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Welcome to my Shop!
User Image

I'm planning on selling avvie art here, obviously.
I don't believe that a shop has to be all fancy just to make a profit. That, and I suck at decorating. x.x

Still interested in the art? Read on.

The girl on the bottom right of each post is my Mascot, Molly ^^ She's my presenter!

Respect the Moll!

I do all of my drawings on Paint.
Still want some art?

Here are some samples
(More samples on 'Finished Pictures' a few posts down; my signature will always sometimes have a drawing of mine, so consider that another sample (if it has a 'UA' signature on it, its mine)):

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 5
Sample 6
Sample 7
MY PHOTOBUCKET<- Check this out first - my most recent works (and style) will be at the top.

As you can see, my style varies from subject to subject.
I go through artistic phases, and my styles will change with every piece.
Tell me if you like any of the styles, I'll use that style. But if you don't specify, be prepared for the unknown heart

Please try to have your avi not too cluttered x.x Those are so hard to draw. If you do have a cluttered avvi, you can expect me to not draw a few items. Artistic licsence, people.
Don't ask for a specific pose. I draw what comes out of my head when I see your avatar and such. So don't go "Oooh, can you draw me with my right arm over my head and my left leg wrapped around my ear with my left eye slightly higher than the right one?"
WTF?! Why would you even ask?User Image
I CAN draw a kind of theme. If you ask "Can you make me look cute/sexy/dangerous/innocent?" I'll see what I can do.
I will also do couple pictures too. Just don't ask me to draw celebrities with you. I did that once with the guy who is lead singer to Fall Out Boy, Penzt or something... I murdered his tattoo x.x
Though I can't draw celebrities, I will draw anything ^^ OC's, Fanart, anything you want. As long as you give me references, I'll draw it to the best of my capability.
I've drawn a man in Leiderhosen, for Christ's sake.
STILL want some art? Wow.

Alright - Here're the prices!
User Image

Headshot - 200g
To waist - 400g
Full body - 700g
Couple shots will double in price on whichever type of picture you want.
ex. A couple headshot would cost 400g instead of 200g

These prices I got from some people at the Picture Post forum. So if you think it's expensive for my art, shoo. If you think it's cheap... tip? I dunno.
Order Form

STILL want some art! Hoorah!

Here is what I would like you to PM to me if you're interested in art:

Picture Type: (headshot, waist, full body):
Any specifics?: (A couple shot, themes, NO POSES):
Avatar you want drawn: (If not your current one):
Other avatar you want drawn (if a couple picture):
User Image

Just PM that to me, and I'll get to work after I'm done the ones before you. You pay when you get it. Scam me out of art and you'll forever be in my bad books. evil

Note how PM is written. It's easier for me to tell who's ordered first if you PM me. I'm not saying I won't do your comission if you post it on the forum, but I'll get to work on the PMed ones first ^^
Waiting List

1. User Image
5. CrackChocolate exclaim

Please, if the list is full, don't PM me until there's a slot open.

sweatdrop Haven't started
whee Working on
4laugh Finished
exclaim Order Pending
Finished Pieces:

Max Fischer-Valuk [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] heart

Love on a stick heart

Alone In A Crowded Room heart

NekoWashu Warning - Somewhat suggestive. heart

Defiled Lullaby heart

Kinmoio heart

[Axel.Somebody] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] heart

Damon-Bloodgood heart

Tinker Dork heart

Total[HRT]throb heart

Scar Backed Panda [x] [x] [x] heart

Kurrio heart

Goofydoodler heart

Chibi Ryoko heart

PaperGrohl heart

Anti[Sa]L[m]on heart

[moon-pixie] heart

Shadowrainstorm heart

KittyLuvs heart

Zanasha heart

LadyClementine heart

Dr. MysterieOs heart

Art Magpie heart

Lalikaa heart

BairdMaster [x][x] heart

FatalTears heart

Umevi heart

Tamari heart

Franklin Donut heart

Crimson Chaos <3

Cloud o.O <3

Aquastar1 [x] [x] <3

DaPawn [x] [x] <3

Usachan <3

PeppermintDonut <3

To Be Loved Foreva [x] [x] <3


User Image
ninja Waiting for payment
scream IIIIII'm waiting!
heart /<3 Finished and payed

If you would like your Petition, Quest, Charity, Art Shop, Anything Shop, or just SOMETHING advertised on here, give me a shout on PMs. My price is 50g to advertise. C'mon, 50g isn't that much <3

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User Image
User Image

User Image

Cajanic"s Art Shop!

Link to me!
User Image

Shop now open!
Ooo they are loverly =]
Username: Love on a Stick
Picture Type: Full body
Any specifics?: Dunny looking hawt and sexy
Avatar you want drawn: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405/goldnflame/avatar%20pics/me2.png
Other avatar you want drawn: maybe another time =]
Very, very cute for paint art...

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