Once upon a time there was a girl who followed a white rabbit into a wonderful land of sweets and happiness.....

Children’s stories are used and abused, thrown away once they are not needed. What happens to the story after that? It lies in the dark and manifests into something that would be called a Nightmare. The happy characters turn into demons of blood and agony. Anyone who falls down this rabbit whole may not be coming back out.

There are stories then myths. It seems the two do not get along, as stories are usually more heard then myths. In this new dark realm the myths are starting to gather. Its stories agents myths.
-The Story-
The King of Myths and the Queen of stories has always been companions of imagination, but as time went on and the stories and myths became morbid and wrong. The Queens land is decaying to the evil, as well as the Kings. Purity is no where to be seen as the people of these lands start to change into monsters.
The King of Myths has grown bored of having a border between his land and that of the Queen of Hearts(and stories). He has decided to declare war on them. The Queen in her rage has set a law that any mythical creature will be headed the moment they step onto her land. She is raising an army to take on the myths. Side with the Queen of Story's or the King of Myths

Try and survive the nightmare.
Pick a side.
See what has happened to the stories you knew as a child and to the myths that held your attention.
Defeat them if you dare.
Or become them.

In this guild you can be your own character or one from a fairy tale. Pick your path and take on the journey to regain your sanity before its lost forever.

0No god modding ( I don’t care if you are Alice in wonderland you
are not anything amazing)
0Be nice, I don’t care if you fight but don’t swear every other word.
0This is a gory guild but DO NOT overdo it too much (Not sure what
is too much, if I think it’s too much I’ll let you know ^^
0 Please post as much as possible )
0 No one liners, please at least type 2-4 sentences or more )