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His Witness
Xx HiTetsu KuroMazaki xX
Flawless AppleJacks

... you're're beautiful.we should hang out.we're best friends.i miss you!!!i'd date you.i'd kiss you.i'd bang you.we should talk more.text me.stop being a're ugly.i don't really know're a boss.:)

LMS I'm not gonna lie(: i liked you once.i like you.i kissed you before.i think you're cute.... [] you're pretty.[] you're beautiful.[] we should hang out.[] we're best friends.[] i miss you!!![] i'd date you.[] i'd kiss you.[] i'd bang you.[] we should talk more.[] text me.[] stop being a stranger.[] you're ugly.[] i don't really know you.[] you're a boss.[] make this your status so i can like it:)

LMS? ; ♥You're My....Babee >_♥FrienddFuturee Babee[] Facebook Friend[] Stranger >.<[] Bestieee (:[] Brother[] Sister[] Nothinq Really O;[] My WifeY ^ . ♥♥YOU SHOULD . . .[] Text Mee[] Call Mee[] Hmu Moree[] Chill With Mee[] Inbox Mee.[] Nothinq -____-I LIKE YOUR . . .[] Yourr Body[] Eyess[] Smilee(:[] Lipss[] Personality[] Dimpless (:[] Everythinq ♥ ;D[] Nothing SorryIf YOU ASKED ME OUT . . .[] Yes ♥[] No -_____-[] MayBee(;[] G T F O !![] Just Friendss

If You Love Me.........Say It On My Wall.!If You Think Im Cute.........Like My Status.!If You Wanna Date Me..........Poke And I Wont Tell.!If You Would Kiss Me..Inbox Me A *MUAH* And I Wont Tell.!If You Want To Date Me..Inbox Me A ♥ And I Wont Tell.!If You're Brave...........

Lms for-You duh so asian!You duh so cool!I duh look up to you!you’re pretty.[] you’re funny.[] you’re adorable.[] you’re cute.[] you make me smile.[] I love you.[] I miss you.[] we need to hangout.[] we need to talk more.[] I would hug you.[] I would date you.[]Text Me Or Call Me[]Give me your number[]Yo A F.A.G. :D[] you need to make this your status

Single or not put this as your status and see what people inbox you with !! (Its all a secret)Black: I want a relationshipWhite: I'm trynna smash ;)Green: I'm falling for you :]Purple: I miss you <!--3Orange: I really like you :)Pink: I love you ♥Red: I miss how we were :/Yellow: kiss me :*Blue: you bad ;) Gray: we need to talk :*Hot pink: I want another chance :)

Talk about things...If you kissed me I would:Slap youPush you awayKiss you backLook at you weirdI think you're:cutealrightsexybeautifulUGLY gtfo my page (:You should:Text meeInbox meStop being a stranger!Make this your status so i can like it

I miss you :(you're funnyyou're cuteyou're prettyHMU :Dyou mean something to mestop being a strangerwe should textwe need to hang outI like your personalitysmash smash smash ;)copy this as your status so i can like it;)


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