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This is a roleplay guild for the school invented by J.K. Rowling that runs in conjunction with Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Roleplay Guild. This means that everything here is similar to over there. We are set in Post Second Wizarding War time. There is no more threat of the Dark Lords.This is a roleplay guild for the version of the school invented by J.K Rowling, made canon in the video games. We want original characters. This means no Samantha Potter, or Ronald Granger exists in this guild.

The style of roleplay we are looking for includes this writing style:

"Artemis Rouge sat in her office with her face buried in a book. It was quite typical for the Headmistress to do so. Suddenly, she was disturbed by a light tapping at her door. 'I wonder who that could be...'"

The above is a simple example of our expectations. If you are still a little confused, feel free to explore the guild's forums to see how others have posted. If you use any other form of roleplay outside of Semi-Literate to Literate (such as Chatspeak, for example), you will not be accepted. Sorry, but that and guild activity are the requirements for this guild. Please make the effort to type out your words and post at least once a day.

How to Join

Deliciae's year has not yet started, but we encourage people to join for the for first year and post their student profiles. Your student profiles will not be accepted until we have enough people. Currently pending members in line for the next school year will only be allowed to post in the OOC forum or in the Shopping District (if they have wizard parents accompanying them). Otherwise, members enrolled for next year may not post in any place Deliciae.

Please fill out the remainder of the form and request to join us. The Crew holds the right to accept or deny anybody. You will be accepted or denied depending on whether or not you've answered these questions:

* How long have you been roleplaying for?

* Are you familiar with the Harry Potter series?

* How many days of a week do you get on Gaia?

* Please type a short example of how you would roleplay a character (see above bolded roleplay example. If you do not put it in the form we are looking for, you will be denied):

Please understand that if you answer 'no' or 'not often' to all/some of the questions that your chances are not lessened! There are ways to work around all the issues. We do, however, clean out our member list thoroughly every once in a while. If you join and don't post, you will most likely be removed.

Also, we are a free entry guild. We will never ask you for money. Donations, however, are welcome.

If you would like to donate to the guild, please send all donations to Delightful Deliciae Mule.

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