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Our goal is to spread awareness of, lessen unwarranted hatred of, and create a safe haven for the LGBTQ community and their allies. 

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Should I be mad at this?

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 9:40 pm
I have "friends" and they claim to "play around" or "kid around" and they flirt with my boyfriend using these excuses. My boyfriend "play" flirts back. Is this something rational to get mad about?  
PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:30 am
Because I think it is relevant, are your friends male or female, that flirt with your boyfriend?

Personally, it is my mindset that if my boyfriend flirted with other people or was flirted with, what does it matter? He's MY boyfriend, he's with me for a reason.

Naturally, you need some sort of security knowing that he would never betray you, if that's there then certainly you have nothing to worry about.

I don't find flirting harmful or disastrous in any situation. I think flirting is cute, and playful, and I wouldn't mind my boyfriend, husband, etc. doing so with another individual, rather I might actually be entertained.


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PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:29 pm
I have "friends" and they claim to "play around" or "kid around" and they flirt with my boyfriend using these excuses. My boyfriend "play" flirts back. Is this something rational to get mad about?

I myself would be pissed at him and my friends and if your friends respect you that they will stop flirting if you ask and/or tell them to. Your boyfriend on the other hand might need his butt whooped. But that is my opinion and if I were you I would be mad at my boyfriend but not to the point I drive him away.  
PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:34 pm
My humor, prior to getting engaged involved a fair bit of flirting.

My fiancee's humor, prior to getting engaged, involved a flirting.

That's our preferred way to joke. And because we trust each other and aren't overbearing, we don't mind when the other flirts with other people.

He flirts with women. I flirt with men (mostly) and women. Who cares? Just harmless fun. He comes home to me and I go home to him. That's the important thing. And we both know that we're more important to each other than everyone else.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 10:18 pm
It's kind of a case-by-case thing, as is true with most relationship issues.

In general, I'd say if you're secure in your relationship, it probably shouldn't bother you. If you just can't help it bothering you, then you should have a private conversation about it and reach an understanding you can both live with.  
PostPosted: Sun Oct 07, 2012 10:44 am
They'd probably think you're overreacting, but I'd say if it upsets you then you need to speak up.


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The Gaian Gay-Straight Alliance

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