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Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts
((Read this whole page or your join request will be denied.))

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Welcome to the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts. Here, we primarily focus on our wizarding generation who wish to go into the line of performing arts.

Positions needed to be filled:

This is a roleplay guild for the school invented by J.K. Rowling. We are set in Post Second Wizarding War time.


"Professor Sasha russos sat behind her desk. She had many forms to go through before the start of the year. With a sigh, the blonde headmistress stood up and walked over to a photo of her and other teachers from hogwarts were she used to work."

The above is a simple example of our expectations. If you are still a little confused, feel free to explore the guild's forums to see how others have posted. If you use any other form of roleplay outside of Semi-Literate to Literate (such as Chatspeak, for example), you will not be accepted. Sorry, but that and guild activity are the requirements for this guild. Please make the effort to type out your words and post at least once a day.

We run on a 2 month = 1 year time frame our next year will be starting on March 31 and will run from April to the end of May.

To join fill this out and send it in as your join request. The Crew reserves the right to decline any request.

How long have you been roleplaying (including off Gaia as well)?

Do you know the Harry Potter Series? If so how familiar are you with it?

How often are you on Gaia?

Please give an example of how you would roleplay your character:

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The year will start once we have positions filled but you may post student profiles now. School years take place over two months. The next term will start in April and go until May, students are encouraged to apply and explore Alainshire, the local wizard community! Students will only be allowed to post in the OOC forum or in Alainshire (if they have wizard parents accompanying them). Otherwise, members enrolled for next year may not post in any place in WADA.

Please send all donations to the guild mule, Headmistress russos.

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Page format taken from Kakatary and her Hogwarts guild because it is one of our sister guilds and we had her permission.

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