This is where we'll compile a list of all Religion related websites/on-line stores! If you have any websites that you'd like to add to the list, please post here and I'll add them as soon as I can.

In your post, please be sure to include the name of the website, the url address for the website, and a brief description of the website. And if possible, please put them alphabetically. Here's a the code that you can use to give us your websites (it will help us out a lot):



Religious Websites - Description: covers general information about all types of religions including Wicca.

Bewitching Ways - Description: This is a site dedicated to Wicca, it has spells, rituals, tarot and rune reading, correspondence charts and lots more.

The British Association of Flower Essence Producers - Description: They have a database on different essences as well as producers to buy from.

Cauldron Living - Description: Here is one I like - very honest, homey and hands-on site about living Wicca.

The Celtic Connection - Description: Welcome to one of the largest Pagan, Wiccan and Witchcraft sites on the internet. You'll find links here to several hundred pages of information regarding the Wicca and Pagan paths, along with sources for supplies.

Celtic World > Celtic Deities - Description: This website, at the beginning, looks like many other of the spin-off websites that contain a listing of the Gods and Goddesses from the Celtic religion set A-Z. However; there is a lot more then meets the eye - more in-depth information on many of the Gods and Goddesses!

Covenant of the Goddess - Description: An international organization of cooperating, autonomous Wiccan congregations and solitary practitioners.

Crystal Cure - Description: Exhautive info about stones.

Crystals Shop - Description: No longer selling online, but they have interesting factsheets on different crystals. They have 24 retail shops around the UK.

Davens' Journal - Description: I consider Daven to be a good online friend. He created this journal, more or less, as a means to create a BOS for his family coven, and more specifically as a means to pass along information to his daughter. The site contains lessons, various articles, and book reviews that may prove useful to witchlings and Elders, alike.

The Enigma League Forum - Description: This is a forum based, not only on Wicca, but deals on all things occult, or magical in essence. Great for a beginner to learn things, and still just as good for the experienced occultist. Contains a library to download certain books, however, last I checked, the Wicca section was rather lacking.

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe

Good Wiccan - Description: Complete How To Resource Reference Guide for Beginner Solo Practitioner

Granny Moon's Morning Feast - Description: Start your day off right! GrannyMoon sends you daily meditations, affirmations, Goddess and Pagan news, rituals, daily horoscopes, Tarot readings, herbal tips and spells (you need a Yahoo account to join the Group).

Inner Healers - Description: (from the page) This Blog has been created in an effort to put together as much information from different authors as possible, hoping to help spread the light within our community.

Magickaschool - Description: is a great site when learning about Wicca.

Myths, dreams, symbols - Description: Dream symbols

The Mystica - Description: This site is an all text encyclopedia on a multitude of topics, The mythic-folk is mythological figures, while the mystica is varied articles. To see them, (it took me a bit to learn this)
1. click one of the sections (mystica or mythic)
2. click contents
3. if not seeing a list of articles, click index at the top of the screen

Naturist Pictures - Description: Nature stuff. Also has some totem information on it.

New Age Directory - Description: A lot of good stuff.

New Age Journal - Description: It's a New Age journal smile

Occult Underground - This website contains various free electronic books (e-books) that can be accessed instantly. The authors range from the famous Aleister Crowley to Anton LaVey and even H P Lovecraft and Confucius!

The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids

The Pagan Alliance - The Pagan Alliance of Australia.

The Pagan Library - Description: A huge library of essays encompassing nearly every topic imaginable. Also a good active message board.

Pagan Origins of the Christian Myth - Description from the website: " POCM is about a question you probably never thought about: Did Christianity borrow ideas from other religions? If you're like me, you grew up thinking it didn't. We were taught Christianity began with a big bang—with Jesus. Jesus changed the world with ideas about God that were new and revolutionary."

The Pagan's Path - Description: PagansPath is a free spiritual education site. Offering online information and studies to those on a path of enlightened growth.

Religion News Service - Description from my professor: "For more than 60 years, Religion News Service has been providing the nation's leading news outlets with intelligent, objective coverage of all religions -- Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Asian religions, private spirituality, New Age and tribal beliefs." The most comprehensive of these. It has a multifaith calendar of festivals and events and weekly commentary, as well.

Religious Tolerance - Description from the website: "This website is unlike almost all other religious sites: It promotes religious freedom, and diversity as positive cultural values." Basically it talks about all sorts of religions and their beliefs.

Sacred Mists Online Wiccan College - Description: An online, pay-per-month college, offering degrees in Wicca.

Sacred Texts - Description: Ancient texts on all spirituality.

Sacred Triskele - Description: Info on all things deity.

Spark People - Description: For those older than 17.

Spark Teens - Description: Want to eat healthy? Excercise? Live right. This is the place to go! Be sure to check out the Healty Pagans while you're there.

Spells and Magic - Description: Has lots of spells, information about lots of things including omens and beliefs, tarot cards, the moon, ouija boards, dream recall, and lots more. just don't click the suspension things.

Stella Australis - Description: A place for australian pagans to meet other pagans/wicca/eclectic ect. (also has great links to other pagan sites!)

Teampall Na Callaighe - Description: The website for Janet (and Stewart) Farrar and Gaven Bone.

Weavings - Description: This is a forum, really. But! The reading room and all of the information is -really- helpful. There are a lot of awesome kitchen witches in the forums, it's really worth a join. ;3 They also have a place for a member's devotional/BoS. I'm not trying to replace this forum, honest! x3 it's just a great place for info

Wicca: For the Rest of Us - Description: General information about Wicca - the subtitle of the site is "Stop the Fluff".

Wicca Web - Description: Basic info site. Good for beginners and refreshers.

The Wild Hunt - Description: A daily updated blog that concerns itself with news, opinions, and events dealing with (or of interest to) modern Pagan communities.

WitchCrafted - Description: It's a good beginner's guide - split into thirteen sections, the typical "year and a day" motif. Very indepth, but basic. Good starter, with lots of correspondence tables and spell ideas.

Witch School - Description: A site on which you can take courses and classes (like an online high school or university) for free! Its your very own web-based Hogwarts, but less fict. and more fact. You even get your own mentor to guide you through your lessons. It rawks!

Witches Workshop - Description: Egroups with pagan or wicca background, again australian based.

The Witches' Voice - Description: NeoPagan news and networking.

On-line Stores

Abaxion - Description: online new age products, accessories and supplies.

Aeclectic - Description: An american Tarot Supplier (This is a direct link to manga tarot cards!)

Anna's Incense - Description: High Quality incense! I've tried it out, and it's great.

Azure Green - Description: in business since 1986 - one of the largest sources of Metaphysical, Witchcraft, Pagan, Spell Crafts, and New Age supplies- over 4,000 items, including books, CDs, videos, ritual items, bumper stickers, spell craft supplies, amulets, jewelry, gemstones, herbs, mortar and pestles, oils, incense, athames, cauldrons, packing materials, statuary, and candles.

The Blessed Bee - Description: online Pagan, Wiccan, New Age supply store

Brahms Bookworks - Description: specialization in Handcrafting Old World style Book of Shadows and Grimoires

Dragon Moon - Description: Metaphysical and Wiccan supply online store

Esoteric Bookshop - Description: Based in Melbourne this is a great bookshop!

The Goddess & The Green Man - Description: An online website selling all kinds of items. Books, jewellery, etc.

Incense Warehouse - Description: Incense from all over the world. Even from Japan!

Isis Books and Gifts - Description: Welcome to Isis Book & Gifts where you will find nearly 100,000 metaphysical, magickal, Wiccan and Tarot supplies and books.

JMW - Description: Click "retail buyer" to access it, they have really nice stuff.

Journey Home - Description: Maily supplies and stuff, as well tarot cards, jewelry, music art and other things.

Lady Hawk Treasures - Description: I just found this store. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Llewellyn - Description: An online pagan/Wiccan/Metaphysical/Magic/Astrology bookstore.

The Magickal Cat - Description: Magickal supplies, books, annuals, jewelry, etc.

Magus Books - Description: Magus books - but it has a lot of other cool items too!

Moon's Light Magic - Description: WitchCraft, Wiccan, Pagan, And Occult Supplies

The Pagan Federation - A UK organization promoting awareness and acceptance of Paganism in Europe and the world.

Pagan Magic - Description: A British-based shop that provides everything from herbs to singing bowls, cute pagan clothes and badges to black mirrors.

Encyclopedia Mythica - Description: Here you will find everything from A-gskw to Zveda Vechanyaya, with plenty in between.

Pyramid Collection - Description: has witchy clothing as well as jewelry.

Sacred Mists Shoppe - Description: Wicca store and Witchcraft supplies for the Pagan -minded

Spell Spot - Description: Pagan owned shop offering over 4000 Discount Wiccan, Witchcraft, Pagan & Metaphysical Supplies, Books & Jewelry.

Soraya - Description: Writer Soraya's website, which includes a forum and Tarot readings.

Tarotopia - Description: Tarotopia - A Fantastic Australian Tarot Supplier (this is where I get my cards from)

Willowroot Magic Wands - Description: An online shop selling magic wands.

Witchy Way - Description: Wicca and Witchcraft resources with pagan rituals, wicca spells, divination and more. Witchcraft store, Halloween info, downloads, Wiccan daily occurrences provided!

Witchy World - Description: A retailer of Wicca, Pagan, and Witchcraft Supplies.

Other Sites of Interest (not necessarily Wiccan related but still something you may be interested in)

Grey School of Wizardry - Description: A online 7-year wizardry school set up like Hogwarts. This is a witchcraft/wizardry sight, not a wiccan sight, meaning it has no religious affiliation. Has a very small cost per-year (something like 25 bucks a year for minors, and 50 or so a year for adults)