this is a military we dont kill civilians. we are ex military, gang members, murderers, Any thing you are you can join if you join you have been given a second chance at life,We respect others and we stand up for whats right.
We do not have a uniform code,you may dress however you like,but you must have some kind of weapon on you,so if someone attacks you can be prepared. We also have a new policy that HSX has to be in your name if it takes over 100k you will not need to unless you are killed.

!st in command- HSX_dovermin
2nd in command-first-cyborg212

The rules
1.No begging For gold from other Members
2.Betrayal Can result in being banned from the guild
3.Respect Your former Higher ups
4.Act mature

Division of Desire:
You must be willing to follow the rules, and take a oath of loyalty. When you take this oath you are submitting to the fact you will follow all orders. If orders are not fallowed you and you have taken the oath you must be willing to take the punishment without hesitation. All those who hesitate or refuse will be banned from the guild.

Are you willing to accept these terms? (yes or no)