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[NPC] ElfTech126

PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2005 2:42 pm
Monday, November 14, 2005 :: Sometime after 2pm.

today is the day! today is the day!

that's what i told myself all morning. i knew that today was the day to start working at the new place. new toys! new toys! i was so excited, i didn't even sleep a wink last night!

then the people came to pick me up and bring me to the new workshop, and i was so excited, i think i must have blacked out just after i answered the door, because i woke up, and i was already there!

sooo exciting. but, cold. i'm not sure where we actually are... but it's cold. sooo cold. it was the cold that woke me up, as i was riding on some kind of cart into a building of some sort... but, out of the corner of the hat that i was wearing (why was it covering my whole face? oh... probably to save me from the cold!) i saw some snow on the ground.

i like the snow. so much fun. but sooo cold.



ummm. where was i?

oh. yeah. so... my new job. this place is sooo hugemungous! so many rooms. so many little light blinky things on the doors. every time you try the handles (which i think are broken) the little red blinkly lights blink for you!

luckily, they let me keep my sunglasses on, because they have the brightest-est lights ever here. it's was sooo bright, i couldn't see very well, until i remembered to put my sunglasses on. i swear! i'm not wearing them just cause i think i'm cool or something. it's doctor's orders!

the cart-thingy that i woke up on arrived at what seemed like it was time for lunch, just in time for neo-pizza day. i'm not really sure what the neo-pizza was, but it was tasty. and they had lots of yummy ranch dressing... so, that was mostly what i had.

i really wish i knew what time it was, but i think i left my watch at home, on the bedside table, on the little koala. it's such an important watch, it was my great-great granddaddy-elf's, and i'm really sad that i forgot it. maybe if i had gotten some sleep like i should have last night, i wouldn't have blacked out, and remembered it. stressed

anyways... they're taking me now to show me where i'm working. so, i'll have to write more later! sooo much to do!

maybe they'll let us outside to play in the snow later. that would be super fun. hopefully, it's not too cold.
PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 2:48 am
Monday, November 14, 2005 :: Sometime after 2am.

doo bee doo bee doo! the life of an elf for me!

i guess lots of people must be reading my journal. when i got back to my room from my big first day, there was a big box of ticking packages on my bed, and a note from the security staff:

S Corp Security Screening
due to the ticking nature of the packages in this box, all packages had to be scanned, xrayed, and opened by the S Corp Bomb squad robot. We're sorry for the troubles, all contents were left unharmed.

In the future, please inform your family and friends to not send any packages that 'tick'. Because of recent events, we are at a level three security alert here at S Corp, and all incoming mail and packages must be screened by the Security Staff.

and... to my suprise! watches! lots of them. all for me from my people who feel bad for me for forgetting my watch. the only problem tho is that even though the screening people said that the contents were undamaged, all the watches that people sent me are showing different times, and some of them are cracked. it's okay tho. the way i see it, people care about me, so i'm going to wear them all. i've got a pretty good chance of looking at all the watches and at least one of them being right, which is good enough for me.

today wasn't as much fun as i expected, but it being my first day on the new job, it's never fun, you know? lots of meeting the managers, a 'workplace ethics' video that i was forced to watch (some of the stuff that video had in it was gross!) and lots of forms to sign. something about an NDA or something. i was so bored by that point that i didn't even read it, i just flipped to the last page and signed it. what does NDA stand for? No Dropping Animals? Nine Different Assignmets? oh no! i don't want nine assignments. i probably shouldn't have signed that one.


so they put me in this lab working on the newest toys for this year. such exciting stuff. there's this pen, that writes, and talks to you and even teaches you languages and stuff! that one is really cool. i 'borrowed' one and i've been doodling with it all night, trying to get it to say silly stuff.

oh! and there's this really cute elf who works just around the corner from me! i was having a bit of fun playing with the doors with the blinky lights, and she saw me. i think she was staring at me. i'm going to have to wander over tomorrow and see if she wants to join me for coffee or something.

maybe we can take a nice moonlight stroll outside, if i can get 547 to show me how he gets through those doors. i heard something from the other elves how he like teleports through the doors or something. maybe he can show me how. then i can get outside... and play in the snow... mmmm... cold. snow.

i'll have to find a jacket first, tho. it's cold out there.

[NPC] ElfTech126

[NPC] ElfTech126

PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2005 11:36 am
Thursday, November 17, 2005 :: Either 11:12am, 12:49pm, 8:34am, 5:22pm, or noon.

WOW. i'm so suprised by the generocity of others. it really makes me believe that despite santa's accident, christmas will happen after all. and everyone will be merry! yay! i received about ten jackets, and a bunch of scarves and hats from people from all over gaia! some of them got a bit mangled by our Security Dept, but i think that there are two or three that made it through okay, and maybe 912 and i can take that walk outside after all... now only to find the time. it's been soooo busy that i haven't even been able to post what's been happening in my mandatory journal!

247 came by and gave me my new assignment! i'm supposed to be making a self-warming coffee mug or something or rather... but the best part is that he assigned me to work with 912! we're going to be working together! maybe this will give me the chance to show her how much i care for her...

i'm a bit curious as to what's been happening down in the shipping department. they keep breaking open crates as they are loading them... the first one seemed like a robot arm or something... but, it was the robot-arm-crane that dropped the crate, so maybe that's the replacement! no more accidents! and then today, i guess they haven't replaced the arm yet, as another crate broke, with what looked like an arm-extension for the new shipping crane arm! cool! now my buddy elves down in shipping can use the extra-long arm to reach out into the bitter cold to get the crates without getting their toes all froze! santa's so nice to order stuff like that to help us elves.

today 912 and i start production on the self warming coffee mug, and she even brought some coffee to test out the mugs that we're making! what a smart idea! but... i guess asking her out for coffee seems silly now that we have lots of it in our workshop. hmmm... i'll have to come up with another plan.
PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2005 7:46 pm
Wednesday, November 23, 2005 :: Still confused as to what time it is.

hooo boy. what happened? one minute i was thinking about updating my journal, and the next i realize, it's almost a week later, and i still haven't updated.

so... last week there was another shipping accident, this time some crazed yetis. they were cute, but... they just run around all the place getting in the way. i tripped over dozens in the past few days. and then today? it seems that all the elves have these new yeti pillows that they're carrying. i guess that everyone liked the yetis, as they have become a new holiday item.

the next day, there were lots of warning sirens, and the flashy lights on the ceiling turned on for a while. i was a bit scared, as i heard that two of the security guards were hurt, but the lights on the ceiling calmed me. maybe a bit too much, as i didn't get much done while they were on...

i kept trying to think of things to do with 912 over the weekend, but didn't come up with any ideas. i've got a box of chocolates that someone gave me, so maybe i could give it to her, and i may. also, i was thinking that while the security is lax over the holiday, i'll be able to sneak out with 912 and go for a moonlit stroll in the snow. hopefully she'll enjoy my company out of work just as much as she does while we're working!

work has been going very well, 912 and i are way ahead of schedule with our production of the coffee cups, and maybe we'll have our quota finished early, and get to work on something else.

santa's speech today was elightening, but all the talk about dark and bad things kinda put me in a bad mood. then, to my suprise, 912 gave me a new watch, one that works! it's got little blinky blue lights on it, and i'm pretty sure that it even had the right time! maybe she does like me after all.

[NPC] ElfTech126

[NPC] ElfTech126

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 7:37 pm
Thursday, November 24, 2005 :: Evening.

the evening's gobble gobble feast was nice, with some crazy karaoke in the later hours, which quickly turned into an all out cha cha cha festival, with one of the gaia's dance instructors teaching all the elves to cha cha cha. everyone fell asleep immediatly afterwards, exhausted from all the dancing, and their full stomachs.

who says working double overtime in a secret arctic test facility can't be fun?

after a quick nap, i'm going to get back into my production to hopefully finish up 912's & my quota of mugs early.
PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2005 1:02 pm
Tuesday, November 30, 2005 :: Morning.

Oh, the hectic times of working in a secret arctic facility! It's been a busy few days... 912 and I finished up way ahead of schedule for our self warming coffee mugs, and to my suprise, when accepted my invitation to sneak out and go for a moonlit walk in the snow.

Last night, in between the guards rounds, and with the lockpicking help of ElfTech571, 912 and I were able to sneak out of the facility. Ooooh, it was soo cold, but thanks to the generous donations of several Gaians, we were all bundled up for the cold. The moon was full, and as we adventrued around the facility gounds (avoiding the searchlights, of course), I hesitantly reached out my gloved hand to hold 912's, which she accepted. I was so elated. The happiness in my soul was bubbling over. The moon was almost full, and so bright, that I had to keep my sunglasses on. xd

We walked the crunchy snow-covered gounds in almost total silence, not needing to say anything. My happiness almost made me lose track of time, but I had my blue watch that 912 had given me, and realized the time before it was too late, and we made our way back to the door that 571 had rewired as to not set the alarm off. As we entered, we got caught! Two security guards grabbed 912 and I and before I knew it, the world had gone dark.

I woke up this morning in a completely dark room, with only the blinking lights of the security locks on the door flashing on and off to illuminate the room. We seemed to be in an office of some sort, and luckily there was a terminal here so that I could record the events of last night in my journal. 912 was still sleeping beside me, but... somehow... we were still holding hands. At least something was good in what was quickly becoming a scary situa------

We regret to inform you that the journal of ElfTech126 has been sealed due to a security compromise. Please do not attempt to contact him through this address any further. Thank you for your cooperation.

"Making Christmas..."

[NPC] ElfTech126


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