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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2005 3:13 am
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Updated 12-15-2012

__________________History is recorded by the victors.

Telrunya has endured a very turbulent and sordid history. Many complex and tragic events have unfolded throughout the centuries, creating countless heroes and villians who have built up, saved and destroyed the island and her Pae'il residents.

Telrunya began as an expansive land mass in uncharted territory on Gaia. Not much is known about Telrunya during this time, because many of the recorded accounts of history have been lost to war, fires, looting, plundering and The Sundering, which shattered the island. Relics and scraps of parchments have been discovered in the ruins of many ancient structures on the modern island, and the fairy historians have tried to piece together what happened to the Pae'il's ancient ancestors.

The First War

Two accounts of this event exist. Both recorded from different points of view. Neither is more true than the other, although both accounts have been skewed and exaggerated throughout the years as the information is passed down to the younger generations.

Account #1: This is the history of The First War, as the Blood Pae'il know it to be true.

    During this war, many recorded documents were destroyed. Not much survived, and it is unknown who the foe was that threatened the Pae'il to the point of a devastating war.

    Known Facts:
    • Angels and Demons were the only types of Pae'il at this time, so they were collectively just called "Pae'il". The name "Blood Pae'il" was used to describe them in modern times, because they are "born of blood" and not an element.
    • There were twelve heroes that ended the war, and they eventually ascended to become The Guardians. Only the names of 10 of them are known. (This is folklore, not provable historical fact, yet)

    Recovered Relics & Documents:
    • Poem written in the ancient language. This tells the story of star-crossed lovers who would meet at midnight every night in a meadow.
    • Scrap of a letter from a son to his mother, telling her to find a safe place to hide. This is also written in the lost ancient Pae'il language.
    • Unintelligible scroll containing what is believed to be an incantation. It serves as a sample of ancient magic.
    • Intact letter, written in the ancient language, however certain words, specifically the titles, are translateable. The letter is believed to contain the orders the Grand Lord gave to his two comanding officers, the Grand Herald and Grand Crusader, which were part of the strategy that led to the end of the war.

Account #2: This is the history of The First War, as the Ancient Elemental Pae'il know it to be true.

    This was the most devastating and tragic event to ever happen in Pae'il history. There exist a few survivors of this terrible war, and they tell the story only to their own kind so that history will never repeat itself. There has been no single recorded event in the history of Telrunya with a higher casualty rate. So many innocent lives lost for selfish and greedy reasons.

    Prior to this war, Pae'il -- all kinds including Blood Pae'il (Angels and Demons) and the Elementals (Faun, Naiad, Miakis, Sila and Dracian) -- lived together in the land of Telrunya in peace. Each kind of Pae'il typically kept to their own kind, as strong prejudice did exist. Each alignment (the type or breed) had their own society separate from each other, including a governing body and unique social norms.

    The five leaders of the Elemental Pae'il were tasked with protecting two things: their element source, and a priceless relic. The Blood Pae'il did not possess the same type of magic, so they did not have these types of duties in their society. However, when a small group consisting of a handful of each Angels and Demons learned of this unique and powerful relic the Elementals were "hiding", they grew jealous and angry. Eventually, it came to be that they felt they were the rightful caretakers and deserving of something rumored to be so powerful, and took measures to acquire it.

    The First War was fought over control of this powerful relic. The relic was lost, along with nearly all of the Ancient Elemental Pae'il. The few survivors eventually left the land, due to the persecution of their kind at the hands of the Angels and Demons. Those Elemental Pae'il who were tried and convicted of war crimes were either put to death, or exiled from Telrunya, separated from their element and never to step foot in the magical lands again.

    Known Facts:
    • Each element -- earth, water, void, air, and fire -- is worshipped as a deity among the Ancient Elemental Pae'il. They hold their element sacred, and their powers are tied to it. They would lay their life down to protect their element, which is why so many perished in the war.
    • Modern Elemental Pae'il born on Telrunya will not know this history. Faun will have been taught while hidden in Laisidhiel by Earthmother; however, Faun not born in the Tree would not know any of this. The only Naiad that know this are Tariel and soon her court. Metaplot events will reveal more of this to Naiad. This information is provided for the players in case they want to play that their Pae'il knows of the history and carries the deaths of their ancestors with them. Various NPCs will know this history, and tell the stories, however it's up to the players to seek them out to learn. No Pae'il is allowed to assume they know this unless it is approved by an RP Mod, or they were present when another Pae'il was telling the stories (such as during Faunapalooza.)

    Recovered Relics:
      Too many to list.
    • Laisidhiel is home to many items and documents from this war.
    • Alu Spring, despite being underwater, has a Naiad research center which contains items that were recovered in the temple's ruins during the magical restoration.
    • The Miakis will have many relics. More on this after their arrival.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 3:27 am
The First Age

_____________________The Golden Age of Pae'il

The First Age was a time of peace and prosperity for the Angels and Demons. On the heels of war, came a greater unity among the survivors. This became the Age of Intellectual Growth, and the Pae'il came in to their powers. By connecting with nature and the magical lands of Telrunya, Angels and Demons unlocked their potential.

The heroes of The First War grew to lead the Pae'il, becoming the first Elders in Telrunya's history. They discovered gifts and magic that they were able to bestow blessings on others.
  • Madaesos the Fearless, an Angel, discovered how to bestow Paragon abilities.
  • Strafe the Courageous, a Demon, discovered how to bestow Soulbinder powers.
  • Eryx the Just, an Angel, discovered how to bestow Shapeshifter abilities.
  • Tabari the Gentle, a Demon, discovered how to bestow Mastermind abilities.
  • Arlo the Lucky, an Angel, discovered how to bestow Wild Soul abilities.
  • Dylana the Patient, a Demon, discovered how to use the elements and bestow Stormspike powers.
  • Liliana the Confident, an Angel, discovered how to transverse other dimensions and bestow Planeswalker abilities.
  • Medea the Calm, a Demon, learned how to harness the Light to bestow Redeemer powers for healers.
  • Yara the Proud, an Angel, learned how to communicate with nature in order to protect and nurture the island.
  • Roksana the Brave, a Demon, grew in wisdom and trained the Pae'il in the arts of strategy. She also bestowed the defensive and offensive abilities all Angels and Demons use.
  • Unknown hero
  • Unknown hero

Two of the twelve heroes remain lost to time, because most traces -- namely their monoliths at the Ten Alters (which should technically be called the Twelve Alters) have been destroyed, making any identifiable information impossible to find.

It was toward the end of The First Age when these Elders ascended to become The Guardians, and pass through the veil of mortal life to an immortal realm where they could watch over and protect Pae'il from an omnipotent place. From their new station, the grew in power and knowledge. They started appointing new Elders to lead the Pae'il on the mortal realm, granting new powers and duties to those chosen few.

Their ascension marked the beginning of the end of peace.  

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 3:29 am
The Second, Third and Fourth Ages

The Second Age

    As Pae'il started getting unique powers and some ascending to become Elders, others grew jealous. Some were not happy about receiving what they deemed as inadequate powers and others grew angry because their neighbor became an Elder while they did not. The quarreling slowly escalated into an alignment war. Each alignment felt they were better than the other, and the favored alignment.

    The Guardians did everything they could to try and end the quarreling. Their penultimate course of action was to send mediators; a Pae'il that is neither Angel nor Demon. But one did no exist, so The Guardians used their magic to create a Pae'il alignment that was neutral, and different. They used the Pae'il biological data, but combined it with the other local residents, the fairies, to create Faerie Pae'il. There was just one problem with these Pae'il: They did not have a soul to give them life. No matter what The Guardians did, they found that in their wisdom and power, they could not create life from nothing.

    They discovered the key to giving these Faerie Pae'il a soul was to pull creative energy from the astral plane. Every Faerie that The Guardians created was granted a soul based on existing ideas, stories, myths, fables or folklore. An unexpected trait the Faeries picked up from having these unique souls was that they possed more power than an Angel or Demon. They took on abilities of their astral plane concept.

    Now that The Guardians had created life, they sent the Faeries to mediate between the Angels and Demons and bring peace. To show them love, compassion and charity and how to forgo those toxic virtues that cause them to fight. The Faeries were unable to convince either alignment to come to a mutual agreement for peace.

    The Guardians were outraged at the Faeries failure, and as punishment, any Faerie within the lands of Telrunya were compelled to go to the Fae Clearing (which at the time, was not called the Fae Clearing, but was merely an unnamed meadow) where they were destroyed. Due to the magical nature of a Faerie, when they died, their body released magic into the air. With so many Faeries dying in that small place, the area became saturated with magic energy. The land's little Avalon faires came to mourn the loss of Pae'il they considered kin. This mass killing field, which became the graveyard of all the Faerie Pae'il of Telrunya became a sacred place for the fairies which they return to every full moon to mourn, singing The Hymn of the Fae to remember their fallen kin.
    NOTE: No living Faerie Pae'il will know this yet, however they all know the hymn and are the only Pae'il that can hear it on a full moon. They do not understand what it is for.

    Due to the oversaturation of magic in the area, the natural biology of the soil and surrounding woods changed. Only grass would grow on the mound, and the surrounding trees have special qualities that none of the other trees in Telrunya posses. They grow in many twisted patterns, sideways and some produce crystal leaves or fruit. This crystal fruit is rare.

    Angered that their brothers and sisters forced their hand to destroy a beloved creation, The Guardians sought to punish the Angels and Demons. They shook the ground, ripping it part. The pieces of land that once were Telrunya were scattered in great explosion that has become known as The Sundering, because The Guardians sundered the land, destroying nearly all living Angels and Demons.

    They were merciful with the unhatched eggs. They were put on a small chunk of Telrunya that included enough of a sustainable ecosystem that they could survive and sent that piece of the land into the atmosphere. They were to hatch when the time was right, and all traces of the Angels and Demons evil deeds were gone.

    This was the end of the Second Age.

The Third Age

    The Third Age is the age where the last of the Pae'il who survived the Sundering died off. Some survived on small pieces of the land that remained floating in the sky, and others had to live on Gaia, without Telrunya's magic. The Guardians removed all their gifts, so these Pae'il did not survive for long without magic or abilities to defend themselves.

    Something else happened in the Third Age, that The Guardians did not count on. Telrunya was far more than just the name of a land. The magic was stronger than they could have ever guessed. Over the centuries of the The Third Age, the chunks of land that used to be Telrunya started trying to repair itself. As the small island with the suspended eggs floated in the air, it attracted the bits of soil and rock that were once a part of the magic land on Gaia. Over time, Telrunya had nearly repaired itself, restoring most of the land as it once was, except now it was an island floating high above the clouds.

    The Third Age is referred to as the Age of Penitence, as the survivors prayed and pleaded with The Guardians, remorseful of their past conduct and begging forgiveness. The Guardians did not listen, instead, focused on a new future, where they would not make the same mistakes.

    Important records and documents were trapped between the pieces of land as they merged, creating many hidden treasures on the island that have yet to be discovered.

The Fourth Age

    Not much is known of this age. Many speculate that The Guardians tried again with the suspended eggs, but they failed again. Others theorize that the Fourth Age was a time of transition, where The Guardians rested before allowing the eggs to hatch for The Fifth Age.

    The Fourth Age is documented as such, because it's a period of time that lasted hundreds and hundreds of years without any trace of anything happening. The Fifth Age marks the rebirth of the modern generation of Pae'il, the first known Pae'il to walk on the floating island in hundreds upon hundreds of years.

    The most popular theory is that this is the age that Telrunya's Faries cleaned up the island, and helped populate it with various flora and fauna.
PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 3:51 am
The Sundering



PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2012 1:47 am
The Fifth Age

The Fifth Age marks the birth, return, evolution, and rise of all Pae'il.

Angel and Demon eggs started hatching with the help of a human caretaker by the name of Tiaphanu. She was brought to the island by The Guardians to help the new generation flourish. The instructed her on the care and how to help increase the population.

With a human on a magical island, many biological changes started happening to the Pae'il. The most significant change was that their babies started being born live, instead of coming from eggs. And their bodies became more human-like.

The Guardians started granting powers again, and ascending special Pae with marked contributions to become Elders. However, after several years, their powers started to weaken, and they became unable to grant Elder-ship to Pae'il.

Their power weakening coincided with another milestone on Telrunya: The awakening of the Ancient alignments. It started with the surfacing of Naiad pearls in Tuatha Ri Lake after two massive earthshakes. The Naiad, once thought completely erased from history, had returned. It still remains a mystery where those pearls came from.

What The Guardians don't know is that it wasn't only the Naiads that awoke that day. The other four Ancient Elemental alignments did as well. Different circumstances have caused the rest to not actually how up yet, but they will.  
PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2012 1:49 am
The Descent

When the island settled into the Sea, and the changes it brought  



PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2012 1:50 am
The Book of Transcendence
:[ The Fifth Age ]:

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