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PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2011 1:28 pm
((sorry for the massive post, just felt very descriptive and creative and had to get some of the turmoil within Tatalia out to make it clear that even in this short time she is having a hard time dealing with him and can no longer hide it. almost a love at first sight thing even if cliche. and for a dome thats rare))

Several things came to mind, or rather flared in her mind and emotions.
How dare he question her dominance and assert his own. However he did have a point, she did not contractually own him yet. On the other hand he was legally a slave and if he walked out of here and was found he would be taken back to the slave market or whichever company goons found him first.
The other issue was that he was the first that piqued her curiosity in an emotional way. When she first saw him angry in his cage, stand offish and mad at the world she saw herself when she first escaped and was caught. Her first few years fighting for not just her freedom but her own right to be a dominate female in the world, to no longer have the title slave over her.
It was far from a physical attraction however that did play a small part. It was his mannerisms, his actions and how he got to the point oh so succinctly and still managed to draw such physical and emotional reactions when everyone else worked so hard just to get her to give them any attention.
Tatalia didn't ignore others unless it was known punishment, nor did she encourage fighting for her attention or having to work for it, but with Toshi, she was just drawn to him. Unlike the rest of her "boy toys" and female play beings she almost always seemed to seek him out via scent or subconsciousness when the rest she had to set in her mind that it was time for their attention after her duties of the day. The question that remained now was, why. Why did her mind seek him out this way on her own safe ground instead of out there?
Tatalia tried forced an answer from herself to reply to him, not an answer to her own question as surely this thought process had kept him waiting.
For once she was speechless....for once all this - no all her racing thoughts (as seen above) just were too much and it was quite evident as the air around her was rising in temperature. Her specially made gloves started to wrinkle some yet did not melt or move from their place as they were being put to the test. It was in her eyes that she fought with herself at that very moment.
The dom in her wanted to punish him for such an outburst of pride and tenacity. The real her wanted to pull him down to her and either let it all out or just hold him close, and right now neither of them would win. She could lose him at this moment and it would cost her regardless. In one way or another it would cost her, either his trust or his willingness to stay.

"Why! Dammit, why did it have to be you!" Clearly angry now Tatalia grabbed him by the wrist, yet in an odd specific way. Her movement was a grabbing motion yet when her fingers made first contact it was a very soft and tender touch even through the glove material before he force of her yanking motion carefully pulled him forward.
She thrust him towards her bed hoping she wasn't harsh with Toshi but the motion would at least push him back towards her bed and away from her long enough for her to lock the door and hide the key of which she did and he did not know where the key was as it was a quick motion - her back turned to him so he didn't see what she did with it.
All before storming off to her bathroom door left wide open.
Tatalia just stared at herself in the mirror before ripping her gloves off to cover her face, the heat rising from her hands to the point the air around her fingers wavered from the heat wave. Why did it have to be him, why Toshiro of all people to call out to her in this way? Not just physically but in mind and heart.
PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2011 4:32 pm
Toshiro blinked in surprize at her actions and almost lost his balance when she pulled him to the bed. He did end up landing on it, then turns so he's seated on it. He sees her now in the bathroom seeming to be in some mental/emotional turmoil. Part of him wanted to feel pride in causing a mistress to be in such a state and leaving him wide open to such string pulling. Part of him did actually feel bad for causing her any discomfort.
Finally he stands and walks over to stand behind her. He then ignors any risk that would come and wraps his arms around her and holds her close in a gesture to hopefully bring some kind of comfort to her. He had so many chances to flee, yet something about her made him want to be with her. Not as a slave, but something more.  



PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2011 5:31 pm
When Toshi came up from behind as Tatalia had her hands over her face -which would not hurt her - but Toshiro would feel the heat immediately and it was like being in front of an open pizza oven, very hot and eyebrow singe worthy. For his protection and only his protection of which she screamed at him for she shoved him off of her.
"Don't touch me in this state you will get hurt!" The force of the push was enough to send Toshi back to the wall but only as if bumping against it instead of a slam. Her hands were on fire now, the gloves having reached their breaking point. Tatalia sighed, another good pair ruined...well for protective purposes at least. She quickly removed them and threw them in the small pile of similar black or red gloves to eventually be mended and either relined or put up for outfit wear only.
Once the gloves were removed her white hands up to the forearm of which the gloves covered were revealed her hands from the palms to the fingertips were engulfed in red flames. Hands clenched at her sides Tatalia took several deep breaths to calm down before she could tend to Toshi.
The flames shrunk, and eventually vanished and after a while the heat was gone as well. Only then would she bend to open up her medicine drawer to remove the first aid kit to tend to Toshi as she knew he had some burns from her.
Her eyes seemed focused and concerned as she was worried the burns would be severe.

"I'm sorry, you didn't know but I would have figured the heat coming off of me was a good sign to stay back." Pausing in her explanation to look up at him - "where does it hurt the most? are you bleeding, please help me help you." Her tone serious because he hugged her when she was in almost full power with the heat coming off in waves from her body.  
PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2011 8:27 pm
Toshi was red along the length of his inner arms and his chest and abdomen, his shirt had been gone due to being burnt away. It was thanks to the shirt and her quick action that he was little more than being red. He slowly get to his feet and says "I'm fine, it's just like some of the pain training I had been made to endure. I'm sorry if I startled you. I saw you look distressed and thought to comfort you."  



PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2011 9:30 am
The moment he moved Tatalia barked at him again.
"Don't move! Either sit or stand. The more you move the worse it gets!" Which was true. Tatalia had him stand against the back of the wall as she pulled a pair of rubber gloves over her hands before slathering on the healing aloe to soothe the pain before applying the healing gel. She made sure to cover every area her attention extremely focused which was evident as her hands moved quickly to avoid hurting him and to apply as much as possible over a wide area.
By the time she was done Toshi's arms, chest and abdomen were slathered in gel.

"Stay that way against the wall for a while so the gel can help you heal." Tatalia ordered him as she cleaned herself off and threw the rubber gloves away before looking at him again. The sincerity in her eyes remained.
"I appreciate the gesture, but I am more dangerous than you know when upset...I don't care about how trained for pain you are...the damage is still severe." Tatalia had to blink some to keep the tears from coming, at most Toshi would only see her eyes waver and water some before she regained herself.
She wanted to tell him so much about her powers, but it would only bring more anguish, because she couldn't really touch anyone without causing some harm, only in her weakest could she ever truly lay a hand on another without it causing pain as she still had so much to learn in controlling her powers. It was shameful, as old as Tatalia is she should be able to have better control than this. Even now as she was calm if she lay a hand on him it would hurt as it would like touching a too hot over or stove top. It wouldn't leave a mark but the heat was still there. The best she could do now was to hold out her palm to his face. Toshi would be able to feel the heat as her palm was a good distance from his face but it was still very hot.

"If you can feel that heat, that's the lowest I've ever gotten my own hands to be even at my calmest. Now you understand why I wear gloves all the time." Now some clarity could be given as to why she was a dome and why she didn't make much contact with others beyond binding and touching with gloves.However she did notice one thing...the closer her hand was to Toshi as calm as she was now having just come down from her focused state from administering first aid...the closer it was, the less heat...this also was a first...and clearly confusing to her.  
PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2011 12:17 am
Toshi did stay still while she had administered the gels and listened to her when she explained about her heat issue. He also does feel her exuding a fair bit of heat and does nod in understanding. He then turns his hands palms up, exposing the faint outline of some intricate pattern on them both. "I've been made to carry scalding hot cauldrons bare handed before. I say this not to boast, but to let you know, I've been trained to take pain and injury without fear. I realize only now that you can be plenty more hot than what I've endured. Even still, and even now, the compulsion to comfort you exists. However, the only way I best know how, is in the physical manner, hugging being the best example."  


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