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Self Induced Insanity

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Registered: 11/02/2011

Birthday: 05/26

About Meh Nooby Self

I have been on this site for 5 years now ._. going on 6 *sings that one song from Sound of Music* (I had accounts before this one but they were all hacked so yeah)

Just call me Sani, Self, Insane, Induced or Sanity. (I prefer Sanity .3.)

I love to roleplay so you'll find me in the forums. I also love playing zOMG so look for me there.

So, I must be interesting for you to come and visit this page. So, //rape face
How you doin? emotion_smilies/icon_dowant.png

Amg someone is actually visiting my profile emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif

Thank you random anon for the marvelous gift <3

;A; I left gaia recently for a month, I quickly regret that ;-; //slaps self


Self Induced Insanity
Jacob Skittles
Jacob Skittles
Self Induced Insanity

This noob is my noob