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Third-Party Gaia Services Provider

Welcome to the Gaia Tools guild!

    Gaia Tools is a third-party service provider since 2006.
    Through our services, we transform the way many Gaia members interact with Gaia Online.

About the guild

    Gaia Tools is an off-site resource, but since we are focused on serving Gaia Online members, this guild is our way to reach out to you. Guides and information about our services can be found within our guild forums. If you need help using our features or need to get in contact with our support desk, you can do so by posting in this guild. We also publish regular announcements about site updates and constantly look for site feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Donations and support

    Please advertise us! Help spread the word!

    Please do not use the guild donation form below.
    If you want to help us out, you can send donations to our Gaia Tools guild captain.