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Gender: Female

Location: Nebraska

Birthday: 10/18

Occupation: None


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All I ever wanted...
All I ever needed...
All I ever cared about,
Was making sure you never saw the shadow behind my smile.

Okay everyone you can call me Yo-Yo or Ryan.
I don't really like being called by other random nicknames so you may wanna ask me before making one up.
I'm just your every day ordinary fun loving unbelievable anime and manga freak gamer girl who snipes with rocket launches and can't shoot anything up close without a sniper rifle, but rocks with her fists or the random hadoken.

In other words, I'm just me and I'm not really going to try and tell you everything I am.
Cause well I'm just kinda everything rolled into one.
I drink water, eat food, and breathe oxygen just like every other human in the universe.
Though I might seem a bit crazy, it's just because you aren't keeping your mind open and actually considering what I'm saying.
Trust me everything I say makes sense if you just think about it.

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Q: Do You Play zOMG?

A: Yes, yes I do. In fact I love it. However I'm not that high of a level on this account, actually I haven't started to play on this account. If you wanna play with me ask and I'll tell you the name of the account I do play on zOMG with. Please also tell me your character level as well.

Q: Do You Role Play?

A: Yes, I'm getting back into it after a bit. I'll be on gaia more often then I was before. So if you're interested, I'd be happy to.

Q: What Do You Role Play?

A: Well I'll play either a boy or a girl as long as you've specified I don't care. I'll play yuri yaoi and het. I love almost any genre and will try almost anything once.

Q: Do You Have Any Limits?

A: YES!!! Omigod I cannot stress this enough. Ask me what my limits are before you go asking me to do something stupid. Or you may just get your a** reported.

If you want to know anything else, please feel free to just ask. I don't bite too hard and love talking to people.

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I Orphen I Report | 10/13/2011 11:28 am
*Rolls around.* Just thought I'd say hello. :3
Raven Black Wind Report | 10/16/2010 5:56 am
Awesome Profile Yo-Yo!
Have a great day!

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We're burning down the highway skyline

Yes I do Role Play.

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On the back of a hurricane

I know it's wrong...

Ghost on the Shelf

♥ Let the flower's tears rain down. ♥

Sweet saxaphone man, play me a song.