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[BOOK] Planet of Nen'Otoki

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:58 am
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Eons ago near the dawning of the Silver Millennium a planet existed within The Triagulum, sister galaxy of The Milky Way. This tiny planet was placed far from its nearest star, therefore eternally covered by cold, clouded nights. Despite its darkness, its inhabitant survived well mostly by artificial means. Otherwise, the darkness was no threat to them. They called their sanctum Nen'Otoki, and themselves Nenotokians or Nenos. The Nenos were human by shape and size, but each possessed dark magic greatly exceeding anything humans of that time could imagine. They had the ability to become the very rulers of evil and darkness. Fortunately for many other planets, they were banned by their deities from doing so.

Atop one of the large hills of Nen'Otoki, they built a great castle where its chosen royal family would live. The family would also act as the keepers of a special crystal that belonged to the Nenos as their source of power and life energy. The family would soon name this stone Dawn of Midnight, as it had a consistent dim shimmer.

As time passed, the royal lineage would continue until there was a queen and baby two daughters. As the king was currently not present, the young queen would seek assistance from her advisors until her husband returned from his journey to the sister galaxy. In the eyes of the civilians, their monachy provided everything in the name of the greater good for everyone. However, the queen could not silence her thoughts that soon something horrid would befall Nen'Otoki.  
PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:24 am
Years had passed. On one dismal rainy night, the Queen paced through the halls of her castle as she could not sleep once again. She could not rest her troubled mind as her thoughts raced between her husbands wellness and the needs of her people & her now teenaged daughters. As soon as she was able to ease herself in the slightest, she went on her way back to her bedroom. As she grasped the door handle, a warm hand touched her shoulder lightly. She jumped, then turned only to be greeted by her most trusted advisor. "J..Jakarta.. What are you doing up so late?" the queen asked him. "Do not worry about me, Queen Isbataine. Has your night been a little..."
"It is okay, Jakarta.." she assured her advisor. "I am still unsure of the decision we had made for our people though.."
"We all have made sure that we've picked a safe location for our soldiers on Earth to camp, while your husband completes the trade agreement with the Lunarians."
"But what do we have to offer Serenity's Kingdom & her neighboring planets?" she asked. "We are too far to offer protection while they build their kingdoms."
"That may be," Jakarta answered, "But we can offer them our technology & resources that they do not yet have. And all we ask of them is for THEIR protection."
"Why do we need their protection when we have our crystal & my daughters who'll one day become better soliders than anyone!? They will one day protect us themselves!" she shouted, feeling insulted.
Jakarta paused for a moment & bowed to Isbataine.
"Forgive me, My Queen, but have you forgotten the prophecy?"
She sighed as she replied, "I remember.. it was mentioned that one day, that bright white moon will insure peace, serenity, and eternal life to the entire universe."
"Exactly. Not only will that guarantee the success of your daughters, but the overall well being of our entire planet!"

Queen Isbataine sighed as she thought about Jakarta's words carefully. She then opened the door & stepped into her room. "We will all discuss this tomorrow.. Good night."  

GS Sailor Midnight

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GS Sailor Midnight

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:51 pm
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Queen Leslie Isbataine II & King Harkan Isbataine V
Current rulers of Nen-Otoki. King Isbataine had been sent to Earth to establish trades with Earth's moon. The Queen stayed behind for Nen'Otoki, as she also had to raise her two daughters. As the years passed, Queen Isbataine has noticed less communication between them, and little signs of the King's return.

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Princess Leslie Isbataine III
The eldest of the Queen's daughters and next to inherit the throne of Nen'Otoki and the responsibility of the Dawn of Midnight. Often referred to as The Shadow Princess, Leslie's powers over darkness & the shadows of the night greatly exceeds both her parents. Her mother has helped her tremendously in controlling them for good nature as she believes Leslie will be needed in the future to protect their people.

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Princess Kylarra Isbataine II
Second daughter of Queen Isbataine and younger sister to Leslie, Kylarra has also inherited the Dawn of Midnight, but would not be a co-ruling Queen of Nen'Otoki. She has a more bubbly personality than her sister, and is quite happy to not have to be bound to the duties of a Queen. However, she does not escape the duties of protecting her land as her mother also puts her through vigorous training to grow her powers.

User Image
Jakarta Issoc
One of the many trusted advisors appointed by the previous King & Queen, was reelected by Leslie & Harken to stay with them during their reign. Jakarta has no powers of his own as most Nenos would, therefore, his power is granted by the assistance of an ancient spell book. After the King's departure, Jakarta has stuck by the Queen and assisted with issues of the Kingdom, much to Leslie's & Kylarra's dislike.

((if you noticed, yes, they all have no shoes...))
PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:25 am
More time passed as Queen Isbataine heard less frequently from her husband. She was on the brink of loosing hope for him as she still struggled to keep a firm sight on a good future. She put her strength in her daughters as she tried her best to not show them her weaknesses. As her daughters, Princess Leslie III and Princess Kylarra II, grew older she taught them much history of their planet and their duties as the next ruler. Leslie graciously accepted her role and has also had her hand in making court decisions as her younger sister still had much to learn.

Before anyone knew it came the time where the Queen would have to assist in unlocking the inner strengths she knew both her children had. There was only one minor issue she saw in her task.

When that day came, she began first by approaching Jakarta. As he noticed her walking towards him, he took a bow.
"Good morning, Queen Isbataine." he greeted her.
"Good morning, Jakarta...Dear advisor, please tell me..."
"Yes, milady?"
"Do you believe it to be possible to have more than one leader of Nen'Otoki?" she asked him.
"My Queen, why do you look so sad?" Jakarta asked as he noticed tears swelling in his Queen's eyes.
"Please, answer my questions. Why is it that the fair queens of our sister galaxy only have one child? Most of them daughters. Out of all those royal families of the universe, why must ours have two children? Answer me!"
"Queen Isbataine, please! I must understand this further," Jakarta began, "Are your troubles resting on the fact that you have 2 daughters? Why is that so?"
"I want Leslie and Kylarra to be treated as equals. To treat each other as equal sisters. If I find out that only one of them can become a legendary Sailor Solider, that will NOT do! It's both or neither, Jakarta. Do you understand now?"
Jakarta nodded to Isbataine. "I believe I understand now. True that neighboring planets, solar systems & galaxies have their own Sailor Solider, only one to each planet, does not mean that both of your daughters cannot be Sailor Soldiers as well."
"But it does not make sense! We cannot have two Sailor Nen'Otoki's."
"Milady," Jakarta tried to calm his Queen's nerves. "Nen'Otoki is a planet of many dark elements. The dark shadow energy of Midnight. The subtle innocent illusion of Twilight. There may not be a Sailor Nen'Otoki in this case."
The Queen was silent as she gathered her thoughts. "Are you telling me that it IS possible for them to become equal?"
Jakarta knew in his heart of hearts using the word 'equal' was a stretch, but attempted to continue his explanation.

"Queen Isbataine, it is clear that Leslie & Kylarra accepted their future roles as Leslie being the next Queen. I would not set my worries on them suddenly turning against each other. To adequately teach them the ways of a Sailor Soldier, however, my bare some challenges. There WILL be one Sailor of Nen'Otoki, but the other will be an elemental Soldier of Darkness. Sort of an..'assistant' to the planet's soldier."
"What would you suggest should be done then, Jakarta?"
He then opened up his spell book and flipped through the pages until he found what he needed.
"It would be suggested to give Leslie the Dawn of Midnight stone since she will become the new Queen, and this....." Jakarta then repeated a verse in his book as he conjured up energy surrounding him & the Queen. Soon, the swirling energy slowly formed itself into a dark blue wand decorated with yellow stars.
"Give this wand to Kylarra." he instructed the Queen as he handed it to her. "Once they hold each object in their hands, tell them each these words.." He showed his spell book to the Queen as she read it carefully.
"I will be sure to do this, Jakarta! Thank you."
"I assure you, you will not be disappointed, my Queen. They will both become the planet's guardians as you longed for."  

GS Sailor Midnight

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GS Sailor Midnight

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 01, 2009 9:24 pm
"Oh. My God.. Leslie? I am like, SO bored. I can't stand this music anymore." A young lady reclining in a chair at the palace library spoke out as she fiddled with her hair. "I don't think I like these songs..They're so.....outdated"
"Heh, that's because father sent this recording machine to us from Earth 6 years ago, Kylarra" Said another woman sitting across from the first, only seeming to be slightly older in age. She turned the page in a book she had been reading.
"Ugh. You with your studying again. You're the one who's gonna be Queen..How come mother makes me study and spar too?" Kylarra complained as she tossed her history book onto the floor.
"Because apparently she believes we're suppose to be some kind of warriors someday.." Leslie shrugged.
"SO totally not fair! As royalty, we should be living in the lap of luxury! Let the specially trained be the warriors."
"Trust me, they are. It just so happened that we are the specially trained."

Kylarra huffed as she crossed her arms. She thought for a moment before looking over to her sister. "Well, I GUESS it's not that bad seeing as you're taking all this pretty well..."
"That's right." Leslie grinned. "Let's think about this in Kylarra terms.. Not only ARE you royalty, but one that can kick ass to boot? That'll earn you new found respect once you master it all."
"Oh my god, you're so right!!!" Kylarra then reached for the book on the floor as she tried to track where she left off. "Studying might be totally uncool to me, but if everyone else thinks I'm be cool because of it, that's, like, cool!"
"Good. You better promise me this now.." Leslie smiled.

The girls then shared a few laughs before returning to their books. Nearly an hour passed by before they heard the doors squeak open. Both of them stood up as their mother entered the room.
"My children. The time has come!" Queen Isbataine shouted. "We can now move on to our next phase. These wondrous items will aid you from now on." She held both of her arms out to her daughters. A stone in one hand & a wand in the other. "As you both know of course, this is virtually our planet's source of power and protection, the Dawn of Midnight. It is said that this stone and it's power will be inherited by the next ruler of Nen'Otoki. Leslie, since you are next heir to the throne, I will be trusting you with our stone as you will now use it to become a full fledged warrior."

Leslie took the Dawn of Midnight from her mother's hand. When the stone touched Leslie's fingers it glowed brighter than normal as the whole room was briefly engulfed in a bright purple light. All of the women vocalized their discontent with the blinding light as they covered their eyes.
"Oh my gosh!!" Kylarra yelled, "That, like, could have killed us!!"
As soon as the light faded, Leslie was left with a compact in her hand. "Woah, what happened to the stone!?" She turned the compact every which way in her hand taking note of the detail. The compact now in her hands was black, and had a purple crescent moon painted on it with gold celtic Earth designs within it. Leslie took her time trying to open as it finally did revealing the Dawn of Midnight within. "Oh wow, I thought the stone disappeared at first!"

The Queen shrugged. "Perhaps that casing is to protect the stone while you hold it, Leslie. Now, Kylarra.." she continued, "This is an item Jakarta had created for you. The power that lies within this wand will also become your resource to protect our home." Kylarra then took the wand.
"Now, I will ask each of you to remember to say this phrase should our planet ever be under attack." The Queen looked over to Leslie. "Leslie, I need you to say, 'Midnight Stone Power, Make Up'. Understand?"
Leslie raised her eyebrow and then nodded. "Um..okay, mother.."
"And Kylarra, you will say, 'Twilight Power, Make Up!'."

Kylarra scoffed, "What kinda thing is that to say? It's sound so weird." She laughed taking the wand. "Lemme, like, try first, okay?" She held the wand out in front of her "Twilight Power Like....um..Make Up?" she said as nothing happened.
Leslie sighed & rolled her eyes, "I think you need to say it with more confidence like this.. Midnight Stone Power - Make Up!!"
Leslie held the compact out in front of her as bright light once again spewed forth from the stone in the form of beams. The light began to fade as they were replaced by dark shadows which surrounding Leslie in every direction. The soon wrapped themselves tightly around her body as the shadows broke apart to reveal a skirted purple bodice with silver trim. The compact which the shadows came from latched itself onto Leslie's chest as it turn into a broach for a black bow. After that, more shadows had made their way around her arms & legs, leaving behind a pair of black leather gloves, silver bangles and purple knee high boots with black stockings. When the shadows had disappeared Leslie was left with a warm sensation on her forehead. Kylarra and their mother witnessed the short appearance of what looked like a shimmering purple crescent moon before it transformed itself into a gemstone. From the gem grew a plated silver circlet around her head.

"EWW!! Those clothes are SO tacky!!" Kylarra shouted out. "And what are those on your feet!?"
"They're called shoes, stupid." Leslie snapped back.
"Girls!" The Queen interrupted. "I don't see cooperation here! Kylarra, I would like for you to try again with your wand, please."

"Okay, mother." Kylarra nodded as she attempted again with "Twilight Power- Make UP!!!!" The same had occurred to Kylarra with dark blue ribbons flowing from her wand. Instead, they had not turned into shadows. The ribbons covered Kylarra until she had a bodice similar to Leslie, but in the shade of dark blue with gold trim, black gloves & bangles with blue boots & black stockings. Upon her forehead appeared a blue star until that had also morphed into a golden circlet with a gemstone.

Kylarra took her good time looking over her new magical outfit. "Ugh, I wish mine turned out better. And these..shoozs.. They're making my feet hot!"
"Mine too, so stop whining.." Leslie tried to quiet her sister.

The Queen gazed upon both of them, "My word.. my daughters.. both of my daughters are now full Sailor Soliders!" she cried out in joy. "Now, we must learn to harness the full potential of your powers. Don't forget what I taught you previously, girls."

"Forgive me for intruding, my Queen.." A voice came from the other side of the room. "But, do you not wish to know who they are now?" Jakarta asked stepping into the library. "I do not believe it will help them if you do not address them properly as Sailor Soldiers, my lady."
Jakarta walked up in front of the women and bowed.
"Princess Kylarra Isbataine...I implore you to see this outfit as a new stature.. You, my lady, are now one of the few neutral dark soldiers who will swear to fight along the side of the White Moon Queen. From this day forth, in the presence of Queen Serenity's court, you will now be known as Sailor Twilight."

"Twilight?" Kylarra questioned, turning her head to the side, "Isn't that, like, that time of day on Earth right when the sun sets?"
Jakarta nodded, "Yes, it is. And soon your mother will teach you how to harness the elemental properties of it. The power of Twilight is very tricky to master, but I know you will hold fast in your training.."
He then turned his attention to Leslie. "Princess Leslie Isbataine.. do not let the pressure get to you, but you will one day join the ranks of the more powerful dark soldiers in the universe as Sailor Midnight."

Leslie raised an eyebrow as she looked into Jakarta's eyes. "Sailor Midnight, huh..? Heh..that sounds so cliché for a 'dark soldier'..."

"You both have inherited a special power that most other Nenos will never have. Use your abilities wisely, and only for the side of the White Moon. Do not let your minds, bodies, nor souls fall into the hands of the forbidden darkness that has long been banished from our home.."  
PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2009 5:50 pm
Hours later, the sound of clacking heels on the marble flooring echoed through the silent halls of the Nen'Otoki Castle as Sailors Twilight & Midnight followed their mother, with their advisor trailing behind.

"My goodness.." Queen Isbataine said aloud, "There definately has been a significant change in your strengths." Sailor Midnight & Twilight turned to each other & grinned, Jakarta smiling as he watched from behind them.
"I suggest that we celebrate this joyous occasion at once, My Queen!" Jakarta then spoke out "Yes! What an outstanding idea! We shall make the announcement in the morning hours."
"Can we have an outdoor banquet??" Kylarra shouted out.
"Of course, my dear. The weather should be perfect tomorrow. Now, you too better get ready for supper. You will need to prepare for the banquet in the morning."
The two then ran off down the hall, only to trip over their own feet and fall flat on their faced. The Queen gasped, "I would imagine Kylarra, but Leslie?" she whispered to Jakarta. "They still need to get used to wearing their shoes. It will not occur again, I assure you."


After the royal family ate, Leslie & Kylarra ran off into their bed rooms. Kylarra was the first to run through the door & jumped atop her bed. "That was fun today!!" she told her sister, "Like, oh my gosh!! Did you totally see when I had stars shooting from my hands!? And you were like, totally blocking it? That wasn't fair!"
"Of course it was" Leslie laughed. "You just need to get better with your aim. You barely touched me." Leslie sat down at her vanity as she set her hair for the night, using the assistance of her shadow as a third arm as she had done always. "Hold still." she asked her sister. "I need to do your hair too." she said as she stretched her shadow to provide more hands for her sister. "I wish I could do the things you do, Leslie. I can't make my shadow move like that yet." Kylarra said as she sat down on the bed.
"It just takes time and practice. Everyone here has trouble with their powers at first."
"But it's so easy for you! Even when you were learning.. plus not everyone can do what you do. You have that weird electric cloud thing that really hurts!"
"What, this?" Leslie questioned as she held her hand out to Kylarra. Within seconds, a flicker of static emerged as it then grew into an energy sphere the size of a baseball.
"YEAH!! That thing!! It can like, burn holes in walls! You threw it at me!!"
"Sorry, we're the only sparring partners we got. It's not like I TRY to hurt you."
"Yeah..but you still hurt me!!"
"Don't worry.. you'll get better. Time & practice..with patience to go!"
Kylarra let out a sigh and crossed her arms. "Okaaay...I just don't like that practice takes so long."
"Well, we have some time before bed. Why don't you give it a shot to move your shadow?"

After Leslie was finished with their hair, she got in bed as her sister stayed up a few extra minutes, practicing to morph her shadow in different ways with little success. She silently cheered herself on with every challenge she created.

In another sector of the palace, Jakarta was in his own chambers studying the vast amount of books he owned privately. "I could not bare to tell the Queen...that she may never see the eyes of her grandchildren...Now that Nen'Otoki's Sailor Soliders have awakened, it is only a matter of time before their souls attract those who seek to destroy them..and our planet along with them... I have faith, however, that they will all survive.. but it will be difficult...We will all need to prepare.. Perhapes after tomorrow's banquet, I will suggest to Lady Isbataine to have her daughters train with other Sailor Soldiers. It seems that most gather at the White Moon. They will receieve exceptional training there with them."  

GS Sailor Midnight

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GS Sailor Midnight

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2009 7:55 pm
The next morning Leslie was awakened by Kylarra's excitement. "Leslie!! Hurry up!! Jakarta has something to tell us!!"

Grumbling and moaning, Leslie got herself out of bed. "What does that man need to tell us that he could not first consult with our mother?"
"I don't know! But it sounded good!!" Kylarra ran away from Leslie out side of their room. Leslie took a brief minute to get herself in order before following.

"Please, excuse me your highnesses for disturbing you so early." Jakarta apologized & bowed to them. "Since you two are our warriors of Nen'Otoki, I would like to bring up the opportunity of both of you to recieve ample training and to build upon your skills."
"Had mother thought of this idea?" Leslie asked him, not seeming humbled by the offer.
"No. I came across the idea late within the night. I have not yet told her. However, If I were to speak of this to your mother, I believe she would allow this training to occur. I am offering to grant you two the chance to vacation away from Nen'Otoki and visit the White Moon. There, you will meet with other Sailor Warriors, all hailing from different planets and galaxies. Also, because it is believed that King Harkan is still negociating with the High Queen Serenity from Earth, there is a chance you will see your father once more."

Both of the girls gasped as Kylarra screamed out, "Oh my gosh!! We get to see daddy??"
"No way..!" Leslie said in disbelief. "Jakarta! You cannot be serious!"
"Leslie. This way, we will also be able to see why we had lost communication with him long ago.."
"But..." Leslie paused as Kylarra was still jumping about, happy as a lamb. "I thought..."
"Your highness! Do not put such poisoning thoughts into your mind. You cannot assume that King Harkan has departed from this existance until you see it with your own eyes..."
"Hmph.." Leslie scoffed. "Fine then. We will converse with mother shortly regarding this..'opportunity' you are offering us. Let's go Kylarra!"
"Yes!" her little sister said trailing behind as Leslie walked off.
Jakarta looked on, wondering if it was right of him to tell the Princesses before the Queen. He had hoped she would understand.

As soon as Leslie reached her mother's chambered she knocked loudly on the door. "Mother! We need to speak with you this minute!" she shouted through the door. A passing guard stopped next to them to inform them that the Queen has began heading to the balcony for her announcement.

"So soon!?"
"We have to hurry!! Last night, mom said we have to be there in full uniform!!" Kylarra said as she pulled her wand out from her robe pocket. "Twilight Power, Make Up!"
"Midnight Stone Power, Make Up!"
They quickly head off to try to catch up with their mother. She was just about to head to her stage as her daughters reached her.
"My! Where have you two been? I could have sworn I've sent my advisor to wake you girls an hour ago!"
"No time to talk now, mother. But we need to inform you of something after your speech." Leslie told her.

Thousands have gathered in the streets below estatic about that day. The kingdom knew the Queen tried her hardest to always bring good news to the people, and today they were expecting nothing less. Everyone cheered as the Queen arrived to tell them that Nen'Otoki's soldiers had finally arrived, and introduced her daughters properly as Sailor Midnight & Sailor Twilight as they walked up from behind their mother. The entire planet was in a state of celebration. After the Queen's words, she then invited them for the banquet scheduled to begin later in the afternoon. After the crowd had disburst from the area, Sailor Midnight & Twilight told their mother of Jakarta's offer to them.

"That sounds wonderful!!" she exclaimed. "How perfect that Jakarta would come up with such an incredible idea! It would be best for you girls to train within the White Moon's kingdom. He is correct that you will be meeting with other Sailor Soldiers, most who may know a thing or two in excelling in powers efficiantly."

"But mother," Leslie began with her concerns, "Does not the strengths of the White Moon come from those who are pure of light? We are nothing more than humble beings who reside in darkness. Will they not accept us?"

"My children.. Queen Serenity is good..and she knows that most Sailor Soldiers, regardless of what planet or elemental plane they reign from, are pure of heart. It is obvious that within you two, you want nothing more than peace for the universe."

"No.." Leslie shook her head, "I only wish to protect the peacefulness of Nen'Otoki. I do not want to be trapped into protecting the White Moon as well."
Kylarra gave her sister an angry look, "But Leslie! We'll only be there for a little bit, then we can come home! I wanna see what happened to daddy!!"

Leslie took a good long while to make her decision. It was already set within her sister to go to the other galaxy and visit Earth's moon. She almost feared that her sister would leave without her. Sighing lightly, Leslie agreed to follow.
After the banquet, only days remained until their departure.  
PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:36 pm
The days passed uneventfully as the girls took this time to prepare & pack their things.
"I can't believe we're going to the White Moon! That'll give us a chance to go to Earth for a day to see daddy!" Kylarra squeeked with excitement. Leslie smiled as she finished packing her clothes. She wanted so much to keep her younger sister happy. However, Leslie knew the truth was they would be much too busy with their training to find time to visit Earth.
"Your highnesses.." Jakarta greeted them. "Your portal is ready"

The sisters looked at each other. "You ready, Kylarra?"
"Yeah!! Let's go!!" They spend their last remaining hours on Nen'Otoki saying good bye to family & friends before they stepped into their intergalactic portal. Luckly there was a portal on the white moon which saved them quite a bit of travel.
"Wait.." Their mother said. "Before you leave..Leslie, I wish for you to have this.." Her mother handed her a black compact computer decorated with a purple moon & silver etching. "This, Leslie, is a handheld computer. Use this if you ever need to send messages back home. Do not forget to call me." The Queen smiled. Leslie nodded.
With their final farewell, they teleported off to Earth's moon.

When they arrived, the girls saw other women appear from various other portals and spacecrafts dressed in fine gowns, ribbons & jewels. If anything, they seemed to be the least dressed, but it made no difference to them. There were many women. Tall, short, skinny, a few fat ones, some with different skin colors, and even others with little 'human' features . "Look, Leslie! All these princesses are probably from all over the universe!"
After aquaintences were made & their lodging was located, everyone prepared to view the opening ceremony. It was located just outside the palace as Queen Serenity stood upon the balcony with her young daughter beside her, along with a few other women. "Leslie, who are those people?" Kylarra whispered. "If my knowledge serves me right, that lady is Princess Serenity. Those other people are the Soldiers of this Solar System. The 'Sol Senshi' I think they're called."

The opening ceromony ended with a huge breakfast banquet, since it was still morning on the moon. Leslie & Kylarra kept to themselves as they watched the other princesses commune with each other. Kylarra glanced around the dining hall, "Leslie, how come there's no princess from Earth?" Leslie shrugged. "I think the Earth Kingdom had a son."

As the days passed, the girls made the best of their time & training on the moon. Occationally, they made attempts to visit Earth, but had been stopped by the guards. "You do not understand! Our father is an ambassador to our planet down there on Earth!"
"I'm sorry Princess Leslie, but communication between the Earth & the Moon is strictly forbidden at this time!" the gard informed them.
"GRR!!! THAT IS SO NOT FAIR!" Kylarra shouted.
"Sssh! We'll just try again another time." Leslie said, shaking her head.

The girls were disappointed, but they tried not to let it hamper their training. After more time had passed, they gained a great amount of dicipline & strength to be a better Sailor Soldier. Kylarra grew quickly especially in her powers, and Leslie was proud. Finally, the night of the closing ceremony had arrived. There was a glamourous ball held in the honor of all the ladies who had come for training. Most of the soldier princesses were there, even Leslie & Kylarra. Some had the option of returning home before the event. The girls dressed in their normal princess attire, though Leslie wore more make up than usual, and they were appriciative that noone seemed to pay any mind that they still wore no shoes. Sadly for them, they quickly became wall flowers when the dancing began.
"Oh Leslie, I wish someone would dance with us!" Kylarra whined.
"I don't. The only difference is I can't be away from this crowd like I would be able to back at home.. standing at the balcony in the back of the palace... There are far too many people here this evening.." The two tried to enjoy themselves, dining on the Lunarian buffet and watching others dance. At one point in the night, everyone crowded as they watched the Moon Princess dance with a charming fellow. Many seemed unsure who the gentleman was, but they were more absorbed with their dancing as they looked so beautiful together.

Dispite the noises of chatter and music, shouting overcame the volume as most of the dancers stopped in their steps. The shouts became louder, though the girls were unsure where they were comming from. "The moon is under attack!! There's monster's comming from Earth!" It became immediate to the visiting princesses that they had to fight to protect themselves and the moon family from the danger. They all began to transform into Sailor Soldiers, fighting for themselves, their planets & moons, and the universe. Leslie & Kylarra followed suit as they began Sailors Midnight & Twilight, fighting on behalf of Nen'Otoki.  

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:24 pm
The palace began to crumble all around them as people ran with their lives. A frantic search for the moon princess began as the Sailor Soldiers fought off the attackers. It soon became apparent that the attack was launched by a self-proclaimed dark Queen from Earth. Her minions were strong, but most were easily defeated by the Senshi and the palace gaurds. Sailor Midnight & Twilight joined trying to protect civilians and other Senshi, but the numbers quickly dropped as people died around them.
"Sailor Midnight! There's no use! We have to leave the moon!"
"No, Twilight! No Soldier EVER runs from a battle! You're not going to be branded a coward forever, do you hear me?"
Sailor Twilight was frightened, but she knew her sister was right. She stayed by her side as they both fought together, but everyone was getting overwhelmed. More and more had fallen as noone was still able to find the Moon Princess. One of the larger demons from Earth then confronted Sailor Twilight. Before it could deliver a leathal blow, she was grabbed by the arm and thrown aside by Midnight. Instead of being crushed to death, Twilight rolled down a pile of rubble. She was terrified and now seperated from her only family away from home. She cried out for her sister, but there was too much chaos surrounding her for anyone to respond. She tried to make her way up the hill of debris, but quickly surcomed to more falling walls. She became blind from the dust and fell into darkness as she was buried under the bloodshed.

It felt like an eternity was passing. Sailor Twilight was trapped under the fallen structures of what used to be the moon palace. It was dark, cold and silent. She mustered all the energy she could to get herself out of the death trap. She had to know what had happened. She needed to know that her sister above all was still okay. Using all of her will power, Twilight pushed her way through the crumbled building, bloody & bruised all over. Managing to push away one last piece of concrete, she poked her head out. What she witnessed that night would forever be burned into her memory. The entire kingdom was leveled. Not a building nor person was standing. All around her were the lifeless bodies of all the inhabitants of the moon and the visitors. A few were still clutching onto life, but it was inevitable that they would soon perish under the stress. Twilight crawled out of the hole and began calling for her sister once again. "L-Leslie.....Leslie!!" She knew that even if she could not find her sister, that she must return the Midnight Stone to Nen'Otoki. She wandered over to the location she believed was the last place she saw Sailor Midnight and started to dig down through the rocks. "Leslie! If you can hear me, please say something!" Tears ran down her face as she tried her best not to lose hope. "I gotta find her!! LESLIE, YOUR SOUL IS TOO STRONG TO DIE!!" That was the final straw as she broke down into full crying.

After grueling moments passed, Kylarra heard the faint sound of a chime. She quickly ceased her tears, "It..can't be.." She continued digging as quickly as she could until she came across a small black box. "It's...it's Leslie's computer!!" She quickly opened it up, "Hello?? HELLO!??"
"My dear! You sound frantic! Are you alright?" A static voice came through with a picture on the screen that was just as snowy.
"Mommy!! Is that you!?? Mom!! .. Leslie!! The moon!!"
"Slow down, Kylarra. I can barely hear you! Are you alright over there? I heard the closing ceremony for your training was this evening. I was going to bring both of you home now."
"Mommy, wait!"
Before Kylarra could explain what had happened, she suddenly found herself being transported home through a teleportation device that was installed into the computer.

Meanwhile, the carnage on the moon was left behind. Queen Serenity of the White Moon herself was praying in her final moments as she prepared the silver crystal. She had intentions of saving her kingdom as she announced that she would have everyone reborn on Earth to start anew. The Moon Princess, her court, and all others who had still been upon the moon were then transported to Earth to begin new lives in the future.
Princess Leslie Isbataine III was forever stapled into the memory and history of Nen'Otoki.  
PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 10:11 pm
"Oh my goddness!! Kylarra! You..You're injuried!!" The Queen quickly had the nurses tend to the young princess as Jakarta & several other people would enter the private chamber. "Princess Kylarra! What had happened? Where is Princess Leslie?" Jakarta demanded.
"You will not pester my daughter in such a manner! Not until she is fully healed!" The Queen shouted. She then ordered everyone except the nurses out of the room as she then has Kylarra escorted to her own bedroom.

The Queen allowed 3 nights to pass before she would consider having anyone see her. On the forth night, the Queen sat beside Kylarra's bed as the princess starred up to the ceiling.
"My darling.. We have sent a search party to the White Moon for Leslie.. What we...well.. what we found was...
The Queen sighed, "Kylarra.. you must tell me what happened. Please.."
Kylarra tried so hard to hold back her tears, but was unable to for long. She knew they were unsuccessful in finding Leslie which meant that not only her sister, but her best friend was lost to her forever. It was even more upsetting that her mother was now grieving as well. Kylarra knew her mother best, knew that telling her would make her feel better.
"Mother..it..it was terrible.. There were enemies from Earth who attacked the moon. We all tried to fight, we did! But then...Leslie.. no, Sailor Midnight, pushed me away from the danger.. and I didn;t see her after that... Then you called! And I found the computer, but I didn't see Leslie.. and I didn't see the Midnight Stone either.."
"Nevermind the stone, Kylarra. As long as the stone is still whole Sailor Midnight will return to us."
"But what if it's on Earth? She'll become a Soldier of Earth!"
"No..she will merely be a Soldier ON Earth...She will still be Nen'Otoki's warrior of Midnight."
Kylarra began to feel a little better that there was still hope she would see her sister again. But would she ever remember her life on Nen'Otoki? Her family? Her existance as a Sailor Soldier?

There was a knock on Kylarra's door. "It is probably Jakarta with more news from the search party.." The Queen informed her daughter.
"He can come in.." Kylarra said.
"Queen Isbataine, Our search party has made a visit to our camp, Bril'babril, on Earth. Before I begin, I would first like to inform you both that The King is alive & well and that he has given a letter for each of you...He uh..also had included one for Princess Leslie.." he handed Leslie's letter to the Queen.

"Bril'baril had news regarding The Moon. The Dark Queen Beryl had taken over Earth before she attacked Lunarians. However, It seems the danger has been subdued by Queen Serenity before both kingdoms were completed destroyed. The danger from the neighboring galaxy has passed."
The Queen breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness. If it was not for Serenity, the whole universe could have been in danger."
"However, a new danger is arising for our planet, Queen Isbataine.."
She & Kylarra both looked up to Jakarta. "What do you mean?"
"Without the Midnight Stone, we are now vulnerable to an invasion ourselves."
Both of them fell silent at the looked at each other, "Don't worry mother," Kylarra assured her. "Even without the Midnight Stone, I can protect our home!"
The Queen smiled. "I know you can, my darling."
"Queen Isbataine, may I speak with you in private, please?"
She nodded the followed Jakarta out of Kylarra's bedroom. "I will be back, okay?"
"Okay, mommy!" THe door closed behind her.
"They're probably going to talk about me.." she mumbled. "Even if I'm the only fighter now, we all know it'll be way too hard to do it myself.. Leslie was always the leader.. Sure, I can be just as tough as her, but it won't be the same..." She then glanced over to the note from her father that Jakarta gave her. "Oh, guess I should read this..." She opened up the letter.

"My daughter, Kylarra.
Please, forgive me for not writting sooner. We were all in a bind for the negotiations with the moon were cut short. We could not leave Earth for a terrible evil has taken over the humans here, and our people went into hiding underground to protect ourselves. I hope you and Leslie are fairing well.

Speaking of, to tell you the truth, I know what had happened on the moon. I wrote out a letter for Leslie in hopes that your mother would feel better in knowing that I was still left unaware. Therefore, she would have the chance to tell me herself when she could. I give you hope, Kylarra, in telling you that the Midnight Stone will make it to Earth just as Queen Serenity had hoped. In turn, it will be a thousand years before our solider will live again. A thousand years on Earth will seem like months to you on Nen'Otoki since we are blessed with long lives. Do not forget, you are never alone. You have your mother, your friends, myself, and your sister with you at all times. Until we meet again. Your daddy! <3"

Kylarra smiled. "Daddy always puts hearts in his notes!" she giggled. She found it a little strange that her father send such a note. Why would it matter to her exactly when the Stone would appear on Earth. Did it mean that she WOULD see her sister again? On Earth, no less? She then began to wonder what kind of note he wrote for mother.

Another moment passed before the Queen walked back into the bedroom. "Mommy, what did Daddy write in your note?"
"I did not have the chance to read it yet, Kylarra. What did he say to you?"
"Ah..um, not much..he was just hoping we were okay...Mommy, I have a question though."
"Jakarta said that without the Midnight Stone, we might get attacked! But..the Midnight Stone's probably on Earth now...right?"
"It is possible.. we will have our search party return to Earth to find it & bring it home."
"W-what if it takes a while though? Like maybe a couple years before they find it."
"Then.. it will take a couple years."  

GS Sailor Midnight

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GS Sailor Midnight

Swashbuckling Conversationalist

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 10:30 pm
From that point on, Kylarra grew increasingly worried of the possible threat of an attack on Nen'Otoki. She was determinded not to let the planet fall into villianous hands as she kept up her training her learned on the moon. More time passed as everyone grew older with the years. Not by much though. It then became apparent that all along there was a growing threat to Nen'Otoki. In the years, it was discovered that a planet within their star system shared an interest in technology and was jealous of the Neno's advancements. They decided to take everything for themselves and destroy Nen'Otoki with it. One day on shadow planet, the beings of the 'techno' planet finally revealed themselves. They were horrid lizard-like creatures, similar to dinosaurs, but thankfull not as large. Their language was difficult to understand for the Nenos, but they managed to adopt a name for the vicious beasts calling them Del'um'ae. Sailor Twilight was sent to fend them off and at that moment it was apparent that they were after The Midnight Stone more than anything else the planet had to offer. The would need it if they were either going to imprison its people, or destroy them totally. When they realized it was no longer on Nen'Otoki, they went on a galactic search for it believing it was all they needed. News soon spread that the vial Del'um'ae were leaving carnage in thier path of every planet they visited & were soon heading for The Milky Way galaxy. Chances were in time they would soon find Earth.

One day, Kylarra ran into one of her Mother's rooms, "Mommy! I'm going to travel to Earth! The Del'um'ae will no doubt find our Stone, and Sailor Midnight along with it! I will not let our home fall to ruins or let my sister die again. Call me if you need me!" With that, she ran out of her mother's room, grabbed a bag of belongs she had packed ahead of time, and made sure she had Leslie's compact computer. She ran down the palace halls and met with Jakarta in the throne room.
"Thank you so much for helping me get the Earth, Jakarta! And thank you for finding the time to reprogram Leslie's computer for me."
"It was not a problem, your highness. The computer has all the information you will need to survive on Earth. I also equiped it with tracking devices to help you local the Midnight Stone by the energy emitted from it. Do not be afraid to befriend the humans on Earth. You may find that many will be able to assist you on your conquest." Jakarta then spoke aloud a prayer of the Nenos for the spirit of Queen Serenity to watch over the last Isbataine daughter.
"I promise everyone on Nen'Otoki, I will find our Soldier again!"

She gave herself a few moments to breath before she transported to present day Earth.. over a 1000 years later.  

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