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The Stars! The Moon! They Have All Been Blown Out!
You Have Left Me In The Dark!
Link to the inspirational music behind the name.

Welcome to the Requiem of your heart. Forever in the twilight of the hearts around us we listen desperately for the sound. Only to end in silence and become the darkness. When the stars and moon finally fade from our eyes we will become the darkness and embrace it.

Follow the stars to the world of the unknown, the world of horror, romance, and many others!

This guild is made to be a safe place for people to come together and role play in a shoujo state. But not just the sparkles and cuteness that is the first thing many think of at the word shoujo. But to truly dive into the meaning of a girls story. The good, the bad, and the dark. With many worlds to chose from this is the true never ending…

Shoujo Mahou Requiem!

Guild Rules
one: Follow Gaia TOS or we will ban you from the guild and report you.
two: Listen to the Captains and Crew when they ask something of you.
three: In order to Join you will have to submit a request filling out the form below. Unless invited to the guild by a crew member.
four: Upon acceptance into the guild please go to the sticky thread named "INTRO IMPORTANCE" and read the first post completely.

Just to be crystal clear. We expect you to keep violence, gore, romance, and language to a PG 13 standard. We will not tolerate any cybering, god modding, meta gaming, one liners, horrible grammar, obvious and continuous spelling mistakes, disrespect towards others, cruelty to players, or personal questions. This is a fantasy guild that means we don’t require any personal information about your real name, age, or state of living.

We Reserve The Right To Reject Any Application!

Nickname: [[What you’d prefer us to call you, keep it down to three options at most]]
Time Zone: [[What Time Zone are you in, not what state or country, just your time zone]]
Posting Frequency: [[How often will you be able to post in the guild regularly?]]
Female or Male: [[Can you play a female character or a Male character, or Both?]]
Please include an example of your normal role playing. Not your introduction or an abnormal post, but one that reflects how you write on a regular basis.

Questions: [[Do you have any questions for us?]]

Thanks to certain members we are no longer accepting donations for the guilds creating of sub-forums. If you would like to donate for a contest or prize auction please send your donations to the new guild mule. USERNAME: Black Candy Syndrome.

Thank You to Everyone Who Donates!
Every Little Bit Helps!