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What is The Zoo Of Magnificent Gaians about?

The zOMG! is a clan of dedicated and skilled players. We are an organised force to battle the Animated with the main aim of helping others and forming sucessful crews. This clan is comprised of fun loving players who want to play zOMG and play it well, I mean who would want to play badly? We aim to create a family atmosphere where we can have a good time and create wonderful memories.

zOMG! members will not consider themselves as elitists. Great players are not the ones with high TCs but those who cooperate and listen to others. zOMG! is a clan where players can soialise, interact, play together and much more. Members of this clan are encoraged to help other memebers as well as non-members whenever possible. All CLs and TCs will be considered. Together we will make zOMG a better place to play in.

Want to join?

This is an invite only clan.
If you do receive an invite, please consider accepting, we would love for you to join the family.

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