Rules of the Fire Fall Debate Sub-Forum

Before posting in this forum, it's important that you read, understand, and follow these rules. Failure to follow the rules will result in a warning and/or removal from the guild.


This is a debate forum, and it's a debate forum in a guild that stresses the necessity of respect. As such, trolling and flaming will not be tolerated; they are not conducive to debate and they are patently disrespectful.

1. Do not make inflammatory statements with no other purpose than to tick people off (i.e. trolling). Threads or posts such as 'My religion/sect/God is better than yours' are inappropriate.

2. Do not insult or otherwise abuse other posters in the forum or their ideas. Calling a person or their opinions 'stupid' or 'idiotic' or anything similar will not be tolerated. Besides, personal attacks reflect negatively on the strength of your argument.

Trolling and/or flaming will result in a warning for the offender(s). Individuals who prove themselves to be especially disruptive or obnoxious will be banned.


The guild rules against swearing hold true in this forum as well. Just because it's a debate forum doesn't give you license to curse.


Please do not bump threads in this forum. Bumping is not conducive to debate.

Sectarian Concerns

There is to be no disparagement of any Christian sect in this forum.

1. DO NOT make threads debating whether one Christian sect is better than another. Any such threads will be deleted immediately.

2. DO NOT call any Christian sect 'un-Christian' or otherwise question their devotion to Christ. Any group professing belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God is, by definition, Christian and will be accorded the same respect as any other.

3. DO NOT refer to anyone or any group as 'Satanic' or any similar insult.

Two strikes and you're out on this one. The first time you break any of these rules, you will receive a warning. If you break one of them again, you will be banned.


Deprication of others based on their race is unnacceptable. This includes negatively stereotyping a certain race or claiming, either implicitely or explicitely that one race is inherently better, more productive, more moral, etc, than any other.

First offenders will be warned. Subsequent offenses will result in banning.