All projects are done in phases...

Pre-production is done frist, (brain storms, story boards, scripts, plans). these can all be done online.
This guild orginizes this pre-production work.
Production is then done offline, because it must be....(unless your just writing a book.)

This guild orginizes your pre-production. The whole guild is for work use, the work is orginized.
We have rules to orginize your work. (read the rules (overview) in the main forum)

Guild Rules
1. follow Gaia T.O.S.
2. no modding. (its NOT your job)
3. report those braking rules. (it IS your job)
4. no polls in the sub forums.
5. obey all the rules, both here and those in the forums.
(they are here to make things easy)

Guild work flow...
1. post project in project sub forum.
2. post ideas and brain storm in the brainstorm sub forum.
3. post poll in main forum to choose idea to be used.
4. post answer from poll in project post.
5. repeat step 2-4 till ready for production.

Work order Pro Pro
1. project or prospal gets posted in project sub.
2. time line gets posted in time sub.
3. space for links for project gets posted in link sub.
4. list of team/crew gets posted in the team sub.
5. ideas get posted in brain storm sub.
6. work flows get work done. (see more work flows inside)

The order just tells you what order to post in (1st post, 2nd post, ect...) so the work flows make work flow.

click the "view forum" button to read more.
for those from the sanctuary click THINK TANK to post.