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'Bachelorette' by Bjork


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'A Slishy Slash, a dark red Gash, That's Lady Toria's Teeth
Spy to spy her blood red eyes, have you running down the street
No time to cry, just time to die, the Splishy Splash of Human Meat'

Yes I arpee!
Name: Vittoria Vittoli
Race: Vampire
Title & Nicknames: Vit, Toria, Tori, Songstress, Siren, Enchantress
Age: Appears to be in her early twenties, but is really over 300 years old
Height: 5'4

Brief description of how she looks: Dark hair, a deep brown red when seen in the light soft and sweet smelling, always typically worn in spiraling downy curls, like shaved chocolate. Her skin is flawless, snowy white like marble, lips petite and curved beautifully to accomodate her heart shaped face. While her eyes were once a beautiful shade of summery blue, they are now a brilliant cherry red, when and if she feeds (which is rare, due to her disliking of the act, she will appear more human, her eyes appearing a deep rose pink, skin more vivid and warm in tone.)

Strengths: Agility, Berserker strength (despite her size) excelled healing, Intellect, invulnerability, marksmanship, knowledge on all weapons, Omni-lingual, stamina, super smell, super speed, tracking, unarmed combat, has been known to persuade nearly everyone with the sound of her voice.

Weaknesses: While the world is her own to command if she so chose it, she is bound by a chain of rules she must abide by. It is mere speculation, but it is said that somewhere on her body, lies the truth behind her destruction, written in backwards writing, if one were to read it, it would spell her undoing, but like everything, it is just a rumor. Than of course, she isn't particularly fond of fire, or sunlight.

Personality: Sweet and charasmatic, Vittoria is a child of the arts, and adores performing above all else. While some might believe her at first glance to be pompous and stuffy, Vittoria is hardly that and will be the first to take a romp in the mud, or run free on a beach. Nearly always seen studying, she is both a scientist and dabbles in witchcraft, often utilizing the two into one. She enjoys being a hostess, and enjoys seeing that everyones needs are always met before her own.

History: Born Vittoria Vittoli to a loving middle class family, in Florence Italy, she had the pleasure of attending a woman's finishing school, where she was schooled in the arts, in sciences, literature, among a great many other things. Music had always been one of her favored passions, and at the tender age of 16 she was admitted into the Acadamie De' arts, where she finally finished her internship performing as the leading Diva, playing the role of Lucia in Lucia de Lammermoor. All across Italy her name became known, therefore it was no surprise when the Vampire Gareth and his fellow gypsies fell for her, killing their way to Florence and leaving a bloody trail behind them. It wasn't long before she was kidnapped, and turned. Vittoria and a new friend, Everett (who happened to be immortal through other means) worked to destroy Gareth, believing they did (although later discovers he had escaped with his life) she now lives with her friend, where he serves as confidant and Butler, among many other things. Her recent pursuits besides the arcane arts and sciences, have been two gentlemen in particular, Dorian Morte... a...perhaps THE Grim Reaper, whom she regards as a sort of love interest, and her dearest Gentleman thief Sir Curtis Prise. While often regarded as a delicate flower, Vittoria could also be looked at as a bold woman, brash at times, defiant over who could be considered her superiors, a woman with a vast intelligence, always longing to look beyond the box, when it comes to her studies.


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Sir Curtis Prise Report | 04/01/2014 1:38 pm
Sir Curtis Prise
I adore your art style! Especially the creepy twist you have! I must commission you some day, ahaha~

And yeah, those definitely sound like signs. As long as you can tolerate it, aha! I think nothing scares me more than ghosts for some reason. Spiders can walk across my bed no problem, and I won't flinch at a snake but ghosts- eek. Enjoy it, pff.

Sir Curtis Prise Report | 03/31/2014 2:45 pm
Sir Curtis Prise
Ah, they are a RLC artist! B'aw, you should show me your art shop though~

Haunted? How so? What sorts of things have you noticed?

Bahaha, that's fine~ I really slowed down on the RPs lately anyhow.
Adrien Ludovic Gilles Report | 03/27/2014 11:05 am
Adrien Ludovic Gilles
Oh, hello again. Thank you for the compliment, I was hoping to use that particular artwork in a theme someday, so I went ahead and did it.

I've been all right. Just having a little fun with Monsieur Prise, is all... heart
Of course, he doesn't see it that way. Shame.
Sir Curtis Prise Report | 03/27/2014 9:15 am
Sir Curtis Prise
Yes, Waltz goes great work! I nearly want to comission him to do all my characters, haha ~

I have been well! What of yourself?
Sir Curtis Prise Report | 01/13/2014 1:04 pm
Sir Curtis Prise
((Very neat song! I dig the voice, though I can't place that accent!))

"The beach sounds exquisite." The wolf latched onto the idea in sincerity. His eyes lit up at the thought."Though I can't say I am one to play in the water too much," He snickered "-I will, however, never turn down an opportunity to walk the shore. The sands always feel so nice." It couldn't be seen, but inside his inhospitable footwear, his claws would twitch at the mention of it. Without another moment to spare, he continued to lead the lady through the living area, out toward the front door. "No, you don't need to change, love. We wouldn't want to ruin any of your formal wear, hm? And no one should be around to judge. Let us go. Right now~"

A moment's pause was given just as he was about to whisk her out into the front.

"Mr.Everett, I'll return her by daybreak!"
Sir Curtis Prise Report | 01/11/2014 1:17 pm
Sir Curtis Prise
"The date sounds excellent to me. I'll be all yours." He smiled. Until then, he'd do some lax research of his own to find out more about the facility. Particularly what sort of locks they used, and where the various cameras would be located. "As for the rest of the evening, my plans are free! My current affairs were taken care of earlier this week. Why, did you have anything in mind?" He accepted her arm in his. With his free hand, he drew a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped away some soot from her face. It certainly was a contrast from the normal appearances he had come to know her in. "...Aside from any of your science projects!"
Sir Curtis Prise Report | 01/08/2014 2:56 pm
Sir Curtis Prise
"...Then we shall form the perfect duo, won't we?" Curtis hummed. If he was understanding it right, then he had done harder jobs before. Thankfully this time they only had to retrieve some parchment, not a whole kicking body. All the more incentive to accept. "Very well. Pick a date and I shall be there. I'm enthralled to be apart of this project with you, no matter how small." He smoothed out his coat. Already in his mind, he was planning their break in. Curtis' strategy was brutish. Locks wouldn't be ticked away at and popped open, they'd be cracked and busted. The only time he took care was to ensure alarms were off. When one lacked a great deal of stealth, it would be Achilles's Heel. Asking the right informants would serve him best, there...
"Was that all you meant to discuss?"
Dorian Morte Report | 01/08/2014 1:35 pm
Dorian Morte
Tired. He hadn't felt that in ages. Having pushed past his mortal limitations, he had for a time felt drained. Now he barely felt much at all. Love. He was still able to feel that. Moving off of the bed, he helped to pull the covers up to her chin, tucking them gently around her before leaning down and kissing her brow "And by night--" his lips brushed down to her nose, lingering a moment as they kissed the tip "--I will be all yours--" again his lips traveled, pressing to her lips, holding for a moment longer before releasing, wishing to hold them there longer, though not knowing her limitations "--I promise," rising from her, he moved towards the closet, silent on his feet as he tugged on the curtain, securing it shut as he moved past it. Once more he wore his usual grey, a three piece suit that seemed as though it was sewn onto his skin, showing how thin he was. It often threw people off, someone so scrawny being as strong and frightening as he was. Moving quietly through the room, he carried out his shoes, easing the door shut, twisting the knob to avoid a loud click before moving towards the couch to put on his shoes and socks. It was still much too early to do what he needed to do, but there were supplies to gather from his storage space and he needed to arrive before the other did. His job was often not that glamorous, but it suited him rather well. He had his whole day ahead of him, several lives to juggle. A torturer, executioner, a father, a caretaker, a protector, and now a lover. It was funny how quickly a life could change for someone who had all the time in the world. Still, the idea made him smile as he laced up his shoes, and the fact that he would have changed nothing made the smile brim brighter.
Sir Curtis Prise Report | 01/07/2014 7:29 pm
Sir Curtis Prise

"Ah-! I understand, I understand." Curtis nodded. Though he had no clear idea of what sort of security a lab like that would have, it hardly seemed impossible. Sneak in, and steal a couple sheets of paper- he'd gladly take on the challenge. Only one problem...

"And you mentioned this is an escapade we'd have together? Obviously you know the building better than I. And what we would be looking for." The wolf moved closer, to join the vampire at her side. "I can pick a lock, or break a door easier than most, but expecting me to find a specific set of...graphs, ahaha!" He chuckled and shook his head. It wasn't like a precious gem, or piece of jewelry. Technical paperwork wasn't an item that glimmered and made itself wish to be stolen. The criminal wouldn't be able to tell it apart from the rest of the lab work at the ready. "I would need some assistance there. So will it be you accompanying me?"
Sir Curtis Prise Report | 01/04/2014 3:54 pm
Sir Curtis Prise

'Artificial life? Maybe she is mad!' Curtis blinked. He stared at the face before him, and couldn't begin to fathom how it was possible or if she were even serious about this. What would be the point? What purpose would this thing serve? His mind wasn't imaginative enough to entertain it, nor was it well-versed enough to theorize any possibilities. No, nothing clicked in his head until she said 'illegal.' Then he grinned. Payment would be icing on the cake.

"I'd be delighted to help a lady out." He bowed. "I won't begin to say I know what it is you're doing here, but it sounds like an awfully interesting job that I would be more than happy to assist with. Just know I won't be, um. Digging any graves for your project. Though I know a fellow who would." He joked, with somewhat of a bitter note. Disgust, was it? Perhaps. But if she wanted dirty work done, she'd have to rely on someone else. "Tell me, what exactly is it that you would need done?"
Dorian Morte
Sir Curtis Prise