After the original GGE lost some steam and the captains disappeared, we figured we should create a new guild where we once again have full control, and we can get a bit of a fresh start with new faces in a less-intimidating environment. So, come one, come all. Enthusiasts of all weapons are invited. The primary focus is on firearms, of course, but we also enjoy discussion of weapons small and large, bladed, blunt, pointy, pneumatic, and electric, and everything tangentially related, with a dash of politics every so often.

Application rules:
• Write something worth reading. If you can do this, you're probably in.
• You don't have to actually own any weapons to be a part of this guild.

Guild rules:
• Just don't be a d**k and you're fine. Just use common sense.

We're currently a bit under construction, but we'll polish the rough edges soon enough.