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Hello future players! It's me, Azura! Before you join this guild there are a few things you must know and do!

First of all, is the timeline. The guild's timeline begins after the events of the Yu Yu Hakusho anime and the forth Devil May Cry game.

This means:

The barrier separating the Human Realm and the Demon Realm has been removed and demons can travel freely.

Koenma is the ruler of Spirit World, and his father, Former King Enma, is not.

Dante and Vergil are in their Late 40s.

Nero is a potential character, but we are currently assuming his mother's identity is unknown. (Unless I actually decide to throw in my OC, but probably not)

Other things to know:

You probably noticed I mentioned Vergil earlier. This is because I don't believe him to be dead at at. I will discuss my theory in more detail on his profile, since I will be playing this character.

For canon characters I would rather stick with canon romance pairings. By this I mean that certain characters, such as Kurama, would never be in a relationship because he never was in a relationship. And also that Hiei, Kuwabara, and Yusuke would all be with Muruko, Yukina, and Keiko respectively. This may change depending on ho things go. But for now, I would prefer to keep it that way. This doesn't mean that I won't stop you from having non-canons relationships. This is not a rule. If it were, it'd be on the Rules page.

You probably also noticed that I mentioned King Enma and not King Yama. This is because I prefer the Japanese terms and names "Enma" is the Japanese dub name, while "Yama" Is the English dub name. So I tend to refer to Yama as Enma because Koenma's name means "Little Enma" and I think that's adorable. That doesn't mean you can't use the English dub's terms. If you Google the name Enma you'll learn that "Yama" is actually another name for the same entity. I'll just be using the Japanese terms. I just think they sound better is all.

For the sake of true fans, Devil May Cry 2 and Devil May Cry: DMC will NOT Be included in the canon or ever used in this guild. They are non-canon. And very few people even like those games, sooo... But the anime's canon will be taken into consideration, as well as the brief light novels. (For those who are wondering Enzo is Dante's manager. I believe he is from the light novels but the anime used a different character. We will be using Enzo.)

There is no real limit to characters. And canon characters are not required to play. There are rules on playing canons though, and we do expect you to follow them. The only characters we will be limiting is S-Class OC characters. There are no official rules on this yet, so please be reasonable with your characters. We don't want a world full of OP characters. It's not as fun as it sounds.

An important notice!

Our guild requires a code word system in order to join. You must give us three (3) code words in your join request in order to be accepted. This first is on this page, but the other two or on the Rules page and the Canon Claim and Character List page. See below for links and a hints to finding the page code words.

Rules- Look for the grammar typo.

Canon Claim and Character List- Highlight the top post and find the hidden word.

For this page's code word, please tells us the Japanese Dub's name for the first ruler of Spirit World.

And without further ado, on to the plot summary!

- Azura

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"The Dark Tournament begins!"User Image
"After King Koenma's rise to power and the removal of the barrier, fighters everywhere excitedly look forward to a new tournament. Here we will see many old faces, as well as new ones! But what's this? A mysterious new team has signed on! No one can tell for certain if these powerful newcomers are human or demon, but one thing is for sure, this year is in for a special and exciting BLAST OFF!"

???: "What the hell do you mean "Mysterious"? You invited us!"

"Funny you should bring that up! Shall we do a re-cap?"


Dante: *picks up a strange envelop* "What the hell..."

Vergil: *walks over to his brother* "What is it?"

Dante: *looks surprised* "Whoa! Vergil? When did you get here?"

Vergil: *gestures to the paper* "I just got back from Hell."

Dante: "Perfect timing then. We're being invited to a tournament in.. Demon world? Why isn't it just called Hell? Hey, we should bring that punk son of yours!"

Vergil: *blinks* "I have a son?"

Nero: *enters the room* "Ugh, now there's two of you?"

Kyrie: *is beside Nero* "Nero! Be nice, they're probably just twins."

Trish: "If there's a tournament, I'm coming too." *drapes her arm over Dante* "Someone's gotta keep an eye on you."

Vergil: "... Mother?"

Lady: *storms into the room with a huge gun* "Well don't count me out, I'm coming too!"

Vergil: "... Did I miss something?"

Dante: "Yeah, while you were dead, the world continued."

Vergil: "I never died. It takes a lot more than something like that to kill me, Dante."

Dante: *laughs* "True, anyway, says here we need at least five fighters, and since Kyrie doesn't fight, we need one more. Any ideas?"

Vergil: *smiles* "I have one."

"And there you have it folks! Our Special Guest team this year is Team Dante! Oh, I do wonder who that fifth member will be? This is Jorge Saotome signing off! See you there!"

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