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    um...will those profiles work ONLY in FireFox ?...
    hope you'll make ouran profile soon ! ^^ and maybe you'll think about making fullmetal alchemist profile too? :]

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aww i want one but i dont know what theme i should do. . . . . .


do a digimon one. i would totally love it.
Hi! Your profiles are so cool.
Could you try to make a Kingdom Hearts profile? That would be really awesome and probably pretty popular, too.

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O.o I need to update my profile page, can't see some of the Gaara stuff anymore which makes me sad. crying
i love the valentines one but i want to move the boxes like in yours!
i just dont know how crying

if ya ever have time do a Naruto or DBSK one^^
I was here...
FBPets, I can help improve your site, I wouldn't need access to the ftp server, I have my own site but I can do different things like Preview the profile on the site.
Just feel free to PM me if you want me to User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
And you were, too...

Fashionable Darling

can you make an Orochimaru profile theme? heart I can provide some pictures for it =)
You should make a wolfs rain profile =3, mostly with toboe

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Can you make a Prince of Tennis profile? Ryoma specifically?

Anxious Astronomer

Could you do one with the band Dir en Grey?...

there's only 2....and they both suck terribly.. sad
What abouuuut.....
Oh! Y'know the anime Full Moon?
What about a Takuto (I think that's how you spell it) profile?
I want one biggrin
I think that the one of valentines day was so cute but you should o of Fullmetal Alchemist I will love it >w< yes yes yes .....
They stoped working when they made that update crying And i don't know how to fix them!...

Hilarious Hunter

well, you might wanna ask a moderator. theyre not that easy to miss. ^^
the fruits basket one is sooooo cute! i wanted to use it, but it couldnt work yeah?
why didnt gaia make a "ask the gaia team" forum? it could help a lot! all they have is the new battle system one. and that one is for to ask the battle system. +____=;;;
or DO they have that kind of forum? *pores thru the gaia site*
The Sakura profile is wonderful cookies for you, if I ever can do something for you, may be I┬┤ll save enough for buy one of your pets

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