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I do avatar art and character art. Prices depend on what you want. It's all high quality stuff, and I spend loads of time on it.

All of it's pretty anime... some of it veers more towards just plain fantasy.

Oh, yeah. I don't get on gaia all too often anymore, so please be patient about the art. If it goes for more than two weeks then PM me. Or kick me. Something to remind me.

August 20, 2006: Yesh! I've finally gotten some good headers and footers made up!


My best bud just made his minishop in here! Posts 12 and 13 are his.

August 23, 2006: Aiya! I've done 15 commissions already from this shop!

August 28, 2006: Until further notice, Rose will not be able to do hand colored pieces that require lots of red. I'm out of the ink. It should be shipped in about a week.

August 31, 2006: Aaaaaagh! Looks like I'm out of E001 ink. No more Copic Colored Commissions for about a week. Sorry.

Post#1 = Opening Post
Post#2 = Prices~What I Will/Won't Draw
Post#3 = Examples
Post#4 = Rules
Post#5 = Commissions list
Post#6 = Heart Art list
Post#7 = Link Exchange
Post#8 = Link Me?
Post#9 = Contests
Post#10 = About The Artist
Post#11 = Finished Commissions
Post#12 = The Strawberry God
Post#13 = Strawberry's Shop

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My prices differ depending on the diffuiculty of your avatar, or on the content of the picture. I've listed some base prices below.


Headshots: 3k+
Torsos: 5k+
Full body: 10k+
Couple Headshots: 5k+
Couple Torsos: 7.5k+
Couple Body: 12.5k+

*For backgrounds add 5k

The sketches are, as of now, unavailable. I'm tired of doing them right now. This won't affect any orders already in.


Headshots: 5k+
Torsos: 7.5+
Full body: 15k+
Couple Headshots: 7k+
Couple Torsos: 10k+
Couple Body: 15k+

*For backgrounds add 10k

[.Colored Pencil.]

Headshots: 7.5k+
Torsos: 15k+
Full body: 25k+
Couple Headshots: 20k+
Couple Torsos: 35k+
Couple Body: 50k+

*For backgrounds add 15k

[.Copic Marker.]

Headshots: 10k+
Torsos: 20k+
Full body: 30k+
Couple Headshots: 25k+
Couple Torsos: 47.5k+
Couple Body: 75k+

*For backgrounds add 20k


Headshots: 10k+
Torsos: 25k+
Full body: 50k+
Couple Headshots: 30k+
Couple Torsos: 60k+
Couple Body: 100k+

*For backgrounds add 30k

[.Heart Arts.]

All heart arts: 5k

[.Order form.]

Post your order here in the thread, and I'll confirm it.

[color=darkorchid][b]Gaian name:[/b]
[b]Which Artist:[/b]
[b]Number of Pieces:[/b][/color]

[.+My Policiy+.]

I'll be ignoring any orders not posted in this format. Why? Because if you can't take the time to fill out this little form, then why should I take the time to draw your art? Please do not change the color when ordering. Keep it this way. And don't just write 'current avi' under references. Hotlink a picture or something, anything.

[.+What I Will/Won't Draw+.]

Will// Kinky things, Suggestive stuff, Anthros, Chibis, Avatars, OC's, Anything cute, Animals, Dragons, Weapons, Pets, Androgeny

Won't// Mechs, Anything that violates TOS, Super muscular men, Hardcore yuri, Buckteeth


I accept items or pure. Not both. Also, I only accept things like donation items or rares equivalent to the price of the commission. It needs to be an item that has a good marketplace price or goes with my avi. I judge that last bit, not you. I’m not going to take something stupid like a G-Blade for a couple line art (worth 15k). So, should I do a couple line art for someone, I would expect, say, a Chyaku Norisu scarf (Just an example. I do not want one. Those things are ugly.). If you happen to be a kind and generous person, and want to give me an incredibly spiffy item, like, oh I don’t know, An Angelic Staff, then you can expect some major discounts and glompage. And a** kissing. Appreciation in general.

[.Items I want (But won't actually buy).]
An Angelic staff
Red Hot Upside-down Boots
Another Kiki
Bani Clips
Angelic Minis
The Angelic Pendant
A rose corsage
The Angelic Headband
Chain Wallet
Winged Anklets
An Elegant veil
Sealed Envelopes
Baby Seal Slippers
A Winter Fox Mink
Fairy Wings
Red Parisian Fan
An Angelic Scarf

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Examples are listed by category. These're just to give you an idea of how your art will look.

User Image User ImageUser Image User Image User Image User Image
User Image

User Image User Image User Image

--.x.<[[Copic Marker Work]]>.x.--
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

--.x.<[[Colored Pencil]]>.x.--
User Image User Image

User Image User Image User Image

--.x.<[[Heart art]]>.x.--
User Image User Image User Image User Image

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User Image

~> No flaming.
~> Keep it fairly literate.
~> Don't ask me stupid questions like 'will you do art for free?'
~> Don't steal my art.
~> Don't spam in here.
~> No Advertising Without Permission!
~> Keep bumping and chatting.
~> No withdrawing orders after the first day.
~> I have the right to refuse/decline a commission without question
~> Be polite to everyone in the thread, especially me
~> I've got an actual life. Gasp. Yes, that's right. So don't rush me.
~> No flaming/harrassing/abusing/anything against the Gaia TOS
~> If you are blacklisted, you are not permitted to enter this shop ever again
~> No refunds

[.Allowed Advertisers.]
Topic- Luffles her lovely arts.

[.White list.]
Dragite- For making me the lovely banners
Experimentme- She's a bumping regular
Soda-san- Mega Bumper
Hokage Roukai- Orders lots of art heart
[.Tsunade.]- She made the gorgeous Pern banner. emotion_drool

*Attention! Buy 3 or more arts from me and start to recieve discounts!

[.Black list.]

brookie4884- She advertised without permission! And for a crap shop, no less! domokun
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User Image

I only take five normal art commissions at a time. When one art has been completed I'll immediately take the name off the list in order to make room.

[.1.] r i i
[.2.] Experimentme
[.3.] Bad Luck Jynx
[.4.] `Link
[.5.] at.Adrienne

[special] Akina Tokuwa

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User Image

I take up to ten heart art commissions at a time. When one art has been completed I'll immediantely take the name off the list in order to make room.


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User Image

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Yes, that's right! There are even contests in this art thread! What sort? Bumping and TekTeking! Here's how it goes...

Bump Contest: The first person to bump on these pages wins a type of art from me!

Page 10: A headshot sketch of your avatar- Won by Dragite
Page 25: A torso sketch of your avatar- Won By Soda-San (in progress)
Page 50: A full body sketch of your avatar- Won By Experimentme (in progress)
Page 100: A headshot ink of your avatar- Won by Dragite
Page 125: A torso ink of your avatar
Page 150: A full body ink of your avatar

TekTek: I'm looking for some seriously neat and original tekteks of me! The themes are Pink and White, Just plain white, and Black and Pink! Winner recieves an inked picture of their avatar!

I've decided to have a new TekTek contest every month. That way there'll be more chances for people to win.

The winner of the TekTek Contest is... [.Tsuande.]! Her avatars were just too cute!

User Image
User Image

[.+ I'm 15 +.]
[.+ I'm a girl +.]
[.+ I live in the middle of nowhere +.]
[.+ I take a million pictures a day of my cat +.]
[.+ My favorite food is strawberries +.]
[.+ I love Gackt, Takuya and Hyde +.]
[.+ I’m into J-pop, indie, J-rock, visual kei and techno +.]
[.+ I still play Dragon Warrior Monster +.]
[.+ I’m not that good at photoshopping +.]
[.+ Kingdom Hearts II is the most amazing game ever +.]
[.+ Yaoi is hot +.]
[.+ Axel and Roxas are the best pair in the world +.]
[.+ I'd gladly donate my boobs to someone who wants them +.]
[.+ I'm so OCD when it comes to organization +.]
[.+ Moon Child is my favorite movie next to Last Quarter and NANA +.]
[.+ Most of my favorite songs are by UVERworld, Gackt and L'arc~en~ciel +.]
[.+ #@*%! I accidentally plucked one of my eyebrows higher than the other +.]
[.+ I drink honeydew bubble frapps like there's no tomorrow +.]
[.+ I'm afraid of all bugs, even caterpillars +.]
[.+ I prefer walking around in the buff. It's so liberating +.]
[.+ I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty +.]
[.+ Hufflepuff is my favorite house +.]
[.+ Strawberry pocky is always in my cabinet +.]
[.+ I act on impulse +.]
[.+ As you may have guessed, I like pink +.]

User Image
User Image

-I’m 16-
-I’m a guy-
-I live in Fredericksburg VA baby!-
-I’m a total perv-
-I love fighting-
-I love RPGs-
-Larxene and Demyx are the kinkiest couple ever-
-The vengabus is comin’ icon_rofl.gif -
-I love strawberries-
-I’m hyper-
-Apparently, I’m hot icon_rofl.gif -
-I’ll grab Cynical’s boobs for her, as long as they’re on her ^^-
-Dragon Warrior Monsters kicks a**! (go Madknight!)
-I believe quality is better than quantity…..unless I want a lot of something-
-I’m ve~ry…mm…..forceful, when it comes to when I want something ^^-
-I have more friends than I can remember, which can actually be annoying at times XD-
-Umm….I’ll get back to you on more things when I think of them XD-

User Image
User Image

Chibi headshot - 1k
Chibi group headshot 2.5k
Chibi -2k
Chibi group – 3k
Torso - 5k

Chibi headshot – 2k
Chibi group headshot – 3.5k
Chibi - 3k
Chibi group – 5k
Torso – 6k

Hand Colored
Chibi headshot – 3k
Chibi group headshot – 4.5k
Chibi – 4k
Chibi group – 6k
Torso – 7k

Gaian name:
Which Artist:
Number of Pieces:

Commission List
1. Gabrynth
2. Deathstroke - Terminator

Examples (banner soon to come)

Chibi Inked (with crap scanner alpha! -no commissioned pics shall have these smudges XD-)
Lanny and L
Lanny singin' the hacked blues
Cynical's closet pet
Chibi Order XIII

Torso sketch
Before the Hacking-God of Strawberries Lanny

Finished Commissions
Dragite and Topic

User Image

1,500 Points
  • Full closet 200
  • Dressed Up 200
  • Hygienic 200

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