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Fear My Bloody Fangs.
Vice Captain

PostPosted: Fri Jul 01, 2005 6:58 pm
Click the Portkey at left to travel to our most recent Announcement!
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Welcome, welcome to the distinguished, delightful, and
frequently fabulous
official Haven for Harry Potter Fanatics Guild!

While we are here, I have a few words to say:

Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak!!
with hats off and a bow to the honorable, grand Professor Albus Dumbledore!

Now here are a few rules and guidelines you need to know:

Each time you come to Haven,
Look at the date of this thread and see if it has been updated!

If it has, check it out! Go to the last post or last few posts.
Here is where we'll announce news, contests, and special events!

Sometimes the first one to read it, gets first shot at a prize!

Click the Portkey above right to travel to our latest Announcement!


1. If you have not already done so, after you read this sticky, please visit the Sorting Hat next to be Sorted.

2. This is a Harry Potter Guild. We ask that all posts in the main forum be devoted to that. HOWEVER, you are welcome to post non-Harry Potter topics in your own Common Room, or in "Chatterbox', one of our subforums. What is not welcome in the Common Room are 'gossipy' posts between two people that exclude others. Use PMs for those type of conversations.

3. Here at Haven, we prize literacy. This guild was started as a Haven from text message speak and bad grammar. You must put periods at the end of your sentences, use good grammar, and capitalize appropriately - it warms our hearts and saves our eyes. Please use spell check. We weed through and will ban illiterates. We don't mind small spelling errors or keyboard screw ups, as long as you try. If you use chatspeak or text-message speak, have a lot of spelling errors or are too lazy to look up the correct spelling of "Gryffindor" you will be warned once. If you continue, you will be immediately banned. We also ask that you do not overuse Smilies.

(a)Read the first post of every thread - it will have the guidelines to that thread (if any).
Please keep to the topic of what it's supposed to be when you post. When you start a new topic, the subject MUST be spelled correctly, and its wording should give us an idea of the subject. Bring your Questions to the Great Hall, your Common Room or owl (PM) your prefects.

4. No bumping in a thread is permitted at any time. No reserving posts, which is the equivalent of bumping, unless you are running a contest. All contests must be approved by a Head of House.

If you change your name, please notify your Head of House or Stickler Support so we can note the change in your House Roster and make sure you get any prizes, rewards and House Points coming to you! We recommend you also post your new name in the Great Hall, and maybe a little background on why you chose it.

No asking for a boyfriend/girlfriend or those kinds of threads ANYWHERE! Not even in the Chatterbox forum; doing this will get you removed from the Guild.

Unless you are a mod or she knows you personally, please do not PM Fear My Bloody Fangs, Haven's founder. Please do not send Heads of Houses owls that just say "Hello" or "I'm bored." It's not that we don't like you, we do (mostly) but our in-boxes fill too quickly with Guild business and we don't usually have time to chat. If you need to reach LadyHealingHands, our Minister of Magic, and you haven't received an owl back within 48 hours, you'll need to use the muggle e-mail and send your parchment to LadyHealingHands@gmail.com.

5. We do not like posts with one or two word responses like "me too" and such. Please give us at least a sentence or two sentences, preferably more, if you are posting. Back and forth chatting and one sentence posts are discouraged; please take that to chatterbox or pm each other. One sentence or one word or two back and forth chatting that excludes others will not count towards your total posts and will delay your moving up to your next year.

6. Keep swearing to a minimum, an occasional swear word is fine but inserting the word "damn" every other word is not.

7. If you are going to be gone for an extended amount of time, please let us know, even if you have to borrow a friend's computer or post from a library! (Be sure to guard your password). Post how long you'll be gone in this thread. If you're not sure, make a guess, but say that it's only a guess in case you're gone longer than expected. It would also be good to post in your Common Room and let your housemates know. If you'll be gone during one of our events, you may ask your prefect or a trusted Housemate to proxy for you.

And now for the fun things to do! You're among Harry Potter Fanatics!

8. After you've been sorted, head over to your Common Room and introduce yourself! (New Ravenclaws note: there is a philosophical question you'll need to answer before you enter and post in your Common Room the first time).

Next, head over and choose a Haven Banner for yourself to display in your signature and on your profile if you wish. Then check the last couple of posts in this thread -you can use the portkey at the top of the post - to find out what events and contests are happening. We do give some outstandingly great prizes! Here's a hint: Keep your wish list up to date, and have a few items in the 1K to 10K range!

When you have settled in, please check out the House Cup and House Points Announcement. The first post in the thread gives you the current House points, the second post tells who earned the points and how, and the third post tells you ways to earn House points and what brings demerits.

And as you enjoy this Haven with other Harry Potter Fanatics, keep an eye or ear out for inspiring and outstanding posts! Writing them and/or nominating other's posts can earn you House Points and lovely rewards! If you have a talent like banner making, Art, clever phrasing, Photoshop, etc. head over to our Artisan Shoppe where you can advertise your skills and maybe pick up a commission! and if you're looking for such a talent, let us know in that thread! Make an HP Avatar or play the Haven Tek-Tek challenge Game! Check out our main Forum for hot topics, and other great games! We also welcome your contributions to the categories in our Index to Art, FanFiction, Games, HP Links, Roleplay and so forth. You can make suggestions and requests in this thread or to your Head of House. In 2008, we added the Quidditch Pitch and The Dueling Club to our subforums!!
Sixth years may apply for and take a test for their license to Apparate.

Be sure you check out our Index sticky in the main Forum when looking for a favorite thread or before you start a new one. We also hold quizzes and contests, banquets and Balls every so often and give out GREAT prizes !

User Image9. Donations, particularly those of any amount of gold, rares and cash shop items are very much appreciated as we give away outrageously fun prizes! We thank you in advance!!! Please send your donations as a gift or a trade to our Guild's Mule, AccioFunds . Please do NOT donate gold on the home (first) page, because we have plenty of money in that fund and it can only be used to purchase subforums. Contact LadyHealingHands or Kim CL if you have any questions on how to donate.

Whether or not you have treasure to give your guild, you might want to stop by AccioFunds' profile or our other mule, Stickler Support, from time to time; sometimes our mules have clues to the quizzes and contests!

Haven's User Image other, very important mule is Stickler Support, our Guild Communicator, who is shared by all our mods. Stickler gives constructive criticism, appreciations, and sometimes House Points! If you have a question that you don't want to ask in your Common Room, you can owl Stickler. He has a bit of a crush on Hermione; you can see Stickler's tribute video to her on his profile.

10. We appreciate the meaningful poster. Respect the rules and have fun!

Our FAQs are in development. Here's a preview:

How to nominate someone for House points:
1. Look up the student's house in the Hogwarts Houses sticky in the main forum if you don't know it. If they're not listed, they aren't eligible for house points.

2. Owl (PM) Stickler Support or your Head of House with the student's name, house, thread (with URL if you can), and the reason you think they deserve recognition. If you haven't heard back in a few days, you might need to follow up and contact your prefect or PM a different Head of House, in case one of us has a computer down, is in the midst of mid-terms or is out of town, etc.

Since the mods and prefects can't patrol everywhere, we rely on the help of our members to find point-worthy posts and actions. Don't assume we've seen it, please PM your Head of House, or Stickler Support if you spot something outstanding--and it might just bring you points as well!  
PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2006 9:18 pm

The Secret Snape points have been given out. Any questions should be directed towards myself since I did the counting.  

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2006 2:05 pm

I made some of the stickys and Announcements normal posts to clear up the guild a bit.  
PostPosted: Sat Nov 18, 2006 7:06 pm
Saturday, August 18th 2006.

Now that I am a Vice Captain there are changes to be made.

Or at least...something shall be made. Like cookies.

To tell you the truth I am really busy with University but I still will be working here. A few things I want;

To address your problems/issues. If you have issues PM me. =D

I'd also like to have something interactive. I don't mind giving away my gold and we could have art contests or poetry or any idea you guys have.

More to be added later.

Vice Captain


PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 5:25 pm
Update on Jan. 2, 2007:

For all those just joining our loverly guild, please see the Sorting Hat Sticky so that you can be sorted as soon as possible and begin posting.

Thank you for your time.

Aquajade (a.k.a: Jade)


If you change your username while a member of the guild, please PM me or your Head of House and tell me what House you are in and your old username was because if you don't, then if you earn house points, we will not be able to award them to the right House, and if you move up a year, how would we know?  
PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 11:10 am

House Common Rooms:


The whole point of the Slytherin Room and Hufflepuff etc etc. is for the MEMBERS to chat to each other. Image if a Ravenclaw just walked into the Slytherin room, they would beat the daylights out of them and who knows what else. I think we should be very strict about this.No roleplaying should be in the threads. There are set threads specifically made for roleplaying, which the rules should be followed, like as stated before, James and Harry can't go fishing or whatever with each other.

In other words, no roleplaying in the Common Rooms, and going into other Common Rooms is not allowed.

Thank you for your time.

Fuzziball Fai Fezziwig Jr

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 2:13 pm
We've added a poll today (free gold!) which will disapparate Monday night at midnight...add your picks with or without comment on the Summer Festival poll - 5 points to everyone who picks the winning team and posts their choice in the Summer Festival Thread before 10pm Monday night, and possibly extra points for creative reasoning!

:::ah, I can hear the rustle of Divination tomes opening all over the castle::::
PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 12:19 pm

Here we have a graphic of icons of the Houses mixed together and stuck as one giant .jpg

Please seek out the PUZZLE for (House) POINTS THREAD for the rules!

Update: 10-1-07 The Puzzle has been solved, but it is still possible to win House points by posting a particularly clever, funny or beautiful set of House icons, pictures or otherwise matching subjects.

This avenue for points will be open for an undetermined time, and will close without warning.

User Image

Puzzle for House Points Thread

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 11:28 am
Many thanks to those who have been donating heartfully to the Guild on the first (home) page! We so appreciate receiving Love from our members!
We have no access to your donations if you donate gold on the front page! It's true! They are locked away and can only be used to purchase subforums.

We have some exciting times and prizes coming up, and gold and other donations are MUCH welcome. No one HAS to donate, and we are NOT asking you to, but if you find yourself charmed by "donatio", or moved by the spirit of generosity, we appreciate it, and ask that all donations are sent to our Guild Mule, Accio Funds

1. To donate gold and/or multiple items, open a trade window with AccioFunds.
(To open up a trade window, click "Market" on the Gaia Toolbar, and Click Trade on the drop down menu. The upper right hand corner says Username: Start New Trade. Type AccioFunds in the window, then doubleClick "Start New Trade"

2. A new window will open. Your Avi will be on the left. To the right of the avi's feet is an orange box that says gold and has a blue zero. Click the box and it expands with instructions. Type in the amount you are donating without commas. Then click "Change."

If you are donating any items, scroll down and you will see a window with tabs with your inventory. When you click on an item, it will appear in the trade window. Select the item(s) you wish to donate. Gaia lets you select up to 12 items, plus gold.

3. When you have selected what you are donating, go back up to a window that asks for your password, put it in, and click "Offer Trade."

4. Your offer will be sent to AccioFunds, who will confirm and send back your trade with an "OK"! Once again, click on the trade, put in your password, and you'll see an icon of two hands shaking.
You've donated, and we thank you!

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Everything, even daily chance items are welcome. Small items are sometimes sold back to the store for gold, larger items, rares, and collectibles such as monthly letters or items or older event items are especially welcomed and wanted, and are kept for errr, well, you'll see! Not saying no more at this time, nope!

Thank you all! May your baggage be boggart free! Fun times ahead!

P.S. Check out the House Cup thread - especially third post.  
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