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For all those needy gaians out there, this is the place to be. Welcome to ♥Eclipse♥. This is a fairly new guild here, so I'm just going to set some goals for us.

[x] Reach 10 members
[x] Reach 50 members
[x] Reach 100 members
[ ] Reach 150 members
[ ] Reach 200 members
[ ] Reach 500 members
[ ] Have at least 5 vice captains
[ ] Have at least $1,000,000 donated

If you have any questions, please PM Jordahn19. This is a charity guild, with a little more to it. We have role-plays, discussions, debates, monthly events, contests, and more!

Please send all your donations to our charity mule Eclipse_CharityMule. Thank you )

Guild Event: St. Patrick's Day Blash
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