Welcome to the Constructed Languages Guild! This is where the language inventors of Gaia can meet to discuss their creations, concultures, collaborative conlangs, linguistics, pre-existing conlangs, and much, much more.

Constructing languages (or 'conlanging') is a fun and thoroughly addictive hobby, which can be done with very few easily acquired materials. All it requires is a notebook, a pen(cil) and a brain. Stuck in a boring lecture? What better opportunity to completely ignore what you're supposed to be doing and work out the finer points of a verb system! mrgreen

If your interest lies in conlanging to even the slightest degree, please send me a request to join. You don't even have to write anything (although it is appreciated). The fact that you want to join is enough for us.

Whatever your affiliation with conlangs is, you are welcome here.

If you're interested in more than the linguistic aspect of worldbuilding, please join our sister guild:

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