::Hierarchy and Rank Information::

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Note: The only gender-specific poses are male and female pup, adolescent, Gamma, and Beta.

Established wolf packs have a ranking system to help maintain order and lessen conflict to prove dominance.

When a wolf grows, it can grow into any rank except for shaman, seer, or alpha with no RP background. The default growth for non-specified wolves is usually gamma, but occasionally lone wolf. Wolves can act in a rank that does not match their lineart if the owner does not choose to change the lineart.

Wolves must earn the position of shaman, seer, or alpha.


These are the highest ranking members of the pack. They decide what happens and when it happens and who does what. They walk with their tails and heads high and rarely take abuse from anyone. They usually exhibit a quality that puts them above the rest of the pack, be it experience, excellent decision making, or brute strength. While alphas are very important wolves and run the pack, they aren't invincible and are just as prone to making errors as any other wolf. Alphas are prone to being challenged by lesser ranked wolves for their position. There is only one male and one female alpha pair in a pack.


These wolves are second ranked in the chain of command. They exhibit many alpha-like qualities yet do not run the pack. Instead, they act as the alpha's "right hand command" so to speak. They help organize the hunting parties and keep order as well as baby-sit and do lesser duties. There is only one male and one female 'true' beta pair in a pack.


While not really an official term, this ranking applies to all other wolves that do not have a specific rank of alpha, beta, pup, omega, shaman, or seer assigned to them. These individuals are nothing particularly special and participate in many of the less desirable tasks such as scouting, hunting, baby-sitting, and den building. They are the larger percent of the general population of a pack. Older gamma wolves often take the role of teacher and story-teller as well.

There is an infinite number of gamma males and gamma females in a pack.


These are the last common rank on the hierarchy...so low that even some pups will be allowed to pick on them. Omegas tend to walk around with their tail in between their legs and ears flat to their skull, attempting to mind their own business. These are the last to eat, and on occasion, they don't get to eat at all if there's not enough food for them. These are the scapegoat of the pack. The omega is usually never hurt while being tormented unless they're in a fight for dominance and even then the alphas will gently let them know their place in the pack. The amount of abuse suffered varies pack to pack.


One of the less common ranks is the lone wolf. A wolf becomes a lone wolf when it is "kicked out" of their existing pack or chooses to leave of their own choice. Lone wolves are prone to other predators and can be killed or seriously injured without the protection of a pack so it's not at all common for a lone wolf to remain such for longer than necessary unless they are one of the few to survive with little trouble. Lone wolves can band together with another lone wolf of the opposite sex and start their own pack or attempt to make their way into another pack, but it is not always assumed this can happen.


A variation of a lone wolf, vagabonds tend to be very ragged, sickly looking, with physical injuries being very common. They are of the same rank on the hierarchy as a lone wolf, but usually have a greater stigma attached to them because of their health.


Another of the rarer ranks is the shaman rank. These wolves are gifted with a very minor gift of magic, which is usually hidden from the wolf until it is sufficiently aged. This magic usually consists of minor healing abilities and an affinity over a particular domain of nature. Shaman wolves, for the most part, are good at listening to their surroundings, which is helpful for predicting weather and the movements of prey, yet this sense isn't perfect. Shaman wolves are generally cool, calm, and rarely instigate any fights, but there are exceptions that vary greatly on their chosen domain. They generally have a ranking just above the gammas but below the betas unless the pack chooses to set them higher or lower. There is not always a Shaman in a pack.


Seers are the rarest of all wolf ranks. These wolves have mental connections to all other wolves and have the ability to mind-speak and mind-read, regardless of the distance separating the seer and his/her fellow wolf. They receive visions to help make more accurate predictions than shamans and also have the skill of talking more easily to other non-wolven creatures. Seers are sometimes considered freaks by their brethren because most don't understand the ways of the Seer and are afraid to have their minds touched by one of such high mental skill. There is not always a Seer in a pack.

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