Ohio, Konichiwa, Komawa. What ever time it is fo you ^^ Welcome to the A.R.R. guild. A guild of randomness, anime discussions, and roleplaying! Discussions on your favorite animes like Naruto and KHR can be discussed here with friends, or if you need to find another good anime. Randomness is a nessessity, is it not? Whould would a guild be without randomness? Roleplays like mafia and demon city will be up as well, including make your owns.

-use literate stuff. Like "" when speaking and PUNCTUATION, including no text talk unless its in a comment. (this is for rps)
-No godmodding
-No being cheap
-keep it at a PG-13 level
-Do NOT make charectors tht are alreay created unless its a fanbased RP. No Sasuke Uchihas or Ciel Phantomhives ok?
-idc about language at all...unless tld otherwise by the maker of the rp.

That is all i believe ^^ Pleas join ^^