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NEVERMORE: A Tale of Knights

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, creatures roamed a planet known as Terra. These beasts carved out the world as we know it today, making mountains, forests, and frost lands using a variety of magic and powers. Their fearsome strength formed six continents that have survived into the modern day. Zira, an archipelago that lines the north-western hemisphere. Yainder, a continent that is considered to be in the center of the world, surrounded by the rest of the continents. Hron, a continent that lines the north-eastern/eastern section of Yainder. Vrosen, A continent just past Hron and home to some of the strongest creatures known. Handerell, A continent that is north of Yainder and surrounded by the archipelago, Zira. Roenna, a continent that covers the entire western/south-western/south area of Yainder and the largest continent in the world.

Our story takes place on the continent of Yainder, where many nations have developed and become highly aware of each other. In the hundreds of thousands of years since the creation of these continents, Yainder has been home to many strange occurrences. For one, it is home to a vast array of creatures and races, housing more than one-hundred-thousand species of intelligent lifeforms. Second, it is known as the origin of Armaments, weapons that outmatch any and all forms of modern creations. Finally, it is credited as the founding continent of the Knight/Mage system.

Which brings us to the modern day, where nations are becoming far more aware of each other in Yainder and Mages have become more and more common. With the number of Knights increasing on a daily basis, war seems to be imminent between the nations of the once-peaceful continent of Yainder. And in the center of this war lies two nations, Carmillion and Eldrin. Having grown accustomed to their own ways of life, the two must now rely on each other to survive what may tear apart the very continent they were founded on. Knights, Mages, and a world full of strange and wondrous creatures. What will await the next creature born into this world?

Hundreds of years ago, an entire nation of alchemists were wiped out while no one came to their aid. Now, they've come back, and the seek revenge on the world. For more information on this arc and Nevermore: A Tale of Knights, please refer to the Guild's Lore and World Book.

The events of the Magic Invasion Arc changed the world of Terra but brought change to another world,
as well. The merging of Yainder and Earth has brought both chaos and confusion to all involved. It's been three months since what has come to be known as "The Moment". Many are still trying to adjust as they become accustomed to their new circumstances. For more information on The Moment or to catch yourself with current Guild topics, please visit The Moment: Nevermore's Remodeling or NMBC World News

Welcome to Nevermore: A Tale of Knights! As a modern fantasy rp, there's a lot of room for making all sorts of characters! We encourage our Members to be as creative as possible, so don't be afraid to get those gears turning! Below are the rules for joining. Thanks so much for stopping by, and we hope to see you around!

Rules For Joining
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2. Please tell us your experience with role playing.
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4. Please let us know why you'd like to join our Guild.
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