In the Grand Academy of Eoana, there are two dormitory buildings: one for male students and other for female students. All students are required to live on campus in the dorms except for graduate students who have the choice to live off-campus if they wished.

Each dorm room is designed for and can accommodate up to two people, meaning that students would most likely have roommates. However, the interior design of the rooms is left up to the student so that they can feel comfortable and at home. Students must keep in mind that as the dorms are kept separate for genders, co-ed sleepovers are forbidden and against the rules.

Once approved, characters will be placed into an already-existing dorm with a roommate or into a new room depending on availability. You can request a roommate for your character provided that the roommate in question does not have a roommate either and the user consents, however, both users must apply to send images of their side of the dorm. If no roommate is requested then one will be chosen at random and if a character leaves the academy (because they were kicked out, dropped out or because they've graduated, a newer character that doesn't have a roommate will be moved in to make up for the absence.

xCurrent Roommatesx

                      Boys' Dormitories
                        1. Vacant Room [x]
                        2. Patrick's Room [x]
                        3. Tala & _______ [x]
                        4. Jace & _____ [x]
                        5. Vacant Room [x]
                        6. Kayl & _____ [x]
                        7. Vacant Room [x]

                      Girls' Dormitories
                        1. Nephthys & Griselda [x]
                        2. Julia & Nora [x]
                        3. Thanya & Eryli [x]
                        4. Jesse & Rin [x]
                        5. Camilla & Rory [x]
                        6. Reese & Calliope [x]
                        7. Erika & ______ [x]

To apply for a dorm, fill in the form given below and PM it to Tala Maxwell including an image of your character's side of the dorm. Keep in mind that this guild is set in a medieval-ish world so the image must look appropriate and not contain modern devices. If you are requesting a specific dormmate, include the user and character's names in the form otherwise a roommate will be picked randomly for your character.

For any questions or suggestions, please contact Tala or Raiyun

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[b]Name of characters:[/b]
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[b]Picture of Room:[/b]
:tab::tab::tab: Link or Image URL, must fit with the medieval theme, one room picture only