Ma's Pack-Rat-Itis Store, Inc.

Ma"s Pack-Rat-Itis Store, Inc.

Come in and look around, I Hope you see something you like. Please don't PM me about a deal unless it's truly worth my while. Please be fair. There are many things on my wishlist that I may consider for a fair trade along with gold or gaia cash. I am pretty flexible. I am not on every day so please be patient with me. If the item sells before we can make a deal, Sorry the Marketplace is the deciding factor, and will win every time.

wahmbulance wahmbulance I also collect the junk around Gaia that many Gaians don't want, like papers, bugs, inks, garbage, fish, caches, repeats and aquarium items for my charity NAMI - The National Allaince on Mental Illness for raising Mental Illness Awareness on this site and help stop Bullying. wahmbulance wahmbulance Thanks for all your help, Miss Karma

heart heart Thank You, My Fellow Gaians! I Appreciate Your Business! heart heart

heart heart Enjoy My Store! heart heart


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