Welcome weary traveler to the hovel and sanctuary we like to call Savage Scribes. Here, one can find a nice meal, good company, and a way take the zOMG by storm.

Here at the clan of Savage Scribes we take great pride in having the knowledge of so many places around Gaia. From the humblest of threads to the frenzy of Gaia's own battle system, any information can be found here. We have gathered quite a group of outstanding individuals to create this unstoppable team of 'animated' hunters. So if you want to be part of the best of the best, read the rules and sign up now!

Follow Gaia TOS
-NO Hacking
Be Respectful
Respect and Obey Higher Command
NO Flaming
NO Spamming
NO Cybering
NO advertising of other guilds or threads unless they are affiliates
NO page-stretching its just annoying.
NO harassment (result in an immediate ban from the guild)
NO spamming the forums with bumping or other inappropriate (there are threads already made for that)

User Image
We are the weavers of the Rebels image.

We are the contract that binds our alliances.

We are the warning to all our foes.

We are the recorders of history.

We are the keepers of secrets.

We are the greeting to prospect Rebels.

We are the voice that heralds new triumphs.

We are the back that bares bad news.

We are the Savage Scribes

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Wanting to become an ally (join a larger group with the RA)
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We are the Savage Scribes and we are growing in force everyday. We will make others shutter at the mention of our name and rule all over Zomg! Join us or be left in our wake.