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Yo, names Casey
I live someplace in NC
I'm 25 ( 3/6/91 )
I play Magic the Gathering
I now have a 3DS
Friend code is 3712-1416-4253
I play ACNL and Pokemon AS
I have a steam
Username is Ratts ( or look for slowbroking1)
just send a PM to me saying so first <3
3 Facts about me
1. I'm tall like 6'2-6'3
2. I'm super shy in person to the point I rarely leave my house
3. I'm very generous to those who earn it
4. I've gone by Doctor Clam, Slowbroking, Dapper Raccoon and Rattsen

-Acceptance Speech

"Who drains the blood from my head I do, I do
Who comes through with the meds I do, I do
Blackened seeds you're gonna needs these, freeze
The common ancestor
The pressure of industry
Who sleeps in the grease crease
Wax and trails of mutual deceit
I heard that growth was gettin weak
Who taps the line , records my mind,
Twisted agenda, align my spine
Whose got the steeples, the people and scepters,
the rocks on the beaches, the angles the vectors.
Who drains the blood from my head I do, I do
And who accepts me as I am I do, I do"

-Jesus H. Macy

"What are we to ever do, my mind is lead and you're a wall
The lions den of I'm akin, to sleeping late and eating wrong
Well If I ever got it straight, I think id bend at every pause
The action leaking out my face, from breathing paint to missing calls
Well I'm the sugar-coated tooth, and I have come to ruin your mood
While staring at the frozen foot, I realized I'm stupid too
Well Farming isn't fun at all, and I will build a thousand malls
And eat the food courts flesh, from every single city"

-Stroke God, Millionaire

"Expecting the people to live in your head
If you knew what to do, then you’d do what you said
Proxy the awesome and seek the deletion-
of reaper repeating submission face
Opt for the option to stop this exhaustion-
and breathe through the tube of civility
The end is, the end is, the end is, the end of days"

-The Cuddler

"Stand up and notify the registry.
I'm buying a house in a s**t storm economy.
Make love, I plagiarized the books I read.
My infinite wisdom, belligerent at lightning speed.
I'll go get the decider.
I'll be the center divider.
I could be more than just "Hey bro, listen."
I'll be claiming you flaggin.
I'll be braggin I'm admin.
I could fulfill the people's crave for pigskin."

-Elder Goose

"Day one the lights fade, the music is full of bass,
She's all up in my face, I can't believe she's so close,
Feeling her grind made me lose my mind,
I'm just plain old take home material, take home material."

-Purple Reign

"Nobody will ever take the things
In my ******** up brain
No one could ever take the holes in my life
Take my life because these words they'll never speak
Take my life falling apart for you
Take my lies, my eyes they'll never speak
Take one look, help me into you,
Come away, go away."

-Powder to the People

"You threw me away just like all the others
It's been seven days and not a single word
Who chooses to keep all these bohemian thoughts alive?
It's just the same, the same as yesterday
Don't wake me up if you have nothing to say
Who chooses to keep all these bohemian thoughts alive?
Make everything happen exactly just like our love
Just like the ones before, just like the ones before
I hope you know what you are doing to yourself, to yourself
I hope you know what you are doing"

-Alex English

"Whoever said we had to stop this from happening?
My plans changed abruptly and you chose to flee this unstable setting
And I'll only survive in this life
(I got that necklace, I got that watch
I copped that blow torch off your front porch)
I'll only survive if it's you by my side
(I got that bottle of Jack, I got five on that sack)
And I'll only survive in this life
If this fails then I'll bail you out of jail"

-Reprogramming Mental Preprogramming

"I drink the blood of the fortunate ones
Collapsing their teeth right on top of their tongues
Innocent children are asking for blow
All of my sources say you oughta know
Take out the stitches
Rip off the clothes
Green light is on
Tell me what you know
Run for your lives
Judas survived
Christ version anti"

-The Backwards Pumpkin Song

"Now the fog is rolling in
Bringing us that much closer to a senseless end
Oh, please don't get up, I’ll get that for you
It’s selfish to say I believe when
I believe all these lines and long enough"

-Open Your Eyes and Look North

"Couldn't brace yourself in the morphine hallway
lying on the ground with a heart as a ball and chain
message to the bird I know your wings will be fine
spread them on the floor, learn to heal with take time"

-The Importance of Cocaine

"this hits too close to home for me
and I don't need to be reminded of this pain
in dwelled so long on the possible changes
every step forward was a fall towards your demise"

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