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Five Flowers Mystery created by AFI

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2007 4:54 pm
This all started when Mikey Rhino (AFI family member and tour mate) made a strange entry on message boards.

It read, "2 4 15", and many people tried to guess what it means. Some people assumed it was keyed to the alphabet: 2 = B, 4 = D, 15 = O. BDO or Big Day Out which was just alittle show afi was supposed to be at. This gave hints to afi touring for their new album. After many people guessed what it meant, Mikey replied by saying, "Only one of you was warm like the winters".

One day on the message boards one random user, who has never posted since, had a message, it read: "Why is my name on the weightofwords website?" And had a link to the weightofwords.com which is now unaccesable (all that was on the site was this picture).The poster's screen name was "invierno" which meant "winter" in spanish. Winter, that is the word that linked Mikey's responce to this strange post made by a guy who never posted in his life other than this one time.

In his profile we found his name to be "Hector Garcia", but that was all. So we go to the website. All it was, was a menu of a restraunt's orders, which was later found out to be a Vegan restraunt AFI used to eat at, and it had a list of names and their orders.

Well when you look on the menu, Hector is the first name on the list along with others. There is also latitude and longitude cordinates leading to the Pheonix Theature which is where AFI had many shows, and their first show, in California.

Charlotte, being a name on the list, ordered the breakfast of champions which was also the title of the site. Those who saw the site found clues relating to AFI. Such as the number 17 by the order name that led you to, when clicked on, the new AFI website, which is how we knew Charlotte was involved. It also had a phone number on the bottom, that when phoned gave you a message.

The message was of many people talking. Also, when people called this number, many people got calls back from a number (000) 012-3456 that was nothing but a looped music track, a mumbling man, woman counting, and a girl asking questions.. This is what the first message said when calling Charlottes' number, copied to the internet by etoile of the despair faction:

Woman One: Ready?
Man One: One.
Man Two: Four.
Man One: One.

Woman One: Ready?
One Man Two: 8
Woman Two: 2...1....2
Man One: 0
Woman One: 9. Ready?
Woman Two: 2
Man One: 0

Woman One: What?...
Man Two: 8
Woman One: 9
Woman Two: 4...5
Man One: 1
Woman One: 9
Woman Two: 2
Man One: 0....1
Woman One: 9
Woman Two: 5...4
Man One: 1
Woman One: What?
Man Two: 3
Woman 3: -Ready?

Now when this message was looked at closer they realised it was a message: "14,1,18,21,20,9,20,18,9,4,5,19,20,19,5,4,1,13 "

When deciphered by the alphabet code (1 = A, 2 = B, etc.), it gave you the word "Narutitridestsedam", which when put into a web address, took you to a site.
Now the meaning of Narutitridestsedam.
"Na Ruti tridest sedam" means "On route 37", which pertains to the song, "Rabbits are roadkill on route 37".

Now, when you go to this site there is only a movie. A movie of a person's head wrapped in bandages and is slowly unraveled by a mysterious hand. When it's unwrapped, the face is assumed to be Davey's by the lip ring, we see him mouthing words. What they found out was the words uttered by Davey were "Tell", "Nothing", and "Charlotte" which we found out to be Charlotte's Aim screen name: "Charlottenoting".

Also at this time, there is a new message. When calling Charlotte's number, it says, "Hi, this is Charlotte. If this is Georgia, I've been trying to reach you on I-M, but I can't, so, leave your number so we can talk." Well days went by and we were without a clue until we got a message sent to us by Charlotte's screen name and it was the same message from Mikey Rhino's Myspace
This was the message sent to us:

"Prononcé comme une lettre
Mais constitué de trois
Elles ne sont que deux lettres
A faire partie de moi
Je suis unique et double
Je suis bleu, noir et gris,
Lisible dans les deux sens
Et la meme dans les deux directions."

Now, for those of you who may or may not know, we realised this to be French, and when we deciphered the message it gave us this:

"Pronounce as a letter
But constitutes of three
They are not but two letters to form part of me
I am single and double
I am blue, black and gray
Readable in the two directions
And the same one in the two directions."

If you think about it, its a riddle. The word we're looking for is pronounced as one letter, but it has three letters and two of those three are the same according to the third line. There can be one or two of this word and they are in three differant colors and can also be read backwards and fowards, and be spelled the same.

Well if you can't figure out the answer, the word is, "eye". So, translate that into French, since that's the original language of the riddle, and you get the word Unoeil. Put a "www." and a ".com" on it and there you go, a new website to explore.

*Also as a side note there is a new message on charlotte's answering machine that is now her current message. It is just noises and beeps

When you get to the site you find it's close to the other one: small, one window website with a flash display on it. Except this time, instead of a movie, you get a paragraph slowly being lit up. This is what the paragraph says:

"If you waste this day this pain will not open my eyes to cracked faces. To this nature I won’t deny. Will you believe in a boy hung in your room, cooling from within? I can’t. I just anticipate what awaits...darkness. Oh my beautiful one. I will hold onto your heart as I submerge. I will die drown. There will be no angels. There are no flowers. I’m on display my beloved. I’m on display.”

These are just a bunch of Davey's lyrics all mixed into one big story. For example,"There will be no angels. There are no Flowers" is from a song called 'This Time Imperfect' from Sing the Sorrow. "I just anticipate what awaits..." is part of the ending verses for 'No Poetic Device' on Black Sails In the Sunset. And so on and so forth.

Now, if you go back and look at the paragraph you notice that you can click on words, and when you scroll your mouse over them some glow and some don't. Now, how they came to this conclusion, some are still not sure, but when you click on the words "Dont", "Believe" and "Pain" in that order, you get opened to a new website.

The website was like the rest. It was one flash animation but this time it was a movie. A movie played backwards. The movie showed a message on a notepad scribbled out was played backwards as a hand, which is assumed to be Jade's, slowly unscribbles, and unwrites everything. When you get the whole message it says: "Toronto Star Classified Antiques and Art. Plain Text Run Schedule 21 days. Five Flowers."

Now, this may not make much sense, but what it was saying is that an ad would be ran in the Toronto Star 21 days later. Well, 21 days on the spot, an ad was ran by someone named Charlotte and it read as such:

"Axis Comics and Records at ( address removed ). Place your orders with Joe at (phone number removed)"
The number and address was removed for concealing purposes. Axis comics and Records is affilated with AFI and confirmed so in Sing the Sorrow's thank you credits.

Well, now this relies on the ones in California. They called the number and talked to Joe, and found out they needed to come to the shop and watch a DVD themselves. So they did so.

The DVD was a weird, soundless, movie of Hunter writing directions on a see-through screen, and a camera following those directions. The directions were:

"Get In Car, Turn Left, Stop, Turn Right, Keep Strait, Turn Right, Dead End, Get Out Walk North, Trough Glass Door, Elevator Basement, Turn Right, Left Up Stairs, Walk In End Of Hall, Trough Door, Up The Stairs".

The movie ends with Hunter holding a red sphere we later found out to be an apple by the new, recently found clues. So, again, days go by until February 24th, Charlotte's AIM name "CharlotteNothing" was online with an away message reading, "Myspacing". So, we did what any normal people would do. Go to MySpace.Com and look for Charlotte and found her.

Now when we go to Charlotte's MySpace, we find it to be like an every day myspace. There are a few important factors to note here however.

* Her main picture was of a snowy, apparantly dead tree
* Her caption read "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad."
* The caption of her only picture of the tree read, "Avenues lined with trees, strangled words for the day"
* She had one friend who was known as "Apple"

With that last note, you remember that Hunter was holding an Apple at the end of the DVD. So you go to click on Apple's myspace. You see a myspace at first until it quickly loads to another site.

This site leads you to a movie like the rest. The movie starts off with someone sitting in a chair with a white bag over his head, there is blood stained clothes hanging up on clothes lines and what appears to be rabbit skins. The person sitting with a white cloth over his head, who was recognized to be Adam by the tattoos on his arm, also had five flowers in his hand. This means that all four band members have been in one of the movies, a very significant thing to know.

The movie's most important thing to note is the backmasked voices during the movie. When you take those voices and reverse it you get something like this message: "It was october 1971, everything was hunkey dorey, and I was listening, when at eight, 2:04 end, I found what I was looking for".

The message was hard to decipher, and that is Sephirothox's version of what it sounds like. Now this message, like all the others, was to lead us to the next clue. What we gathered was this: October 1971, David Bowie released an album called Hunkey Dorey. The eighth track was called "Andy Warhol" So we go to that track, listen to the words said at 2:04, and get a next website. The words said were, "Tie Him up when he's fast asleep" Enter that into a website, and you got our next clue.

Now this website is differant, and is the last website we have info of. You go to this site and see it is very differant, there is no video, no flash only words. The message reads:
"February 15th - February 27th
From South to North, West to East
No Fire Will Burn
But there will be blood"

Now you can click on "blood" and go to another part of the site. This time the message reads:
"Listen to Brandon but don't ask him
He who knows wears it on his sleeve.
He sells the rest to every guest,
if you propose the answer is free.
Any ring will do..."

Now we've finally concluded the answers to some of the paragraph and they are as follows:
-"No Fire will burn" (There will be no AFI where this answers lies.)
-"But there will be blood" (But Bleeding Through will be there)
-"He sells the rest to every guest" (Referring to the merchant selling afi and BT merchandise)
-"If you propose the answer is free, any ring will do." (If you present a ring to the merchant and ask for an answer, you will be given one.)

Now this was done by "Sleepingtodream" of the Message Boards, and he was given an answer.
((this isn't the exact sae copy My stepsister will send me, That ones a little better, so I'll send you it when I get it. I know it's long but it's worth it. Me and my stepsisters have been woeking on this mystery for years and finally came up with something ((we didn't write this)) And we finally have a theory oh by the way, the phone numbers now lead to different things. One leads to spice girls' song: spice up your life, and the other leads to a british woman. We have also gotten busy signals from them.))  
PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2007 5:17 pm
Ya so i guess it wasn't the most important thing in the world, but i thought i better tell all the fans out there. It is still unsolved and has been going on for a few years..I will post the better version of this as soon as i get the copy of it, so...Ya  


Hygienic Gekko

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Peppermint Cherry

PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 2:51 pm
thank you!! someone for the most part, finally explained that, I've been wondering about the 5 flowers mystery and I couldn't find anything about it on the internet. So thank you^^  
PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 11:19 pm
Is there any update on this?  


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PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 4:06 am
AFI created and ran this event in 2005, and it was solved back then. After hunting down all the clues, people were instructed to go to one of 2 parks in the country with flowers. At these parks were people taking flowers, and giving out tickets to a secret-show.

That's the mystery.  

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