Woo, alright! It took some back and forth, but after a couple days, we've chosen the winners of this art contest!

First up is the grand prize winner, who gets an edited semi-custom by and be blue:

Maxx D! - your entry took work, time, effort, and cracked both Rejam and me to pieces. If anyone didn't see the hilarity of sock-puppet Nettle grumping in the swamp, please see the entry here -- and be sure your sound is turned up! The puppet all on its own was hilarious, but the video made it all the better.

Maxx, please PM [or IM lol] me with your request!

Second are the runner up winners, who get unedited semi-customs from and be blue:

Jun D! - All of your entries were beautiful, and hopefully everyone will look them over! The clear best of them for both Rejam and I was the image of Bitterleaf fishing which has amazing movement and feel.

les vagues! - All of the updates on your Amigurumeti were exciting, and the final result definitely shows the amount of time and care you put into her.

Both of you can PM or IM me with either a picture to work from or two colors and two adjectives to claim your semi customs!

Last, though, we wanted to reward a few more entries that entertained or delighted us. These people will win chibi plushie kimeti!

Thrivis - This painting has a dreamy mood that really fits the world, and is really beautiful.
Tiarana - Pixels!! You did an amazing job at such a small scale! It was easy to recognize the Kimeti, even sans labels.
phoenix kiss - Woodspider looks absolutely gorgeous, and your pencil work is great.
Kitty Sprightt - Your kimeti drawings always have amazing humor to them. This one is particularly hilarious.
Megaptera Novaeangliae - Your drawing is saccarine sweet in a disturbing and awesome way. XD

All five of you can PM me either with a Kimeti you'd like chibi-ized into a plushy!

Thank you all for entering! XD there were so many awesome submissions and so many more people who were hoping to do more, that hopefully we'll hold another of these at some point!