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The Beginning....

The Omen began a hundred years ago. A terrifying solar eclipse engulfed the city of Somnium. From this gaping darkness, vicious torrents of natural calamities began to take over the continent. This made the people of the city, very much like their dark surroundings, ruled by the predominating feeling of fear and paranoia, forcing the world to quarantine the other continents...

People thought it is the end of the world.....

Thousand of years later from this apocalyptic wreckage, new cities and technologies were developed. An organization , shrouded in myth and mystery, known only as the Rerverie Financial Group was formed— brimming with untold wealth and influence. The Group founded a school, namely "Reverie Academy" where only the smartest, strongest, fittest, and most excellent students, of every form and kind, were allowed to enroll. Yet, beneath its quiet facade of learning and academia, an unsettling truth shifted below its surface..

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Here are the rules and regulations which we ought to abide in Reverie Academy. You have been accepted to join this academy, which means you are oblige to follow the schools regulations and failure to comply will serve as a warning from the admin of this school.

Always follow the Gaia ToS.

Please follow all instructions from the Captain and Vice Captains.

Include the name and character's picture as part of your post We need to know whom we're dealing with. It's hard to course through the posts without proper identity. Especially to those members owning multiple characters.

No Omnipresence You cannot be in two places at the same time. Whenever you leave the area, make sure to include it in your post. (Example: *Exit to the Grounds* )

Be Active You have to post from time to time. We don't want other RPers be stuck for a long period of time.. If you won't be able to be online for two days or so. Please be responsible enough to let us know through posting at the Absences thread. For we were doing member clean ups every end of the month.

No Godmodding Auto-hitting, mind reading, controlling and killing other RPer's characters is definitely part of godmodding. It's a NO!.. Always be courteous enough to ask the owner's permission before doing these things..

All Characters are subject for approval You need to submit your profiles at the Character Profiles thread provided at the main subforum. Wait for us to approve it. Play your characters according to their profiles. If you wish to edit or do some changes you have to post it again at the Characters Profiles thread for approval.

No Character is Perfect! No character is good in everything, that also includes their talents. Keep in mind their character flaws and must be actual flaws. We believe that everyone has its own strengths and weaknesses, annoying bad habits, mannerism and physical imperfections.

Character Neglection You can make multiple characters. Just make sure you are responsible enough to RP them all. If you want them off, you can say they just decided to leave and drop school. We are only allowing TWO drops outs.

No Cybering DO TIME SKIP for heaven's sake! This is self-explanatory.

Grammar and spelling count Please write in standard English Grammar. No chatspeak or other pseudo-English dialects. If your fellow RPers can't understand what you're saying, they probably won't interact with your character and you'll be left out and that would be very sad. It is fine to link to pictures, songs, etc, to augment your post in moderation. Remember this is a semi-lit guild.

Don't take the RP personally Just because a character dislikes yours or insults yours, it doesn't mean their player has a problem with you. You cannot force everyone to be nice to your character or think your character is pretty or cool. Please don't stir up drama outside the RP because of things that happened in character. Remember we are only RPing our characters base on their personalities.

No animated images in post formats Not only are they distracting, but they can cause lag and even headaches and eyestrain for other RPers. Also avoid using light colored or extremely bright font colors. Post styles should be readable--only choose colors from the medium to dark levels of the spectrum, please. No teal, yellow or super-pale pink.

And lastly, have fun nyaa~

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↗ How did you learn the existence of Reverie Academy?
↗ Why do you want to join?
↗ Lastly, provide a small rp sample. Something semi-literate or above would do.

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