the ToS/R&G


I. Blatantly ignoring other member's posts in a roleplay.
II. God-Modding (See RP Rules)
III. Mary-Sueism (See RP Rules)